50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to Know

Book Sales, 2007 - 208 páginas
In a series of 50 accessible and lucidly written essays, Ben Dupre introduces and explains the problems of knowledge, consciousness, identity, ethics, beliefs, justice, language, meaning and aesthetics that have engaged the attention of thinkers from the era of the ancient Greeks to the present day.

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LibraryThing Review

Crítica de los usuarios  - Alexander.Zawadzki - LibraryThing

Good concept, but as someone who understands almost *nothing* about philosophy coming in, the structure is difficult to get. Leer comentario completo

LibraryThing Review

Crítica de los usuarios  - heinous-eli - LibraryThing

This is a well-written primer for non-philosophical types as well as a great memory-jogger for philosophy buffs. I was surprised by how well it tackled a wide variety of topics. Leer comentario completo


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