Against All Odds: My Story

B&H Publishing Group, 2006 M09 1 - 246 páginas
A New York Times best seller. Millions of people worldwide know Chuck Norris as the star of more than twenty motion pictures, a martial arts expert, and the only man in the Western Hemisphere to hold an eighth degree Black Belt Grand Master in Tae Kwon Do. Countless others see him daily in syndicated reruns as the hero of the longest running CBS series to date, “Walker, Texas Ranger.” What many don’t know is that Chuck Norris is a sincere Christian–a man whose faith plays a role in everything he does. Against All Odds is the inspirational story of how Norris overcame abject poverty from childhood, the effects of his father’s alcoholism and desertion of the family, and his own shyness and lack of strength and ability early in his life. Norris writes candidly about the past and gives God full credit for where he is today.

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A Wakeup Call
Mixed Motivators
Life in a Bottle
A Mothers Love
Life Choices
Cracking the Egg of Insecurity
Karate Kickoff
The First Step Is the Toughest
Close Calls
Make a Wish
The Amazing Gracies
An Unexpected Advocate
Dangerous Moves
A Sin That Became a Blessing
Walker Texas Ranger

Becoming a Champion
When Warriors Collide
Humble Spirit Warriors Heart
Material Wins Emotional Losses
True Friends
Hollywood Stars and Other Highprofile Students
Power Under Control
The Total Gym Story
Soul Mates
Diamonds in the Rough
Miracle Babies
Spiritual Surprises
The Presidents
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Acerca del autor (2006)

Chuck Norris is a legendary film and televison actor best known for his popular series Walker, Texas Ranger, now in sydication to millions worldwide. He is also a martial arts expert, an active humanitarian and founder of KICK START, and author of the New York Times best-selling autobiography Against All Odds. Norris also writes a column that appears in Human Events, Town Hall, and World Net Daily, among other outlets. He lives with his wife Gena and their children near Houston, Texas.

Ken Abraham is a New York Times best-selling author known for getting "more heart on paper than any other cowriter in America" in books with 9/11 United Flight 93 widow Lisa Beamer (Let's Roll!), financial expert Dave Ramsey, action hero Chuck Norris, astronaut Buzz Aldrin, and others.

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