Flim Flam!: The Truth about Unicorns, Parapsychology, and Other Delusions

Lippincott & Crowell, 1980 - 340 páginas
James Randi is internationally known as a magician and escape artist. But for the past thirty-five years of his professional life, he has also been active as an investigator of the paranormal, occult, and supernatural claims that have impressed the thinking of the public for a generation: ESP, psychokinesis, psychic detectives, levitation, psychic surgery, UFOs, dowsing, astrology, and many others. Those of us unable to discriminate between geniune scientific research and the pseudoscientific nonsense that has resulted in fantastic theories and fancies have long needed James Randi and Flim-Flam! In this book, Randi explores and exposes what he believes to be the outrageous deception that has been promoted widely in the media. Unafraid to call researchers to account for their failures and impostures, Randi tells us that we have been badly served by scientists who have failed to follow the procedures required by their training and traditions. Here he shows us how what he views as sloppy research has been followed by rationalizations of evident failures, and we see these errors and misrepresentations clearly pointed out. Mr. Randi provides us with a compelling and convincing document that will certainly startle and enlighten all who read it.

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Reviewed July 2002
Randi gives an interesting overview of cases he has been interested in. And these cases are very diverse indeed, air, water and Uri are just a few areas.
The book is terrible dated (Randi's prize is only 10K) and many things like the Bermuda triangle are almost never mentioned these days. He does explain many different kinds of cases from people who shoot pictures of their hands and faces to people who tip tables. Card sharks dowsing, and on and on. This book must have been useful when it was current.

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