From Here to Economy: A Shortcut to Economic Literacy

Penguin, 1996 M05 1 - 288 páginas
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What is the GDP, and what does it mean? Why does the stock market go down when interest rates go up? What causes a dreaded recession?

Economics impacts everyone's life, but most people take on faith what they read in the newspaper. Now, for anyone who doesn't know much about economics, noted economist Todd Buchholz explains it all simply and clearly. With refreshing wit and irreverence, Buchholz takes readers by the hand and reveals the basic rules behind everything from food prices to trade deficits. Instead of complicated graphs and charts he uses examples from contemporary life and popular culture to demonstrate the principles at work. By cutting through the arcane musings of academicians, the jargon of analysts and advisors, and the rhetoric of politicians, he gives us a precise and accessible understanding of economic ideas, actions, and consequences as they actually exist in the here and now.

Here are some of the heretofore unintelligible ideas he helps us to understand: what causes or combats inflation, and why it is so feared; what moves stocks and bonds up and down—and how to invest wisely and safely; whether it is good or bad to "protect" America from foreign goods—and what happens when we do and when we don't; what exactly Social Security is, and whether government spending is good or bad—and how dangerous the national debt is or isn't.

In today's confusing economic climate, it has never been more important for everyone from homemakers to small-business owners to individual investors and middle managers to understand the forces at work.

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FROM HERE TO ECONOMY: A Shortcut to Economic Literacy

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This elementary guide to economics for the layperson maintains an insistently jokey style that strains to amuse but more often just lards the text with annoying verbiage. Buchholz, a member of the ... Leer comentario completo

From here to economy: a shortcut to economic literacy

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The news contains major stories about various aspects of the economy, from the stock market to inflation to GATT. For the nonspecialist, the economic concepts involved may be daunting. According to ... Leer comentario completo


What Is a Business Cycle?
What Caused the Downturn in 1990?
How Are Unemployment Rates Determined and What Do They Mean?
Do Most of the Jobless Face Shortterm or Longterm Unemployment?
What Is Inflation and Why Is Everyone Afraid of It?
Why Do Most People Hate Inflation?
What Is Bracket Creep?
What Is Hyperinflation?
What Are Floating Exchange Rates?
Why Do Currencies Change Value?
Did We Always Have Floating Exchange Rates?
What Is the European Monetary System EMS?
Who Are Currency Speculators?
What Is Capital Flight?
What Is a SafeHaven Currency?
What Is the Gold Standard?

What Causes Hyperinflation?
Why Doesnt the Government Balance Its Books?
What Is the Difference Between the Federal Deficit and the Federal Debt?
What Is the Difference Between the Cyclical Structural Unified and Primary Deficits?
How Can Deficits Affect the Economy?
Will Our Deficits Punish Future Generations?
Is It Possible People Save More to Make Up for Tomorrows Debt Reckoning?
What Is Fiscal Policy?
What Was the Phillips Curve and Where Did It Go?
What Is Monetary Policy?
How Does Monetary Policy Work?
What Is Money?
How Does the Fed Create Money?
How Is the Fed Structured?
How Does the Free Market Work?
How Do Prices Keep the Market in Line?
Can the Market Work Without Complete Information?
What Is the Marginalist Approach to Economics?
How Does Marginalism Affect Supply and Demand?
What Is Elasticity and Why Is It Important?
Has the Competitive Market Been Destroyed by Big Business?
How Do Monopolies and Oligopolies Lose Their Power?
What Is a Natural Monopoly?
Why Are We Bombarded with Advertising?
How Do People Invest in Education and Human Capital?
Do Economists Care About the Environment?
Is Our Health Care System Sick?
Does Health Care Cost More Than It Used To?
What Kind of Perverse Incentives Drive Up Health Care Spending?
How Does the Government Drive Up Health Care Costs?
Should the Government Require Employers to Provide Health Coverage?
Can We Make Life Less Risky?
How Interdependent Are We? How Much Does the US Trade?
Whom Does the US Trade With?
Why Do Countries Trade Anyway?
What Is Laissezfaire? What Is Protectionism?
Doesnt Protectionism Save Jobs?
Do Other Countries Play Fair?
What Is Dumping?
What Is the Uruguay Round of the GATT?
What Is the North American FreeTrade Agreement?
What Is the European Union?
What Do the World Bank and the IMF Do?
Do Economic Sanctions Against Outlaw Countries Work?
What Is a Trade Balance?
Hows the US Doing on Trade?
Is It Good or Bad to Have a Current Account Deficit?
Is There Too Much Foreign Direct Investment?
What Spurs Foreign Investment?
Is Foreign Investment Good?
Whats the Bottom Line on Foreign Investment in the US?
What Is the Difference Between a Proprietorship a Partnership and a Corporation?
How Can a Corporation Limit Liability for Owners?
How Do Firms Pay for Their Growth and Expansion?
What Is Equity?
What Are Corporate Bonds?
Who Determines How Risky a Bond Is?
What Is an AssetBacked Security?
Can Investors Beat the Stock Market?
Are There Exceptions to the EfficientMarket Hypothesis?
What Do Most People Invest In?
Whats the First Question to Ask When Considering an Investment?
What Kinds of Risks Must Investors Worry About?
What Are the Safest Investments? the Riskiest?
What Is a Mutual Fund?
What Does the PE Ratio Measure?
How Can You Reduce the Risks of Investing?
What Makes Stocks Go Up or Down?
How Do You Read the Stock Tables in the Newspaper?
What Is the Difference Between the New York Stock Exchange the American Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ?
How Can Investors Bet on Foreign Companies?
What Are the Added Risks of International Investing?
What Are Futures and Options?
Where Did Economics Start?
Who Were the Mercantilists?
How Did Adam Smith Attack the Mercantilists?
How DoesThe Wealth of NationsPortray People?
What Is Adam Smiths Invisible Hand?
Why Did Smith Praise Division of Labor?
Who Was David Ricardo and How Did He Improve Adam Smiths Trade Theory?
Why Was Thomas Malthus So Depressing?
What Was Jeremy Benthams Felicific Calculus?
Why Did John Stuart Mill Oppose Welfare?
Why Was Alfred Marshall the Darwin of Economics?
Schools of Thought That Break from the Mainstream
The Top Five Economists
The Three Most Important Economic Events Since Adam Smith
The Three Most Important Economic Formuli
The Most Successful Government Economic Policy of the Twentieth Century
Best Forecast of the Twentieth Century
Chapter 1 The Big Picture
Chapter 3 The Very Model of a Modern Major Market
Chapter 4 Applying Microeconomics to Major Markets
Chapter 5 Border Crossings
Chapter 7 Going for Broke
Chapter 9 They Shoot Economists Dont They?
Chapter 1 The Big Picture
Chapter 2 Uncle Sam the Debtor
Chapter 5 Border Crossings
Chapter 8 Taking Stock of Personal Investments
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Todd G. Buchholz is an internationally acclaimed economist who advises ABC News, as well as some of the world's leading investment funds. He has served as a director of economic policy at the White House and is a contributing editor for Worth magazine. Buchholz holds advanced degrees from Cambridge University and Harvard Law School and was awarded the Allyn Young Teaching Prize by Harvard University's Department of Economics.

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