The Aquatic Ape Hypothesis

Souvenir Press, 2011 M01 3 - 206 páginas
Why do humans differ from other primates? What do those differences tell us about human evolution? Elaine Morgan gives a revolutionary hypothesis that explains our anatomic anomalies--why we walk on two legs, why we are covered in fat, why we can control our rate of breathing? The answers point to one conclusion: millions of years ago our ancestors were trapped in a semi-aquatic environment. In presenting her case Elaine Morgan forces scientists to question accepted theories of human evolution.

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Acerca del autor (2011)

Elaine Morgan (1920-2013) was the author of the 1972 book The Descent of Woman, which suggested that human evolution had an aquatic origin. This idea was attacked at first by scientists, but the book became an international bestseller. In the decades since, Morgan's aquatic ape hypothesis has gained widespread support. She was also a BAFTA-winning television writer.

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