The Law

Laissez Faire Books, 1987 - 75 páginas

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Life is a Gift from God
A Just and Enduring Government
The Complete Perversion of the Law
Property and Plunder
Victims of Lawful Plunder
The Fate of NonConformists
Who Shall Judge?
The Answer is to Restrict the Law
Socialists Want to Regiment People
A Frightful Idea
Socialists Want Forced Conformity
Legislators Told How to Manage Men
A Temporary Dictatorship
The Error of the Socialist Writers
Philanthropic Tyranny
The Socialists Want Dictatorship

Perverted Law Causes Conflict
Two Kinds of Plunder
How to Identify Legal Plunder
Socialism is Legal Plunder
The Proper Function of the Law
Plunder Violates Ownership
Law is Force
The Political Approach
The Law and Education
A Confusion of Terms
The Socialists Want to Play God
The Socialists Despise Mankind
A Defense of Paternal Government
The Idea of Passive Mankind
The Indirect Approach to Despotism
The Vicious Circle of Socialism
The Doctrine of the Democrats
The Socialist Concept of Liberty
The Superman Idea
The Socialists Reject Free Choice
The Enormous Power of Government
Politics and Economics
Law and Charity Are Not the Same
The High Road to Communism
Justice Means Equal Rights
The Path to Dignity and Progress
The Desire to Rule over Others
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