Biblical Discipleship Study Guide: Essential Components for Attaining Spiritual Maturity

Selah Book Press, 2016 M05 18 - 204 páginas
This 16 Week Study Guide is exceptionally practical and life-transforming. It is taken from the main book Biblical Discipleship: Essential Components for Attaining Spiritual Maturity. However, it is a “stand-alone” book study that is designed to be used on its own. Its purpose is to take the 14 core principles of discipleship and put them into practice. Today, we have many ways of defining success in life. Some define it as being a sports hero, others as being wealthy, others as being popular and well-liked, and still others as being happy. How does God define success? He defines it as being spiritually mature!

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Endorsements Foreword
How to Use This Study Guide
Introduction to Discipleship
Knowledge of God and Discipleship
SelfDiscipline and Discipleship
Obedience and Discipleship
Abiding in Christ and Discipleship
The Inner Life and Discipleship
Spiritual Gifts and Discipleship
Serving and Discipleship
Spiritual Attitudes and Discipleship
Character and Discipleship
Stewardship and Discipleship

Prayer and Discipleship
Mentoring and Discipleship
Church Involvement and Discipleship
Evangelism and Discipleship
About the Author
Connect with Todd Mike
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Dr. Todd M. Fink is founder and director of Go Missions to Mexico and Holy Land Site Ministries. He received a Bachelor of Theology Degree from Freelandia Bible College (1986-1990), did studies at Western Seminary (1990-1993), received a Master of Theology Degree from Freedom Bible College and Seminary (2012-2013), and received a Ph.D. degree in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary (2015).

He served as youth/associate pastor for 12 years at an Evangelical church in Oregon (1987-1998).

Todd (Mike) is currently serving as pastor and missionary with Go Missions to Mexico Ministries in Mexico (1998-present) and is also an author, speaker, and teacher. He has a deep passion for God's Word and enjoys helping people understand its eternal truths. He is married to his lovely wife, Letsy Angela, and has four grown children.

Ministries of Go Missions to Mexico ~ Short-term mission trips to Mexico ~ Holy Land video teachings and resources ~ Spanish resources for pastors ~ Book publishing

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