What Is the Gospel and How to Share It

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Soon after the gospel was first preached, attacks from the Jews, non-believers, Satan, and worldly forces began assaulting its essence. Nothing has changed over the past 2,000 years. The gospel always has been and always will be under attack. Why? Because it’s the vehicle through which we are saved. If Satan can twist and distort the gospel, then he can effectively wage war on the salvation of countless souls and their eternal destiny. Therefore, understanding the essence of the gospel and how to share it effectively is paramount.

In this book, learn how to share the gospel in seven clear steps, how to start a conversation with the unsaved, the marks of saving faith, what we must believe to be saved, the four main excuses the unsaved use against the gospel, what to do after salvation, and more.



The Gospel Is Under Attack
What Is the Gospel? General Foundation
What Is the Gospel? Bad News Part
What Is the Gospel? Bad News Part
What Is the Gospel? The Good News
What Must We Believe to Be Saved?
What Is Saving Faith? 8 What Is Saving Faith?
How to Start and Maintain a Conversation About the Gospel
What Attitudes Should We Have in Sharing the Gospel?
What God Does When We Share the Gospel
Are You a Fisherman?
What Is Success Failure in Sharing the Gospel?
About the Author
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What to Do After Salvation?
Seven Ways God Speaks to the Unsaved
Four Main Excuses the Unsaved Use Against the Gospel
Connect with Todd Mike Endnotes
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Dr. Todd M. Fink is founder and director of Go Missions to Mexico and Holy Land Site Ministries. He received a Bachelor of Theology Degree from Freelandia Bible College (1986-1990), did studies at Western Seminary (1990-1993), received a Master of Theology Degree from Freedom Bible College and Seminary (2012-2013), and received a Ph.D. degree in Theology from Trinity Theological Seminary (2015).

He served as youth/associate pastor for 12 years at an Evangelical church in Oregon (1987-1998).

Todd (Mike) is currently serving as pastor and missionary with Go Missions to Mexico Ministries in Mexico (1998-present) and is also an author, speaker, and teacher. He has a deep passion for God's Word and enjoys helping people understand its eternal truths. He is married to his lovely wife, Letsy Angela, and has four grown children.

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