Annual of the Universal Medical Sciences and Analytical Index: A Yearly Report of the Progress of the General Sanitary Sciences Throughout the World. [1888-1896.] ...

F.A. Davis Company, 1889

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Página 2 - Essentials of Diseases of Children. By WILLIAM M. POWELL, MD, Attending Physician to the Mercer House for Invalid Women at Atlantic City, NJ ; late Physician to the Clinic for the Diseases of Children in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Crown octavo, 222 pages. Cloth, $1.00; interleaved for notes, $1.25. [See Saunders...
Página 61 - ... from a few minutes to several hours, according to the condition of the patient, and the nature of the offending cause ; Junod observing, that the most prolonged derivations often proved the most effective.
Página 35 - the outside of a horse is the best thing for the inside of a man.
Página 13 - This disease has no latent stages, and second and third attacks are due to reinfection. 7. One attack, as a rule, gives at least temporary immunity. 8. After the limited period of immunity has expired, the previous attack may act as a predisposing cause to other attacks, if it has left the mucous membrane of the throat in an irritated and inflamed condition. This is more likely to occur in scrofulous subjects. 9. Complications may occur from the entrance into the body of septic germs.
Página 12 - He was able to demonstrate the presence of tubercle bacilli in the milk or in the sediment, and with this milk or sediment he was able to produce tuberculosis both by inoculation and ingestion.
Página 69 - If, upon stretching a portion of the skin the papule becomes impalpable to the touch, the eruption is caused by measles; if, on the contrary, the papule is still felt when the skin is drawn out the eruption is the result of small-pox.
Página 2 - I saw him on Saturday. He was then quiet, in a semi-dozing condition, but could be aroused, and gave a very interesting account of himself. The whole clinical picture was that of chronic interstitial nephritis.
Página 25 - He neither sits nor stands, but squats. Every muscle of the back and abdomen is brought into play, the bowel is rapidly and completely emptied ; and, vacation ended, he returns to his home a new man. We ought, then, to expect, what I have found to be the case, that the assumption of a correct posture at stool would prove a sufficient cure for what may be called passive constipation. The sitting...
Página 16 - ... met with a single instance in which its palatability was suggested as in the least inferior to the purest sugar.
Página 15 - Such observations and experiments render it probable that genuine diphtheria, equally fatal and attended by the same anatomical characters and symptoms as in man, does occur in birds, whether wild or domesticated, and in certain quadrupeds, as the rabbit.

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