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Is a noble animal, the most attached to man of all creatures except the Dog. The Arabs bring up their horses with their children in their own tents; and the steed thus reared is very sensible and gentle. An Arab will not sell his favourite horse for

any sum, however large : it is as dear to him as his children.

A Horse has a good memory, and never forgets the way to a place when he has been once taken to it.


Is a very valuable animal; indeed, I do not know what we should do without her. She gives us milk and butter, cheese and cream ; her skin is of great use, and her flesh is often eaten as beef. Cows grow fond of those who are kind to them. A young lady once brought up a calf and made a pet of it, but when it became a heifer it was sold, and she did not know what became of it. One day, as she was walking down a country lane, she met some cows; one of them came up to her, lowing with pleasure.

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