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We are permitted to close this volume with the following beautiful and thrilling lines, the offering of a recent graduate of Oberlin College.




A song for Freedom ! let it ring

In wild and stirring rhyme,
Fit for the glowing lips to sing,

When beating hearts keep time;
For all the hills are flushing red,

A glorious morn is breaking,
And earth is thrilling to the tread

Of Freedom's hosts awaking.

Through the long night we only heard

The distant warder's cry,
And here and there a soul gave back

The watchword in reply:
Now, full and clear above them all,

The bugle notes are sounding,
A thousand voices swell the call,

A thousand hearts are bounding.

From lip to lip along the lines,

The battle-cry rings out:
“GOD SPEED THE RIGHT !" then loud and high

The kingly leaders shout:
"Now with your good swords flashing bare,

O host of God's anointing !
Look to the heavens! and follow where

The beacon star is pointing !”

Ho, Tyrants! ye who dared to steal

The pearl ye could not win,
Who thought to crush with iron heel

The free-born soul within ;
Bowed to the dust beneath your sway,

Our hearts spring up the stronger;
Lo, FREEDOM takes the crown to-day

And falsehood rules no longer.

We cannot fail, while day by day,

In every cottage home,
Young children kneel, and softly pray,

“Thy heavenly kingdom come !"
So courage, heart! for come it must:

That kingdom high and glorious,
The tyrant's power shall fall to dust,

And truth shall reign victorious.

Brooklyn, Conn. 1

July 4, 1859.

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