Letters of Madame de Sévigné to Her Daughter and Her Friends, Volumen5


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Página 331 - ... in a talk with you. . . . I look forward with delight to the prospect of meeting you. I shall get to Philadelphia in the Friday morning train, and leave on Saturday morning. The Central American trip is undecided, but I am certainly going somewhere, though I may not leave before the end of summer. There is so much to be said on this subject that I shall wait till I see you. What you say about yourself at the same time gratifies and troubles me. I have thought the same thing of your quiet Philadelphia...
Página 313 - Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.
Página 155 - ... in the evening before. I learned this sad intelligence from the Abbe de Grignan, and I confess to you it pierced me to the heart. I went to their house in the evening ; they saw no company in public. I went up stairs, and found them all three. M. de Pomponne embraced me without being able to utter a word ; the ladies could not restrain their tears, nor I mine. You would have wept too, my child ; it was really a melancholy spectacle ; the circumstance of our quitting each other at Pomponne so...
Página 89 - Il n'ya point de déguisement qui puisse longtemps cacher l'amour ou il est, ni le feindre oů il n'est pas. No mask can long conceal love where it exists, nor feign it where it is not. See (Ger.) Love cannot be concealed.
Página 309 - Abbey 2, which the King has given to one of her sisters. This is a parting that will do honour to the severity of the confessor. Some people will have it, that this advancement has the air of a dismission; for my part, I believe nothing of the matter, but time will uncover all.
Página 264 - Crequi had next to fire, and though an excellent shot, he went a foot further from the mark than the Dauphin. 'Ah! little serpent,' cried Montausier, 'you ought to be strangled.' When the Duke gave up his post, and was taking his final leave of the Prince, he did it with the words, 'Sir, if you are an honest man, you will love me; if you are not, you will hate me, and I shall console myself.
Página 243 - No." "Do you know La Voisin ?"
Página 243 - ... stroke related by Voltaire. " La Reynie, one of the presidents of this chamber, was so ill-advised as to ask the Duchess de Bouillon if she had seen the devil. She replied that she saw him at that moment; that he was very ugly, and very dirty, and was disguised as a counselor of state.
Página 71 - I suppose my niece, the canoness, will send it to you soon. I shall ask your opinion of it when you and the amiable widow have read it. It seems too soon for you to go to Chaseu. Are not your meadows and your pretty river still frozen? You have certainly taken four or five days of March sunshine for summer, but they will soon show you, as they have shown us, that they are gay deceivers. I know not how you can like my letters. They are written in a style of carelessness, which I feel without being...
Página 17 - One thing, however, charmed Toussaint still more: it was the true piety which he found in Margaret. She treated him with the kindness of a Christian woman, and soon put him at his ease. 'The most illustrious Duchess of...

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