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510. Parapbrase of Michel An- the divinity of Christ was dictated
gelo's poein on the perfections of, by, in order to account for his uii-
as they appear in the beauty of his 3*, racles,

offspring, 548. Inferiority of Jesus: Hebrew Bible, integrity of the,

to, 601. Unity of,

694 HELLENISTES' recommendation of the
Goldie, John, lof Kilmarnock, infor- study and use of the Greek lan,

mation respecting his publications, guage, as a bond of union to Uni.
140. Lord Kaims's opinion of his

tarian Christians,

talents and principles, 141. Burns' “ Helou's Pilgrimage to Jerusalem,
Jines addressed to,

Boris 142 ! by M. Strauss, some account of, 12
Gospel, efficacy of the simple doc. Heywood, Miss Bridget, nbituary of, 606
tripes of the,

599 Hibernian Society for aiding the
Greatheed, Rev. Samuel, obituary Translation of the Holy Scriptures

into Foreign Languages, formation
Greece, public affairs, &cu, of, 107, 117 of the,
Greek accents, vindication and expla- Hiękes, Elias, an American Quaker
nation of the,


preacher, account, of, 229. Can-
Greek language, the study and use plimentary lines addressed to, on

of the, recommended as a bond of hearing him preach a sermon at
union to Unitarian Christians, 205, 270 Philadelphia,

Greek patriotic song,
107 Hill, Mrs. Ann, obituary of,

Greek Testament, self-taught know. Hincks, Mr., on Jewish titles of the
ledge of the, proposed,
564 Messiah,

Grotius' observations upon Lev. xv, Hincke's, Rex. Thomas D., plea for

375 the Belfast Academical Institution, 661
G. S. on the grant by the Bristol Hindoo Literary Society, established
Pellowship Fund to the Christian in India,

+1 614
Tract Society, 338. On a letter Hindoo Unitariau's plea for charity
froin' Cumberland, Rhode Island, i towards Christian Trinitarians,

concerning the American Baptists, 347 Hindons, principles and mental habits !
Gundry, Joseph, Esq., obituary of, 734 of be,

Gypsies in Hungary, manners and HINTON, Mr., on the introduction of
customs of,
39 evil, 378, 529,

Hinton, Rev. Janies, obituary of, 550
Hints to pruselytists,


Hippolytus of Euripides, translation
H. A.'s
essay on truth, 212, 265.

from the,

On the maxim, that s Christianity Hodgkins, Mrs. Myra, obituary of, 115
is part and parcel of the law of the HOLDEN, Mr.y on the state of Cran-

222 brook Chapel, 525. On the death
Hancock, Mr. John, oration over the ?" of Mr. Cornish,

grave of,

668 Holland, the late Rev. J.; an essay on
Hanley, Staffordshire, account of the the providence of God, by,

ceremony on laying the foundation. Holt, Rev. Jobn, inquiry respecting,
stone of the Unitarian Chapel at, 351. Reply to,

364. Dr. Carpenter's recommen. HONE, Mr., bis donation for the na..
dation of, 426. Notices respecting, tive Unitarian missionary at Madras, 64
556, 611. Opening of, 674, 734 Hope, Patience, epitaph on,

Harrison, Rev. Jeremiah, his freedom H. T. on liberal publications in Ame.
from bigotry,


HART, Mrs., ber statement of the in- HUGHBS, MRS. MARY, on the Ameri-

tercourse between Dr. Priestley and can Society, for the Abolition of
Mr. Winchester,

41 Domestic Slavery, 97. Her strias
Hastings', Marquis, speech at the tores on Mr. Wright's tract on the
Jast examination in the College of Prodigal Son,

Fort William,
135 Hughs, David, obituary of,

Hawkes, Rev. James, his snccess in Hult, Lincoln, Doncaster and Tborne

the Dukinfield Sunday-school, 684 % Unitarian Association Anniversary, 609
Hayti-Twentieth Anniversary of the Home, Mr., this important notion on

Liberty of ; Lancasterian Schools; tbe Church Establishment of Ire.
Medical Schools ; Academy,

361 Jand, 184, 249. On presenting
H.C. on the Annual Association of the Christians' petition against the

Methodist Unitarians of Rossendale, 425 prosecution of Unbelievers, 485
Heap, Mr, John, some account of, 329 Hungary, manners and customs of
Heathenism, on the proposition ibat

gypsies in,


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Huntingdon, Lord, lis noble conduct Cornwall Unitarian Association An-
towards Mr. Lindsey,


Hutton, Dr., obituary of,

Hyderabad, disturbance in the neigh-
bourhood of,

Hymns, 242, 243, 279, 355, 481, 666

Jamaica, information respecting ne.
gro-slavery in, 231,


James, the late Rev. David, his ac-

count of Dr. John Collet, of New.
I. on congregational subscriptions to bury,

Christian Tract Society,

588 J. B.'s obituary of Samuel Lewis,
I. L. on the charge of " mystery" Esq.,

against Dr. Priestley, &c., 508. J.C. W .'s hymn on Matt. v. 3, 242.
On Mr. Luckcock's remarks on

On Matt. v. 4, 243. On Matt. F.
516 5, ib. On the Deity,

Illustration of John vi. 62, 219. Re- J. E.'s obituary of Mrs. Myra Hodg.
marks on,

280 kins, 115, Of Lieutenant Stephen
INDAGATOR on the Greek language Rogers,

bond of union to Unitarians, 270 Jefferson, Mr., bis letter to Mr. Adams,
India, Unitarian mission in, 64, 154,

39. His belief in Unitarian Chris.
236, 297. State of slavery in, 90. tianity,
Public affairs, &c. of, 117, 135, Jeffrey's, Mr., speech on Sir James
301. Hindou literary society es-

Mackintosh's installation, as Lord
tablished in,

614 Rector of Glasgow University, 123
Individual contributions to public im- Jenner, Dr., obitnary of,

provement, on,

330 Jennings's Lecture on the History and
Innes's Sermon at New Salters' Hall, Utility of Literary Institutions, re-
at a Monthly Meeting of Ministers viewed,

and Churches, strictures on,

326 Jesus Christ. Forgiveness for bis
Inquirer, Tbe, extract from, on the sake, 8, 84, 160, 221. On the

abolition of the slave trade, 97. proposition that the divivity of,
Death of the Bishop of Calcutta, was diciated by Heathenism, in
from, 112. Account of the Dutch

order to account for his miracles,
Jews; with a hymo by Da Costa, 33. Atonement of, 142, 153, 262,
who is said to have lately embraced 295, 541. The divinity of, adopted
Christianity, from,

277 by the Pagau philosophers as an
Installation of Sir James Mackintosh

artful device to set aside the truth
at Glasgow, 43. Mr. Jeffery's of Christiavity, 207. Ou Scrip-
speech on,

123 tures relating to the death of, 294.
INTELLIGENCE, 58, 116, 180, 245, Dr. Kennicott's supposition con-

300, 359, 415, 482, 552, 607, 673, 734 cerning the prophecy relating to
Ireland, amount of Church property the birth of, 499. Remarks on

in, 185. Statement of the patron. the hypothesis of two natures in,
age of the parishes in, 187. Low 543. Observations on the nature
state of intelligence in,

612 of, as the Son of God, 544. Pre-
Irish Church Establishment, sub-

existence of, 569. "The doctrines
stance of the debate in the House

of the divinity and miraculous birth
of Commons on the, 184, 249. of, as taught by the Gnostics in the
Present state of the, 185.' Irish Church at Rome, reprobated by the
Churches' Bill, debate in the House A postle Paul, 570,696. Inferiority
of Lords on the motion for the

of, to the Supreme Being, 601. El-
third reading of the,

428 ficacy of the death of, 637, 691
Irish prelates in parliament, rotation JBvans, Mr., bis objections to the

612 Bible Society's versions, 99, 00
Ironsides, Dr., anecdote of,
237 the Jewish sacrifices,

Irving's Orations, on passages in, Jewish Rabbius, notions of, on the
563 Trinity, 589,

Isaiah, cb, vii., on the prophecies of, Jewish sacrifices, on the, 294, 332, 376
497; ix. 6, 7, remarks on,

382 Jewish titles of the Messiah, on, 589, 646
Italiau Protestant Confessors, select Jews, first dispersion of the, 270.
memoirs of,

129 Sacrifices amongst the, 273, 332,
Italy, public affairs of,


I. Wi's abstract of lectures on Non- Jews' Synagogue, consecration of
conformity, 82. On the Devon and



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J. F.'s account of the succession of

Dissenting ininisters at Chichester, 328
J. H.'s account of the opening' of the

Unitarian Chapel, Willington, Che-

J. H. B. on the Dudley Double Lec-

tnre Anniversary, 364. On the
Warwickshire Unitarian Tract So.
ciety Anniversary,

J.J.'s remarks on some of Dr. Jones's
Hebrew versions,

J. N, on minister's salary dependent

on the Corporation and Test Acts, 210
Job, the introduction to the hook of,

Joel, Mr. Thomas, some account of, 329
John vi. 62, illustration of, 219, 280;

vii. 45, remarks op, 320; viii. 44,
critical remarks on, 658; viii. 58,

&c., 227 ; xvii. 33, notes on, 698
1 John ii. 12, criticism on,

Johns, Mr., his account of the esta-

blishment of Presbyterianisin in
Manchester, 275,

JOHNSTON, Mr., on some recent liye

potheses of the origin of evil, 585.

On foreknowledge and free agency, 703
Jonah, suggested by a sermon of the
late Rev. Henry Tnrner's,

Jones, Dr. John, obligation to, for

his Greek-English Lexicon, 442, 457
Jones, Dr. John, on the proposition

that the divinity of Christ was dic.
taied by Heathenism, in order to
account for his miracles, 33. The
divinity of Christ adopted by the
Pagan plrilosophers as an artful
device to set aside the truth of
Christianity, 207. Ilis criticism
on Gen. iv. 26, 352, 531. On Mr.
Belsham's scheme of interpreting
Paul's Epistles, 407. On bis
Greek-English Lexicon, 409, 531,
On the doctrines of the divinity
and miraculous birth of Christ, as
taught by the Gnostics in the Church
at Rome, reprobated by the Apostle
Paul, 570, 696. On a criticism of

Josephus Antiq. Jud., narrative from, 35
Journal of Science, case of dumbness

cured by galvanism, from the, 611
J. P., his donation for the promotion

of the Unitarian cause in India, 236
J.S. He's illustration of John vi. 62, 219
J. T. R.'s lines written in a lady's

album, on her leaving England, 414
Judas, observations on the case of, 656

Kaims, Lord, his opinion of John

Goldie's talents and principles, 141
Kemble, John Philip, Esq., obituary

Kennicott, Dr., his supposition con-

cerning the prophecy relating to
the birth of our Saviour, 499. Re-

ligious intrepidity exemplified in, 645
Kenrick's, Mr. G., Sermon at Maid-

stone, on the Duties of Preachers and

Hearers of the Gospel, reviewed, 172
KENRICK, Mr.J., on the state of the

late Rev, T. Kenrick's Exposition
of the Historical Writings of the
New Testament,

Kent and Sussex Unitarian Christian

Association Anniversary, 365, 419
Kent, Mr. B., his familiar Dialogue

between a Calvinist, a Socinian,
and an Infidel, reviewed,

Kentish's Sermon before the West of

England. Unitarian Society, re-

Kimber, Mrs., obituary of,

King, John, Esq., obituary of,

Kishun Pall, obituary of,

K. K. K. on liberal theological con-

cessions in Quarterly Review, 644
Knox, Dr. Vicesimus, inscription in

the church at Tunbridge to the me
mory of,


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| 424

Lambert, Rev, James, obituary of,

Lambrechts, M., death of, },551
Lancashire and Cheshire Anpual As.

sembly of Unitarian Ministers,
“ Lancashire and Cheshire, the, Uni-

tarian Missionary Society's?' report, 135
Lang, Mr. Samuel, obituary of, 176
Lardner's, Dr., orthodoxy, on,

Landerdale, letters from the Earl

(afterwards Duke) of, , to Richard
Baxter, 259–262, 313-318. Bica

shop Burnet's character of, si * 258
Lavater, Mendelsohn's letter 10g it's 384
Lay-preachers, panegyric upony - 171
L. E. F. on Eclectic Review on Qua...
kers and Unitariaus,


Levit. xv, 2, Grotius' observation ongiu

375; xvii, 10, 11, criticism on, 336
Lewin, Samuel, Esq., obituary of,

57. Mr. Rutt on the character of, 235
L. H. on the Tenterden Unitarian
Christian Association,

? 420
Liberal theological, .concessions in
Quarterly Review,

Lindsay, Rev. John, notices of, $81
Lindsey, Mrs., her letter of condo.

lence to Mrs. Cappe, on the death
of her husband,


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K.'s account of “ Helon's Pilgri.

wage 10 Jerusalem," by M. Strauss, 12

Lindsey, Rev. Thcophilus, admira-

tion of, 238. Anecdote of, ib.
Mr. Mason's friendly attentions to, Mackintosh, Sir James, installation
ib. Noble conduct of Lord Hun-

of, as Lord Rector of the University
tingdon towards, 239. His case of Glasgow,

of Mr. Ross, formerly a minister of Madge's Serpon on the Opening of
the Church of Seotland,

467 the Unitarian Chapel at Diss, re-
Lines written at the close of the year, viewed,

49. Attributed to an Englishman, Madras, contributions to the Unita.
who was once seized and thrown rians at, 11, 64, 236,

into a French prison on a false Madras Gazette, distorhance in the
charge of having meddled in the neighbourhood of Hyderabad, from
political affairs of that wretched the,

country, 52. Written in the prison Magee's, Dr., “ Discourses," &c.,
at Calais, from Mr. Bowring's extracts from, 332, 333, 375, 460, 461
“ Details of his Arrest, Imprisons- Mahometan perfect women,

ment and Liberation," 103. Writ. Manchester, account of the establish-
ten in a lady's album, on ber leav- ment of Presbyterianism in, 275,

ing England, 414. On a dew- Manchester College, York, Notices,
drop, 549. By the late Dr. John 312, 419. Appeal in bebalf of,
Aikin, to Mr. Wakefield on his li. 411. Annual meeting of trustees
beration from prison, with Mr. Wi's

of, 415, 552. Alterations in regu.
reply, 603. On reading some poe- lations for the admission of divinity

try by a young lady, now no more, 604 students, 415. Annual examina
Literary Chronicle, description of the tion of the students in, ib. Visi-

new Chapel in Stamford Street, tor's address, 416. Eulogium of,
from the,

634. Residuary bequest to,

Literary crime and punishment in Manchester Presbyterian Quarterly
614 Meeting,

Literary Institutions, Lecture on the Mandeville's Free Thoughts, extract
History and Utility of, reviewed, 173 from,

LITBRARY INTELLIGENCB, 61, 182, Manning's Apology for Christmas
365, 426, 483, 612, 678, 735 Day, reviewed,

Literary property, the Lord Chancel. MANNING, Mr., on the case of Mr.
lor's decision on,

427 *Ross, formerly a minister in the
Little's Sermon in the Hall of the Church of Scotland, 324. On Dr.

House of Representatives, Wash- Fleteher's “ Thoughts on Church
ington, remarks on,

327 and State," 507. On the deatb of
Liverpool, opening of the Unitarian the Rev. Joseph Cornish,

Meeting-house, Grent Cross Hall Mardon, Mr., letters from the fate

424 Rev. James Nicol to,
Logan's Introductory Address, on Mark ii. 18-22, explanation of, 75

bis taking the Pastoral Charge of MARSOM, Mr., on the efficacy of the
the Unitarian Church at Dundee, death of Christ, 637,


668 Marten, Rev. Benjamin, obituary of, 670
Lord's Supper, description of the or- Mason, Mr., his friendly attentions to
dinance of the,
600 Mr. Lindsey,

Loring, Dr. Henry Lloyd, obitnary Mathematical truths, examination of, 214

176 Matthew v. 3, 4, 5, hymns on, 242,
Louis-Le Desiré, address to, 103 243; vi. 10, remarks on, 382; XXV.
Lowell, Rev. Samuet, obituary of, 734 41, examination of, 657; xxvii.
Low state of intelligence in Ireland, 612 25, 51, xxviii. 19, remarks on,
Lockcock, Mr., his information re- 383; xxvii. 50, notes on, 697

specting the management and suc- Meath, obituary of the Bishop of, 116
cess of the Birmingham Sunday- Memoirs of the Life of the late Mrs.
schnols, 9. His remarks on Par-

Catharine Cappe: written by Her
ticular Providence, suggested by self, reviewed, 163,

Mrs. Cappe's Memoirs, 286. De- Mémorial de Sainte Hélène, Napo-
'fence of,

619 leon's estimate of value of time,
Luddington, Mrs. Elizabeth, obituary from,

: 592

551 Mendelsohn's letter to Lavater, 884
Lunar superstition,

48 Messiah, on Jewish tiles of the, 589, 646
Lyne's “Primer," Biblical Criticism Metaphysical truths, examination of, 215

719 Methodist camp-uneetings, origin of


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Metliodist Unitarians of Rossendale,

of the more Prominent Features of
annual association of,

425 that State of Society, as it exists
Middleton, Dr. T. F., addition to obi- in the United States of America,
tuary of,

112 and in the Colonies of the West
Minister's salary dependent on Cor- Indies, especially in Jamaica, re-
poration and Test Acts,
210 viewed,


Newcastle Magazine, essay on truth,
123, 182, 248, 426, 483, 556, 611, 676 from the, 212,

Mitchell, Mr. Thomas, obituary of, 550 NEW PUBLICATIONS IN THEO-
Moderate Calvinism, on,

Mohurrum festival, religious battle RATURE, 6:3, 125, 189, 255, 365,
during the,
301 430, 494, 557, 615, 678,

Montesquieu on the severities of the Newton's, Sir Isaac, inquiry respecto
criminal law,
28 ing a protest of,

Monthly Magazine, death of William New Year, 1823, address to the, 49.
Nassau Bentley, Esq., from the,

Reflections on the commencement
357, Meeting of Bible Christians

of the,

at Salford, from the, 425. Deter- New York, extract from a letter on
mination of the Polish Jews, from the yellow fever at, 61. Bigotry
614 in,

Moon, Rev. William, obitnary of, 358 New York Gazette, death of Mr.
Moral truths, examination of, 265 Thomas Dobson, from the,

MORELL.'s, Dr., proposal of Dissent- N.I. on the opening of the new Uoi.
ing Colleges,
633 tarian Chapel at Hanley,

Morning Chronicle, extracts from the, Nicol, the late Rev. James, his letters
61, 178, 282, 480, 614. Sale of the, 612 to Mr. Mardon,

Mosaic law, an essay on the nature N. L. T.'s account of the openiug of
and design of sacrifices under the, Stamford-street Chapel,

270, 332, 372,

460 No EUTOPIAN on the Appeal in
Mosaic sacrifices, description of the, behalf of the Christian Tract So-
273. Design of the,
332 ciety,"

Munster, Annual meeting of the Pres. NONCONFORMIST, A, on the repeal of
byterian Synod of,

483 the Corporation and Test Acts, 155
Musée des Variétés Littéraires, trans-

lation from the,
299 341, 369,

Nonconformity, abstrack of lectures

on, 82. , An essay on the causes of
the decline of, 341,


Nordenskjold, Mrs., obituary of, 606
Ni's yotices of the Rev. John Lindsny, North Eastern Unitarian Association
81. His review of Walioce's Ser. Anniversary, 365,

mon before the Unitarian Tract NORTONIAN, A, on an attack opon
Society for Warwickshire, &c., 169. Mr. Bowring's “ Matins and Ves-
On a devotional poem, by the late pers," in the Eclectic Review, 627
Mrs, Mary Rogers, 173. His re- Norway, mortality amongst the poets
marks on the second edition of the


Sermons of the late Rex, Hugh Norwich, petition of some of the
Worthington, 319. On passages clergy of the diocese of, in favour
of Scripture, 382, His account of of the Catholic claims,

the ordination of the Rev. A. Pater- Notable instance of self-valuation,

son, Stourbridge, 424. His in. Nute relative aux manuscrits de fen
quiry concerning J. Collet, M.D., Pascal Alexandre Tissot, par Tbié-

573. On religious intrepidity ex- baud de Berneaud,
ç'emplified in Dr. Kennicott, and in Notes on passages in the New Testa
the Rev. George Walker, of Not-


tingham, 645. His notes on pas- NOTICES, 121, 182, 249, 312, 365

sages in the New Testament, 697 Notions of Jewish Rabbins on the
Napoleou's estimate of value of time, 592 Trinity,
Naligoal Society for Education, re, Novel plea, a,

marks on the


Erk. VANDAA mom
Naútns, his self-taught knowledge
of the Greek Testament proposed, 564

Negroes in the West Indies, on Chris-

tian instruction of,
Negro-slavery in Jamaica, on, 231, 281 OBITUARY, 52, 109, 176, 244,

Negro-Slavery, or, A View of soine 356, 550, 605, 668,


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