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And Jesus now is gone

His people's cause to plead :
He stands in heaven their great High Priest
And bears their name upon his breast.
2 No temple made with hands,

His place of service is :
In heaven itself he stands,

A heavenly priesthood his :
In him the shadows of the law
Are all fulfilled, and now withdraw.
3 And though awhile he be

Hid from the eyes of men,
His people look to see

Their great High Priest again :
In brightest glory he will come
And take his waiting people home.

C.M. Ballerma-Burton Sheffield. 1 Now let us cheerfully survey

Our great High Priest above,
And celebrate his constant care,

And sympathetic love. 2 Though raised to heaven's exalted throne,

Where angels bow around,
And high, o'er all the hosts of light,

With matchless honours crowned;

3 The names of all his saints he bears

Deep graven on his heart;
Nor shall the meanest Christian say

That he hath lost his part.
4 Those characters shall still abide

Our everlasting trust,
When monuments and palaces

Have mouldered into dust.
5 So, gracious Saviour, on my breast

May thy loved name be worn,
A sacred ornament and guard,

To endless ages borne.


6 lines. Eaton-Carey's Dresden. 1 When gathering clouds around I view,

And days are dark and friends are few,
On him I lean, who not in vain
Experienced every human pain.
He sees my wants, allays my tears,

And counts and treasures up my fears. 2 If aught should tempt my soul to stray

From heavenly wisdom's narrow way,
To flee the good I would pursue,
Or do the ill I would not do;

Still he, who felt temptation's power,

Shall guard me in that dangerous hour. 3 If wounded love my bosom swell,

Deceived by those I prized too well,
He shall his pitying aid bestow,
Who felt on earth severer woe,
At once betrayed, denied, or fled,

By those who shared his daily bread. • 4 If vexing thoughts within me rise,

And, sore dismayed, my spirit dies ;
Yet he, who once vouchsafed to bear
The sickening anguish of despair,
Shall sweetly soothe, shall gently dry

The throbbing heart, the streaming eye. 5 When sorrowing o'er some stone I bend,

Which covers what was once a friend ;
And from his hand, his voice, his smile,
Divides me for a little while,
My Saviour marks the tears I shed;

For Jesus wept o'er Lazarus dead. 6 And O! when I have safely passed

Through every conflict but the last;
Still, still unchanging, watch beside
My dying bed—for thou hast died;
Then point to realms of cloudless day
And wipe the latest tear away.


C.M. Huddersfield Jerusalem-Burnett. 1 Behold my servant! see him rise

Exalted in my might!
Him have I chosen, and in him

I place supreme delight.
2 On him, in rich effusion poured,

My Spirit shall descend; My truths and judgments he shall show

To earth's remotest end.
3 Gentle and still shall be his voice,

No threats from him proceed;
The smoking flax he shall not quench,

Nor break the bruised reed.
4 The feeble spark to flames he'll raise;

The weak will not despise ; Judgment he shall bring forth to truth,

And make the fallen rise.
5 The progress of his zeal and pow'r

Shall never know decline,
Till foreign lands and distant isles

Receive the law divine. 108.

THE PRINCE OF PEACE. L.M. Angel & Hymn-Melcombe-Warrington. 1 Jesus shall reign where'er the sun

Doth his successive journeys run;

His kingdom stretch from shore to shore,

Till moons shall wax and wane no more. 2 For him shall endless prayer be made,

And praises throng to crown his head; His name like sweet perfume shall rise

With every morning sacrifice.
3 People and realms of every tongue

Dwell on his love with sweetest song;
And infant voices shall proclaim

Their early blessings on his name.
4 Blessings abound where’er he reigns;

The prisoner leaps to lose his chains;
The weary find eternal rest,

And all the sons of want are blest.
5 Where he displays his healing power,

Death and the curse are known no more; In him the tribes of Adam boast

More blessings than their father lost. 6 Let every creature rise and bring

Peculiar honours to our king;
Angels descend with songs again,

And earth repeat the loud amen.
109. :

78. & 6s. Morning Light-Berne-Bonchurch. 1 Hail to the Lord's Anointed!

Great David's greater Son!

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