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7 This is the Man, the exalted Man,

Whom we unseen adore;
But when our eyes behold his face,

Our hearts shall love him more.

C.M. HuntingtowerManchester-Loughton. 1 Jesus, the very thought of thee

With sweetness fills my breast; But sweeter far thy face to see,

And in thy presence rest. 2 Nor voice can sing, nor heart can frame,

Nor can the memory find,
A sweeter sound than thy blest name,

O Saviour of mankind.
3 O hope of every contrite heart,

O joy of all the meek,
To those who fall, how kind thou art!

How good to those who seek!
4 But what to those who find ? ah! this

Nor tongue nor pen can show; The love of Jesus what it is,

None but his loved ones know. 5 Jesus, our only joy be thou,

As thou our prize wilt be; Jesus, be thou our glory now,

And through eternity.


Martyrdom-Jerusalem-Harborough. 1 Dearest of all the names above,

My Jesus and my God,
Who can resist thy heavenly love,

Or trifle with thy blood ?
2 'Tis by the merits of thy death

The Father smiles again;
'Tis by thine interceding breath

The Spirit dwells with men. 3 Till God in human flesh I see,

My thoughts no comfort find; The holy, just, and sacred Three

Are terrors to my mind.
4 But when Immanuel's face appears,

My hope, my joy begin :
His name forbids my slavish fears,

His grace removes my sin.
5 While Jews on their own law rely,

And Greeks of wisdom boast, I love the incarnate mystery,

And there I fix my trust. 146. THE SAVIOUR.

C. M. Bedford-Burton Messiah. 1 To Christ the Lord let every tongue

Its noblest tribute bring ;

When He's the subject of the song,

Who can refuse to sing ?
2 Majestic sweetness sits enthroned

Upon his awful brow;
His head with radiant glories crowned,

His lips with grace o’erflow.
3 No mortal can with him compare

Among the sons of men:
Fairer he is than all the fair

That fill the heavenly train.
4 He saw me plunged in deep distress,

And came to my relief;
For me he bore the shameful cross,

And carried all my grief.
5 His hand a thousand blessings pours

Upon my guilty head;
His presence cheers my darkest hours,

And guards my sleeping bed.
6 To him I owe my life and breath,

And all the joys I have;
He makes me triumph over death,

And saves me from the grave.
7 To heaven, the place of his abode,

He brings my weary feet;
Shows me the glories of my God,

And makes my joys complete.

8 Since from his bounty I receive

Such proofs of love divine,
Had I a thousand hearts to give,
Lord, they should all be thine!

8.7. 147.

A PRINCE AND A SAVIOUR. double. Gotha-Eighty-seventh Psalm-Emperor's Hymn. 1 Hail! thou once despised Jesus;

Hail! thou once rejected King!
Who didst suffer to release us,

Who didst free salvation bring :
Hail! thou glorious God and Saviour,

Who hast borne our sin and shame; By thy merit we find favour,

Life is given through thy name. 2 Paschal Lamb, by God appointed,

All our sins were on thee laid: By eternal love anointed,

Thou hast full atonement made.
All who trust thee are forgiven,

Through the virtue of thy blood:
Rent is now the vail of heaven,

Peace is made 'twixt man and God. 3 Jesus hail! enthroned in glory,

There for ever to abide;
All the heavenly hosts adore thee,

Seated at thy Father's side;

Worship, honour, pow'r, and blessing,

Thou art worthy to receive; Loudest praises, without ceasing,

Let thy ransomed ever give.



(Rev. i. 5-9.)

C. M.

Belgrave-Handel's Seventy-third-St. George's. 1 To him that loved the souls of men,

And washed us in his blood,
To royal honours raised our head,

And made us priests to God;
2 To him let every tongue be praise,

And every heart be love!
All grateful honours paid on earth,

And nobler songs above!
3 Behold, on flying clouds he comes !

His saints shall bless the day; While they that pierced him sadly mourn

In anguish and dismay.
4 I am the First, and I the Last;

Time centres all in me;
Th’ Almighty God, who was, and is,

And evermore shall be.

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