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Thy mercies how tender,

How firm to the end,
Our Maker, Defender,

Redeemer, and Friend!
6 O measureless Might!

Ineffable Love!
While angels delight

To hymn thee above,
The humbler creation,

Though feeble their lays,
With true adoration

Shall lisp to thy praise. 26. UNIVERSAL WORSHIP.

L. M. Old Hundred-Moffat-Winchester. 1 From all that dwell below the skies,

Let the Creator's praise arise:
Let the Redeemer's name be sung,

Through every land, by every tongue. 2 Eternal are thy mercies, Lord;

Eternal truth attends thy Word;.
Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore,

Till suns shall rise and set no more. 27.


Soldau-Calvin-Melcombe. 1 God of my life! through all its days,

My grateful powers shall sound thy praise :


shall wake with opening light, And cheer the dark and silent night. 2 When anxious cares would break my rest,

And griefs would rend my throbbing breast, Thy tuneful praises raised on high

Shall check the murmur and the sigh. 3 When death o'er nature shall prevail,

And all its powers of language fail,
Joy through my swimming eyes shall break,

And mean the thanks I cannot speak.
4 But, oh! when that last conflict's o'er,

And I am chained to earth no more,
With what glad accents shall I rise,

To join the music of the skies! 28.


Gräfenberg-Burton-Loughton. 1 There is a book who runs may read,

Which heavenly truth imparts; And all the lore its scholars need,

Pure eyes and Christian hearts. 2 The works of God above, below,

Within us, and around,
Are pages in that book, to show

How God himself is found.
3 The glorious sky, embracing all,

Is like the Maker's love,

Wherewith encompassed, great and small

In peace and order move. 4 One name, above all glorious names,

With its ten thousand tongues The everlasting sea proclaims,

Echoing angelic songs. 5 The raging fire, the roaring wind,

Thy boundless power display: But in the gentler breeze we find

Thy Spirit's viewless way.
6 Thou who hast given me eyes to see

And love this sight so fair,
Give me a heart to find out thee,

And read thee everywhere. 29.


Chorlton Place.
1 How cheerful the field and the mead!

How gay does all nature appear!
The flocks, as they carelessly feed,

Rejoice in the spring of the year. 2 The foliage that shades the gay bowers,

The herbage that springs from the clod,
Trees, plants, cooling fruits, and sweet

All rise to the praise of our God.


3 Shall man, the great master of all,

The only insensible prove ?
Forbid it, fair gratitude's call!

Forbid it, devotion and love! 4 The Lord who such wonders can raise,

And still can destroy with a nod,
Our lips shall incessantly praise,

Our hearts shall rejoice in our God.

L. M. Creation-Calvin-Neapolis. 1 The spacious firmament on high,

With all the blue ethereal sky,
And spangled heavens, a shining frame,

Their great Original proclaim.
2 The unwearied sun, from day to day,

Does his Creator's power display;
And publishes to every

The work of an almighty hand.
3 Soon as the evening shades prevail,

The moon takes up the wondrous tale,
And, nightly to the listening earth,

Repeats the story of her birth; 4 While all the stars that round her burn,

And all the planets in their turn,
Confirm the tidings as they roll,
And spread the truth from pole to pole.

5 What though in solemn silence all

Move round the dark terrestrial ball ? What though no real voice, nor sound,

Amidst their radiant orbs be found? 6 In Reason's ear they all rejoice,

And utter forth a glorious voice;
For ever singing, as they shine,
“The hand that made us is divine.”

L.M. 31. GOD IN ALL.

6 lines. Carey's-Dresden. 1 Thou art, O God, the life and light

Of all this wondrous world we see:
Its glow by day, its smile by night,
Are but reflections caught from thee:
Where'er we turn, thy glories shine,

And all things fair and bright are thine. 2 When day, with farewell beam, delays

Among the opening clouds of even,
And we can almost think we gaze
Through golden vistas into heaven:
Those hues, that make the sun's decline

So soft, so radiant, Lord, are thine. 3 When youthful spring around us breathes,

Thy Spirit warms her fragrant sigh,
And every flower the summer wreathes
Is born beneath that kindling eye-

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