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3 Far from this world of toil and strife,

They're present with the Lord; The labours of their mortal life

End in a large reward.


THE WHITE-ROBED COMPANY. C. M. St. Asaph-New York-Woolwich Common. 1 How bright these glorious spirits shine!

Whence all their white array ? How came they to the blissful seats

Of everlasting day? 2 Lo! these are they from suff'rings great,

Who came to realms of light,
And in the blood of Christ have washed

Those robes which shine so bright. 3 Now, with triumphal palms, they stand

Before the throne on high,
And serve the God they love, amidst

The glories of the sky.
4 His presence fills each heart with joy,

Tunes every mouth to sing:
By day, by night, the sacred courts

With glad hosannahs ring.
5 Hunger and thirst are felt no more,

Nor suns with scorching ray;
God is their sun, whose cheering beams

Diffuse eternal day.

6 The Lamb which dwells amidst the throne

Shall o'er them still preside;
Feed them with nourishment divine,

And all their footsteps guide. 7 'Mong pastures green he'll lead his flock,

Where living streams appear;
And God the Lord from ev'ry eye

Shall wipe off ev'ry tear.



St. Nicholas-St. Gregory-Bedford.
1 When the last trumpet's awful voice

This rending earth shall shake,
When op’ning graves shall yield their


And dust to life awake;
2 Those bodies that corrupted fell

Shall incorrupted rise,
And mortal forms shall spring to life

Immortal in the skies.
3 Behold, what heav'nly prophets sung

Is now at last fulfilled,
That death should yield his ancient reign

And vanquished quit the field. 4 Let faith exalt her joyful voice,

And thus begin to sing ;

Can the grave those ties dissever,

With the very heart-strings twined ? Must she part, and part for ever,

With the friends she leaves behind ? 4 No, the past she still remembers;

Faith and hope surviving too, Ever watch those sleeping embers,

Which must rise and live anew For the widowed, lonely spirit,

Waiting to be clothed afresh, Longs perfection to inherit,

And to triumph in the flesh. 5 Angels, let the ransomed stranger

In your tender care be blest,
Hoping, trusting, safe from danger,

Till the trumpet end her rest;
Till the trump which shakes creation,

Through the circling heavens shall roll, Till the day of consummation,

Till the bridal of the soul. 6 Can I trust a fellow-being ?

Can I trust an angel's care?
O thou merciful All-seeing,

Beam around my spirit there.
Jesus, blessed Mediator,

Thou the airy path hast trod: Thou the Judge, the Consummator,

Shepherd of the fold of God.

7 Blessed fold, no foe can enter,

And 110 friend departeth thence.
Jesus is their sun, their centre,

And their shield, Omnipotence.
Blessed, for the Lamb shall feed them,

All their tears shall wipe away,
To the living fountains lead them,

Till fruition's perfect day.
8 Lo! it comes, that day of wonder!

Louder chorals shake the skies.
Hades' gates are burst asunder:

See, the new clothed myriads rise.
Thought, repress thy weak endeavour:

Here must reason prostrate fall.
Oh, the Ineffable for Ever,

And the Eternal All in all !


S. M.


Waterbrook- Prague-Hampton. 1 For ever with the Lord !

Amen; so let it be;
Life from the dead is in that word,

'Tis immortality.
2 Here in the body pent,

Absent from him I roam,
Yet nightly pitch my moving tent
A day's march nearer home.


3 My Father's house on high,

Home of my soul, how near,
At times, to faith's foreseeing eye

Thy golden gates appear! 4 Ah! then my spirit faints

To reach the land I love,
The bright inheritance of saints;

Jerusalem above.
5 For ever with the Lord!

Father, if 'tis thy will,
The promise of that faithful word,

Even here to me fulfil.
Be thou at my right hand,

Then can I never fail ;
Uphold thou me, and I shall stand,

Fight, and I must prevail. 7 So when my latest breath

Shall rend the veil in twain, By death I shall escape from death,

And life eternal gain. 8 Knowing as I am known,

How shall I love that word, And oft repeat before the throne,

“For ever with the Lord!” 9

The trump of final doom
Will speak the selfsame word,

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