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3 So Jesus slept: God's dying Son Passed through the grave, and blessed

the bed. Rest here, dear saint, till from his throne

The morning break, and pierce the shade. 4 Break from his throne, illustrious morn!

Attend, 0 earth! his sovereign word; Restore thy trust, a glorious form:

He must ascend to meet his Lord. 366. STILL ONE IN CHRIST.

C.M. Salzbourg-Winchester Old-French. 1 Give dust to dust; and here we leave

The earthly seed to die;
That so this mortal may receive

Its immortality.
2 Spirit to spirits purified ;

And his hath soared on high, Hath joined the members glorified

The brethren in the sky. 3 Saviour, thy love unites us all,

The living and the dead; 'Tis but one body mystical,

And but one glorious Head. 4 Keep us in fellowship of soul

With the dear saint that's gone;
Make us in worship, service, love,
Like those before the throne.

4 By word and by deed, the bodies in need,

The souls to relieve, And freely as Jesus hath given to give. 5 Then let us attend our heavenly friend,

In his members distrest, By want, or affliction, or sickness opprest: 6 The pris’ner relieve, the stranger receive;

Supply all their wants, And spend and be spent in assisting his

saints. 7 Thus while we bestow our moments below,

Ourselves we forsake, And refuge in Jesus's righteousness take. 8 His passion alone the foundation we own;

And pardon we claim, And eternal redemption, in Jesus's name. 361.


Kenilworth. 1 Rejoice for a brother deceased,

Our loss is his infinite gain; A soul out of prison released,

And free from its bodily chain; With songs let us follow his flight,

And mount with his spirit above, Escaped to the mansions of light,

And lodged in the Eden of love.



double. Stuttgart-Tye--Woolwich Common. 1 Dear as thou wert, and justly dear,

We will not weep for thee:
One thought shall check the starting tear,

It is, that thou art free;
And thus shall faith's consoling power

The tears of love restrain.
Oh! who that saw thy parting hour

Could wish thee back again? 2 Triumphant in thy closing eye

The hope of glory shone;
Joy breathed in thine expiring sigh,

To think the fight was won.
Gently the passing spirit fled,

Sustained by grace divine.
Oh! may such grace on us be shed,

And make our end like thine.

12s & 11s. 369.

Portuguese Hymn-Wharfedale (vith slight

adaptations). 1 Thou art gone to the grave! but we will

not deplore thee, Though sorrows and darkness encompass

the tomb:

The Saviour has passed through its portal

before thee, And the lamp of his love is thy guide

through the gloom. 2 Thou art gone to the grave! we no longer

behold thee, Nor tread the rough path of the world

by thy side; But the wide arms of mercy are spread to

enfold thee And sinners may hope, since the Sinless

has died. 3 Thou art gone to the grave! and, its

mansion forsaking, Perhaps thy weak spirit in fear lingered

long: But the sunshine of paradise beamed on

thy waking, And the sound which thou heardst, was

the seraphim's song. 4 Thou art gone to the grave! but 'twere

wrong to deplore thee, For God was thy ransom, thy guardian,

and guide: He gave thee, he took thee, and he will

restore thee; And death has no sting, for the Saviour

has died.



C. M. St. Thomas'-Halifax or Abingdon--Crediton. 1 How glorious Zion's courts appear,

The city of our God!
His throne he hath established here,

Here fixed his loved abode.
2 Its walls, defended by his grace,

No power shall e'er o'erthrow,
Salvation is its bulwark sure

Against th' assailing foe.
3 Lift up the everlasting gates,

The doors wide open fling;
Enter, ye nations, who obey

The statutes of our king.
4 Here shall ye taste unmingled joys,

And dwell in perfect peace,
Ye, who have known JEHOVAH's name,

And trusted in his grace.
5 Trust in the Lord, for ever trust,

And banish all your fears;
Strength in the Lord JEHOVAH dwells

Eternal as his years. 371.


Eighty-seventh Psalm-Mount Zion. 1 Glorious things of thee are spoken,

Zion, city of our God!

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