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3 O ever present, ever nigh,

Jesus, on thee I fix mine eye,
Thou hear'st the contrite spirit sigh;

Smile on my evening hour. 4 My only Intercessor, thou,

Mingle thy fragrant incense now
With every prayer and every vow;

Smile on my evening hour. 5 And 0, when life's short course shall end,

And death's dark shades around impend,
My God, my everlasting Friend,

Smile on my evening hour.

C.M. Huddersfield-Handels Seventy-third University? 1 The icy chains that bound the earth Are now dissolv'd and

gone; Wak’d by the sun, the youthful spring

Puts all its beauty on. 2 My soul, in ev'ry scene admire

The wisdom, love, and power ; Behold thy God in ev'ry plant,

In ev'ry op'ning flower. 3 With quick’ning beams, thou God of grace,

Shine on this heart of mine;
My winter thus shall turn to spring;
The glory shall be thine.


C. M. Tallis--York-Tiverton. 1 Ye sons of earth, prepare the plough,

Break up your fallow ground !
The sower is gone forth to sow,

And scatter blessings round.
2 The seed that finds a stony soil,

Shoots forth a hasty blade;
But ill repays the sower's toil,

Soon withered, scorched, and dead. 3 The thorny ground is sure to baulk

All hopes of harvest there:
We find a tall and sickly stalk,

But not the fruitful ear.
4 The beaten path and highway-side

Receive the trust in vain;
The watchful birds the spoil divide,

And pick up all the grain. 5 But where the Lord of grace and power

Has blessed the happy field;
How plenteous is the golden store

The deep-wrought furrows yield ! 6 Father of mercies, we have need

Of thy preparing grace; Let the same hand that gives the seed,

Provide a fruitful place.


C. M. St. Lawrence-Brement_Prestwich. 1 The soul's sweet summer not here,

But only breaths and flowers;
Its open glory will appear,

But secret now its powers.
2 Life here, it is spring's fickle time,

Alternate blight and balm;
But heaven will be our summer's prime,

One bright unending calm.
3 0, glad we are, yet scarce begun

Our day of happiness;
The light of an unrisen sun

Is all that we possess. 4 The joy with which our souls are blest,

How silent and how pure;
But joy is twilight at the best,

Although of sunrise sure.
5 Spirit of Christ, through thee we oft

The coming summer feel ;
Thou canst, in hallowing glory soft,

A budding world reveal.
6 Our hearts with an increasing glow

Of morning hope, oh, fill ;. Christ's coming day we then shall know

By joys devout and still.

454. SUMMER.

S. M. Prague-Birmingham-Carlisle. 1 Great God! at thy command

Seasons in order rise;
Thy power and love

concert reign Through earth, and seas, and skies. 2 How balmy is the air!

How warm the solar beams!
And to refresh the ground, the rains

Descend in gentle streams. 3 With grateful praise we own

Thy ever-bounteous hand,
Whose gifts, with various fruits and

Adorn and bless the land.
4 Our highest praise we give,

For thy redeeming love
Our pardon, peace, and joy below,

Our hope of heav'n above.



C. N. Gräfenberg-Gloucester -- Harborough. 1 To praise the ever-bounteous Lord,

My soul, wake all thy powers;
He calls, and at his voice come forth

The smiling harvest-kours.

2 His covenant with the earth he keeps;

My tongue, his goodness sing;
Summer and winter know their time,

His harvest crowns the spring. 3 Well pleased the toiling swains behold

The waving yellow crop;
With joy they bear the sheaves away,

And sow again in hope.
4 Thus teach me, gracious God, to sow

The seeds of righteousness ;
Smile on my soul, and with thy beams

The ripening harvest bless.

6.6. 4.6. 6.6.4.



Trinity-National Anthem. 1 The God of harvest praise; In loud thanksgivings raise

Hand, heart, and voice;
The valleys laugh and sing,
Forests and mountains ring,
The plains their tribute bring,

The streams rejoice.
2 Of food for man and beast,
Jehovah spreads a feast,

Above, beneath:

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