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Thou wilt not frown our souls away,

Nor our complaints despise
We feel thy chastening hand,

Yet would we not repine;
But with adoring reverence stand,

And bow to thy design.
3 Yet, Lord, in mercy hear,

And bid thine arger stay ;
Avert the judgments that we fear,

And turn our night to day. 4 Thy mercy, Lord, we plead,

Let mercy now prevail;
A Saviour's blood shall intercede,

And that can never fail.

C.M. Warburton-Farrant-Canterbury. 1 Lord, while for all mankind we pray,

Of every clime and coast,
O hear us for our native land,

The land we love the most.
2 Our fathers' sepulchres are here,

And here our kindred dwell:
Our children too ;-how should we love

Another land so well!
3 O guard our shores from every foe,

With peace our borders bless:

With prosperous times our cities crown,

Our fields with plenteousness. 4 Unite us in the sacred love

Of knowledge, truth, and thee:
And let our hills and valleys shout

The songs of liberty.
5 Here may religion pure and mild,

Upon our Sabbaths smile; And piety and virtue reign,

And bless our native isle.
6 Lord of the nations, thus to thee

Our country we commend;
Be thou her refuge and her trust,

Her everlasting Friend.


C.M. St. Andrew's-St. Ann's Universityl. 1 Shine, mighty God, on Britain shine,

With beams of heavenly grace; Reveal thy power through all our coasts,

And show thy smiling face. 2 Amidst our isle, exalted high,

Do thou our glory stand,
And, like a wall of guardian fire,

Surround this favoured land.

3 When shall thy name, from shore to shore,

Sound all the earth abroad;
And distant nations know and love

Their Saviour and their God?
4 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands,

Sing loud, with solemn voice; While British tongues exalt his praise,

And British hearts rejoice. 5 He, the great Lord, the sovereign Judge,

That sits enthroned above,
Wisely commands the worlds he made

In justice and in love.
6 Earth shall obey her Maker's will,

And yield a full increase ;
Our God will crown his chosen isle

With fruitfulness and peace.
7 God, the Redeemer, scatters round

His choicest favours here,
While the creation's utmost bound

Shall see, adore, and fear.

L. M. Babylon-TV inchester - Mainzer. 1 Lord Jesus, let thy watchful care,

Thy faithful love, our brethren tend;
Their hearts sustain, their way prepare,
And safely guide them to the end.

2 Be with them on the stormy deep;

Be with them in the silent hour;
By sea or land, awake, asleep,

Be thou their helper, strength, and tower. 3 Maintain them through their earthly strife,

So running as to win the race;
Each holding forth the word of life,

A light to lighten future days.
4 Go, brethren, go! with cheerful voice

We bid you go ;-a blessed leaven;-
Go, win the country of your

choice For truth, and liberty, and heaven.


L. M. Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; Praise him all creatures here below; Praise him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


C. M.
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

The God whom we adore,
Be glory, as it was, and is,

And shall be evermore.


S. M.
To God, the Father, Son,

And Spirit, glory be!
As 'twas, and is, and shall be so

To all eternity. 4.

8. 8. 6. To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, The God whom heaven's triumphant host

And the whole church adore,
Be glory, as in ages past,
As now it is, and so shall last,

When time shall be no more. 5.

6666. 4444.
To God, the Father, Son,

And Spirit ever blest,
Eternal three in one,
All worship be addrest:

As heretofore
It was, is now,
And shall be so

For evermore. 6.

L. M. double.
Eternal Father, throned above,
Thou fountain of redeeming love ;

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