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5 And while thy bleeding glories here

Engage our wondering eyes,
We learn our lighter cross to bear,

And hasten to the skies.

L. M. Communion. 1 'Twas on that night, when doomed to know

eager rage of every foe,
That night in which he was betrayed,

The Saviour of the world took bread : 2 And, after thanks and glory given

To him that rules in earth and heaven,
That symbol of his flesh he broke,

And thus to all his followers spoke: 3 My broken body thus I give

For you, for all; take, eat, and live;
And oft the sacred rite renew

That brings my wondrous love to view. 4 Then in his hands the cup he raised,

And God anew he thanked and praised; While kindness in his bosom glowed,

And from his lips salvation flowed:
5 My blood I thus pour forth, he cries,

To cleanse the soul in sin that lies;
In this the coveriant is sealed,
And Heaven's eternal grace revealed.

6 With love to man this cup is fraught,

Let all partake the sacred draught;
Through latest ages let it pour,

In memory of my dying hour. 78.


1 “The promise of my Father's love

Shall stand for ever good ;”
He said—and gave his soul to death,

And sealed the grace with blood. 2 To this dear covenant of thy word

I set my worthless name;
I seal the engagement to my Lord,

And make my humble claim. 3 Thy light, and strength, and pardoning .

And glory shall be mine;
My life and soul, my heart and flesh,

And all my powers are thine. 4 I call that legacy my own,

Which Jesus did bequeath;
'Twas purchased with a dying groan,

And ratified in death.
5 Sweet is the memory of his name

Who blessed us in his will;

And to the test'ment of his love

Made his own life the seal!



Arnold'8Durham?Jackson's. 1 Let not your hearts with anxious thoughts

Be troubled or dismayed;
But trust in Providence divine,

And trust my gracious aid.
2 I to my Father's house return;

There numerous mansions stand,
And glory manifold abounds

Through all the happy land. 3 I go your entrance to secure,

And your abode prepare ;
Regions unknown are safe to you,

When I, your friend, am there.
4 Thence shall I come, when ages close,

To take you home with me;
There we shall meet to part no more,

And still together be.
5 I am the way, the truth, the life:

No son of human race,
But such as I conduct and guide,

Shall see my Father's face.



Vienna?-St. Matthew'sProspect.
1 No more let sorrow cloud your eye,

Nor fears your spirit fill;
Though now the parting hour is nigh,

My heart is with you still.
My Father sent me from above,

His mercy's brightest sign,
And if you trust his changeless love,

Oh, wherefore doubt of mine?
2 The stretching shadow of the cross

Now overcasts my soul;
You sorrow for the coming loss,

I long to reach the goal.
My love must first be tried by death

Before it prove its power,
And through its triumph give you faith

For many an evil hour.
3 Dark days will come when I depart,

But cast your care on me,
And I, unseen, will keep the heart

From fear and fainting free.
The thorny path that I have trod

Is also traced for you;
But where I walked alone with God,

Ye have your Saviour too.


C.M. Moravia_st. DavidsMessiah. 1 You now must hear my voice no more;

My Father calls me home; But soon from heaven the Holy Ghost,

Your Comforter, shall come. 2 That heavenly Teacher, sent from God,

Shall your whole soul inspire; Your minds shall fill with sacred truth,

Your hearts with sacred fire. 3 Peace is the gift I leave with you;

My peace to you bequeath; Peace that shall comfort you through life,

And cheer your souls in death. 4 I give not as the world bestows,

With promise false and vain; Nor cares nor fears shall wound the heart In which my words remain.


6 lines. Ratisbon-Pascal-Geneva? 1 Go to dark Gethsemane,

Ye that feel the tempter's power ;
Your Redeemer's conflict see:

Watch with him one bitter hour;
Turn not from his griefs away:
Learn of Jesus Christ to pray.

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