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Board of Public Works. John C. Arnold..

..term expires April, 1910
Alexander Zagelmeyer .. term expires April, 1911
Edward E. Evans, member ex-officio.
Edward Wilhelm, City Engineer, member ex-officio.
Edward E. Prohazka, Comptroller, member ex-officio.

Edward E. Evans, Chairman.
Edward E. Prohazka, Secretary.

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Board of Assessors. John H. Wilkins

..term expires August, 1909 Orville A. Watrous ....term expires August, 1910 John M. Roy

..term expires August, 1911 John H. Wilkins, Chairman.

John M. Roy, Clerk.

Board of Electic Control. Edward E. Evans..

Mayor Edward Wilhelm..

City Engineer Thomas K. Harding.

..Chief of Fire Department Erastus L. Dunbar.. Superintendent of Water Works William H. Fitzhugh...... Superintendent Electric Light

Board of Election Commissioners.
Horace Tupper, Samuel Kaichen, Harry J. Walsh.

Heads of Departments. Thomas K. Harding.

..Chief of Fire Department Erastus L. Dunbar.. . Superintendent of Water Works William H. Fitzhugh. Superintendent of Electric Light Nathaniel N. Murphy

Superintendent of Police John L. Northrup.

Street Commissioner Robert S. Watson.

..Plumbing Inspector




Officers Appointed by the Common Council. President

Walter Watt City Attorney

Samuel G. Houghton City Engineer

.. Edward Wilhelm

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Street Commissioner
Harbor Master .
Boiler Inspector

.John L. Northrup
Nathaniel N. Murphy

.Henry Barnard

Standing Committees, 1909-10.
Police Committee-Ald. Davis, Grisdale, Beard, Jodway.
Fire Pepartment-Ald. Gardner, Niedzielski, Compau,

Water Works-Ald. Olmstead, Mundy, Niedzielski, Bren-


Electric Light-Ald. Watt, Jodway, Rose, Tierney.
Ways and Means--Ald. Grisdale, Watt, Davis, Zanley.
Ordinance-Ald. Rose, Olmstead, Gardner.
Taxes and Health-Ald. Tierney, Cornell, Mayville.
Claims and Accounts-Ald. Beard, Fletcher, Compau.
Printing-Ald. Niedzielski, Brennan, Fletcher.
Public Buildings, Pounds, Markets—Ald. Mayville, Zan-

ley, Olmstead.
Streets and Sewers No. 1-Ald. Fletcher, Gardner, Beard.
Streets and Sewers No. 2—Ald. Brennan, Mayville, Davis.
Retrenchment-Ald. Wilhelm, Compau, Cornell.
Building and House Moving-Ald. Cornell, Rose, Jodway.
Sidewalk and Damage Claims-Ald. Mundy, Tierney,


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1st Ward 2d Ward . 3d Ward 4th Ward 5th Ward 6th Ward 7th Ward. 8th Ward. 9th Ward

Board of Education.

.Charles E. Rosenbury

William A. Rohrer
.Dr. Morton Gallagher
Ignatius G. Meagher

... Adna G. Lewis
William H. Warren

Fred C. Westover ... Edward Lichtig

Jesse W. Coles

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Trustees of Bay City Public Library. B. E. Warren

..term expires 1910 W. L. Clements..

..term expires 1911

J. E. Duffy

..term expires 1912 John A. Stewart

..term expires 1913 Chester L. Collins

.term expires 1914 Dr. C. H. Baker

.term expires 1915 William H. Warren, President of Board of Education,

Mrs. Annie F. McDonald, Librarian.

Trustees of Sage Library. S. 0. Fisher. T. F. Shepard. H. H. Norrington. Dr. I. E. Randall. George L. Lusk. E. E. Evans, Mayor, Ex-officio. Wm. E. Warren, President Board of Education, Ex

officio. John A. Stewart, Superintendent of Schools, Ex-officio. Rev. Edward A. Caldwell. Rev. Edward Jermin. Rev. John R. Gregory. Rev. E. Rupp. Rev. R. S. W. Phelps. Rev. C. E. Marvin. Rev. D. C. Callis. Rev. Jos. L. Poulin.

Miss Phebe Parker, Librarian.

Rules of the Common Council

Rule 1. The regular meeting of the council shall be held on each Monday evening at the hour of 7:00 o'clock, standard time. All special meetings and all notices issued by authority of the council shall be designated with respect to standard time, unless otherwise specified in such notice.

Rule 2. All petitions and such other matters as the council shall order, when introduced before said council, shall be referred to a committee. The committee shall not report thereon for one week from the time when such matter was so referred to them. Provided, That this rule may be suspended by the unanimous consent of all the aldermen present at a meeting of the council; and provided further, That when any matter shall be first introduced by the report or recommendation of any standing committee, no further reference to a committee shall be necessary; but such matter shall lay on the table for one week.

Rule 3. No bill or account against the city shall be allowed unles its correctness is certified to by a city officer or verified by affidavit; which affidavit shall be substantially in the following form, to wit: State of Michigan, County of Bay, ss.

A. B., being duly sworn deposes and says that the foregoing account is in all respects just and true and that no part thereof has been paid. Subscribed and sworn to before me this

day of

19Rule 4. Motions may be made and resolutions offered by any member of the council, and a vote may be taken thereon without a second, in all cases and under like cir. cumstances as though the same had been seconded.

Rule 5. Reports of committees of all city officers made to the council shall be in writing, signed by the person or persons making the same. And when a report of committee is made, the report shall be equivalent to a motion, and unless some other motion is interposed, the question shall be taken on the adoption of the report.

Rule 6. The mayor shall annually in the month of April, appoint the following standing committees from the members of said council, to wit:

Police, fire, water works, electric light, ways and means, judiciary, ordinance, taxes and health, claims and accounts, printing, parks and public buildings, streets and sewers No. 1, streets and sewers No. 2, streets and sewers No. 3, retrenchment, pounds and markets, liquor traffic, building and house moving, sidewalk and damage claims, city hall.

Each committee shall consist of a chairman and two members, except the police, fire, water works, electric light and ways and means; each of said last named committees shall consist of four members, together with the mayor, who shall be chairman thereof. All vacancies in any such committees shall be filled by appointment by the mayor within two weeks after the same shall occur.

Rule 7. A motion to suspend the rules shall not be construed as including in its operation other rules, unless such rules are specifically designated in the motion.

Rule 8. The order of business at every regular meeting of the council shall be as follows, to wit:

1. Calling of roll.
2. Reading minutes of preceding meeting.
3. Unfinished business of preceding meeting.
4. Presentation of petitions.
5. Presentation of accounts.
6. Report of corporate officers.
7. Report of police committee.
8. Report of fire committee.
9. Report of water works committee.
10. Report of electric light committee.
11. Report of committee on ways and means.
12. Report of committee on judiciary.
13. Report of committee on ordinance.

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