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Monday, January 5, 1846. This being the day designated by the constitution of the state of Michigan for the assembling of the Legislature, and the members of the House of Representatives having assembled at the capitol, they were called to order by Hon. M. H. Patterson of Lenawee county, on whose motion, Hon. Augustus C. Baldwin of Oakland county, was unanimously chosen Speaker pro tempore.

On motion of Mr. Groves, of Berrien county, David H. Williamswas unanimously chosen Clerk pro tempore.

On motion of Mr. Groves,
Isaac Aigby was unanimously chosen Sergeant-at-arms, pro fem.

The roll being called by counties, it was found that there was a quorum present.

Mr. Patterson, of Lenawee, stated that there were several claimants for seats in this House, from Macomb county, and on his motion,

Payne K. Leech, C. G. Cady, Linus S. Gilbert, and Dewitt C. Walker, were admitted to seats on this floor, with the privilege of speaking, but not of voting.

On motion of Mr. Davis, of Oakland county,

A committee of two was ordered to be appointed to wait on Chief Justice Ransom, and invite him to administer the oath of office to the members.

The Speaker pro tempore, appointed as such commttee, Messrs. Davis and Patterson, who, after a short absence, returned and reported that the Chief Justice could not be found.

On motion of Mr. Dunham,

The committee were ordered to invite Hon. Judge D. Goodwin to administer the oath of office.

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The committee immediately reported that Judge Goodwin was present.

The oath of office was then administered to the following members:

Allegan and Barry.-William Lewis.
Berrien.-John Groves.
Branch. -William B. Sprague.
Calhoun.- John Barbour, Isaac E. Crary.
Cass and Van Buren.-James L. Glen, Josiah Andrews,
Chippewa.-Placidus Ord.
Clinton and Shiawassee.-Samuel M. Scott.
Eaton and Ingham.—Whitney Jones.
Genessee.-George H. Hazelton.
Hillsdale.-J. B. Graham, John P. Cook.
Jackson.-Marcus Wakeman, F. A. Kennedy, Jr., Austin Blair.
Kalamazoo.—Orrin N. Giddings.
Kent, Ionia and Ottawa.-John L, Morse.
Lapeer.-James W. Sanborn.

Lenawee.-M. A. Patterson, James A. Rice, J. McDonald, J, H. Sweeney.

Livingston.-George W. Peck, Washington Wing.
Michilimackinac.—Charles M. O'Mally.
Monroe.-David A. Noble, Nelson Dunham.

Oakland-John Davis, H. Barrett, J. Thomas, A. C. Baldwin, C. Baldwin, James Webster.

Saginaw..-Charles S. Palmer.
St. Clair.--Hannibal Hollister.
St. Joseph. -Ezra Cole, Isaac D. Toll.

Washtenaw.-J. M. Edmonds, P. C. H. Brotherson, H. Chubb, O. Parsons, D. Pierce, and J. G. Leland.

Wayne.-Geo. E, Hand, Geo. Moran, Conrad Ten Eyck, Elijah Hawley, Jr., M. E. Ames, Thomas Lewis.

Mr. Hazelton offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That a special committee of five be appointed to investigate the claims of Messrs. C. G. Cady, Linus S. Gilbert, Payne K. Leach, and D. C. Walker, from Macomb, county, contesting seats in this House.

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Mr. Hand moved to amend by admitting the persons holding the certificates to their seats, and that they be sworn in, which annendment did not prevail.

The question recurring upon the original resolution, it was lost.
On motion of Mr. Groves,
The House took a recess for half an hour.

The time for the recess having expired, the House was called to order by the Speaker pro tempore.

On motion of Mr. Groves,

The House then proceeded to the election of Speaker, and on calling the roll, the members severally voted as follows:

For Isaac E. CRAR 7.
Mr. Ames,
Mr. Hand,

Mr. Patterson,

C. Baldwin,


T. Lewis,

Ten Eyck,
W. Lewis,






Speaker pro tem.

Mr. Blair,
Mr. Jones,

Mr. Parsons,




13 Hazelton, For GEORGE H. HAZELTON.

1 Mr. Edmunds,

Whereupon Mr. Crary was declared duly elected Speaker; and
On motion of Mr. Hawley,

Messrs. Hawley and Noble were appointed a committee to wait upon Mr. Crary and inform of his election, and conduct him to the chair.

Mr. Crary having taken the chair, addressed the House as follows: Gentlemen of the House of Represeutdtires:

I return you my grateful acknowledgments for the office you have conferred upon me. It will be my constant endeavor to discharge its

duties with impartiality and despath, A majority of our constituents desire a short session of the legislature, an economical administration of the government, and in the revision or alteration of their laws, such reforms as are in accordance with the progressive spirit of the age. Let us not disappoint their reasonable wishes, but devote ourselves zealously to their service, with an eye single to the best interests of the State. In discharging the duties of the chair, I shall need your cordial co-operation. This I feel assured, will be given me if my qualifications are such as you have a right to expect from your presiding officer.

I am now ready to take the oath required by the constitution.
On motion of Mr. A. C. Baldwin,

Messrs. A. C. Baldwin and Noble were appointed a committee to wait on one of the Judges of the Supreme Court and administer the oath of office to the Speaker,

The committee reported that they had performed that duty, and that Judge Wing was in attendance, who administered to the Speaker the usual oath of ofice.

On motion of Mr. Hand,

Messrs. Hand and Andrews were appointed a committee to wait upon the Senate and inform that body that the House was organized and ready to proceed to business,

Or motion of Mr. Dnnham,

Resolved, That the rules of the last House of Representatives as they existed at the close of the last session be adopted as the rules of this House until otherwise ordered.

Mr. Hazelton offered the following:

Resolved, That the Speaker be authorized to appoint three mes, engers and one fireman, at a salary not exceeding one dollar and fifty cents per day.

Mr. A. C. Baldwin moved to strike out "three" and insert "two,” which motion prevailed.

The resolution as amended was then adopted.
The Speaker announced the following message from the Senate :


Detroit, January 5, 1846. To the Speaker of the House of Representatives :

SiR-I am instructed by the Senate to transmit a joint resolution

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