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I. Prehistoric man-His language one of signs and sounds

-The story of Psammetichus and the Two Babies
Idiom of language a survival of primitive peoples


II. Modern types of early man-Sign-language of people liv.

ing on the globe to-day-The custom of the UVINZA
grandees—The "good-morning" of the Walunga
tribe-Signs of hospitality in the sign vocabulary of
the North American Indian-The "attingere ex.
tremis digitis” of the Romans-Clap-hands one of
the first lessons of the Nursery- The modern sur.
vival of hand-clapping—" Is it rude to shake hands,
Nurse?"-A hypercritical mother-Plato's rebuke-
Agesilaus and his children-N..rsery classics and
critical babies" Lalla, lalla, lalla ” of the Roman
child – The well-known baby dance of " Crow and
caper, caper and crow"



III. Writers on comparative religions show that entire re-

ligious observances come down to modern peoples
from heathen sources The Bohemian Peasant and
his Apple Tree-A myth of long descent found in the
rhyme of " A Woman, a Spaniel, and Walnut Tree";
our modern " Pippin, pippin, Ay away,” indicates
the same sentiment—The fairy tale of Ashputtel and
the Golden Slipper, the legend from which came our
story of Cinderella - Tylor on Children's Sports-
The mystery of Northern Europe at Christ's coming .
-The Baby's Rattle-Ancestral worship follows sun
and moon worship, and gives us the tales of fairies,
goblins, and elves-Boyd Dawkins' story of the
Isle of Man farmer-A Scandinavian Manxman-
Modernised lullaby of a Polish mother—" Shine,
Stars"_" Rain, rain, go away"-Wind making-
LULLABIES - Bulgarian, German, “Sleep, Baby,
Sleep”—The lullaby of the Black Guitar –“ Baby,
go to Sleep"-English version, “ Hush thee, my
Babby"-Danish lullaby of "Sweetly sleep, my
little Child"-" Bye, baby bunting" .


IV. Elf-land-Old-time superstitions-A custom of providing

a feast for the dead known in Yorkshire, North-west
Ireland, and in Armenia - The Erl King of Goethe
-Ballet of the Leaf-dressed Girl—The Spirit of
the Waters-An Irish legend of Fior Usga-Scotch
superstition-Jenny Greenteeth of Lancashire--The
Merrow of the West of Ireland-Soul Cages—The
German rhyme of "O Man of the Sea, come list
unto Me”- Mysticism among uncivilised races-
The Com Spirit—The Rye-wolf—" The Cow's in
the Corn" - "Ring a ring a rosies " — "Cuckoo
Cherry Tree" -Our earliest song, “Summer is a-
coming in "-"H Cockles " Yorkshire funerals
-"Over the Cuckoo Hill, I ob 1"-Indian Lore


Part XX.



I. GAMES—Whipping-tops, Marbles, etc.—“I am good at

Scourging of my Toppe,” date 15—(?)—Dice and
Pitch-and-Toss—" Dab a Prin in my Lottery Book"
"A' the Birds of the Air"-Hop Scotch-" Zickety,
dickety, dock"-"All good Children go to Heaven"
-“ Mary at the Cottage Door."

MARRIAGE GAMES—" If ever I Marry I'll Marry
a Maid," 1557 A.D.- London Street Games--A
Wedding -"Choose one, choose two, choose the
nearest one to you"_"Rosy Apple, Lemon, and
Pear”—The King of the Barbarines—"I've got Gold
and I've got Silver"-A Lancashire Round Game-
" Fol th'riddle, I do, I do, I do”—Round Game of
the Mulberry Bush—“ Pray, Mr. Fox, what time is
it?"-"Mother, buy me a Milking Can"-"Here
comes a Poor Sailor from Botany Bay "_"Can I get
there by Candle-light?"


II. NURSERY GAMES—A Game for a Wet Day —"Cows

and Horses walk on four legs"-A Game nearly 300
years old-—"There were two birds sitting on a stone"
-ABC Game-" Hi diddle diddle"-"I Apprentice
my Son"-An Armenian Child's Game, "Jack's
Alive"-Russian Superstition


III. JEWISH RHYMES—"A kid, a kid my father bought for

two pieces of money-a kid ! a kid !"-"The house
that Jack built "—The Scotch version, " There was
an old woman swept her house and found a silv
penny"-Tbc Chad Gadya—“Who knoweth One" 89

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IV. An ancient English Rhyme-"A Frog who would a-

wooing go," the version of same sung in Henry VIII.'s
reign - Songs of London Boys in Tudor times -
" Quoth John to Joan"_"Good parents in good
manners do instruct their child"_" Tom a Lin"-
"Bryan O'Lynn"-Four songs sung by children in
Elizabeth's reign-"We'll have a Wedding at our



V. CAT RHYMES—" Pussy-cat, pussy-cat "_"Ten little

mice sat down to spin "_" The rose is red, the grass
is green "_"I Love little Pussy"_" Three Cats sat
by the Fireside"_" There was a Crooked Man"
" Ding dong bell"-Cat tale of Dick Whittington



VI. A Cradle Song of the first century, “ Sleep, O son,


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VIIL RIDDLE MAKING-German riddle of "Seven White

and Seven Black Horses"-Greek riddle of the Two
Sisters ; another of “The year, months, and days"
"Old Mother Needle "_"Purple, yellow, red,
and green"-"As round as an Apple"-"Humpty
Dumpty"-The Phoenix fable_"Lady-bird I lady.
bird I fly away home"

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IX. NURSERY CHARMS“When a twister twisting twists

him a twist " - An Essex Charm for a Charo
“Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John" Charms,

MONEY RHYMES—"How a lass gave her lover
three slips for a tester"-"Little Mary Esther"-

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