Hearings Before the Committee on Expenditures in the Post Office Department, House of Representatives, on House Resolution, No. 109, to Investigate the Post Office Department ...


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Página 909 - It would certainly be dangerous if the legislature could set a net large enough to catch all possible offenders, and leave it to the courts to step inside and say who could be rightfully detained and who should be set at large.
Página 762 - The head of each department is authorized to prescribe regulations not inconsistent with law, for the government of his department, the conduct of its officers and clerks, the distribution and performance of its business, and the custody, use, and preservation of the records, papers, and property appertaining to it.
Página 836 - Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to admit to the second-class rate regular publications designed primarily for advertising purposes, or for free circulation, or for circulation at nominal rates.
Página 930 - It must be originated and published for the dissemination of information of a public character, or devoted to literature, the sciences, arts, or some special industry, and having a legitimate list of subscribers...
Página 908 - The object of the indictment is, first, to furnish the accused with such a description of the charge against him as will enable him to make his defense and avail himself of his conviction or acquittal for protection against a further prosecution for the same...
Página 907 - SEC. 11. Publications of the second class except as provided in section twenty-five, when sent by the publisher thereof, and from the office of publication, including sample copies, or when sent from a news agency to actual subscribers thereto, or to other news agents, shall be entitled to transmission through the mails at two cents a pound or fraction thereof, such postage to be prepaid, as now provided by law.
Página 933 - A ministerial duty, the performance of which may, in proper cases, be required of the head of a department, by judicial process, is one in respect to which nothing is left to discretion. It is a simple, definite duty, arising under conditions admitted or proved to exist, and imposed by law.
Página 894 - On newspapers and periodical publications of the second class, when sent by others than the publisher or news agent, the postage shall be prepaid at the rate of 1 cent for each 4 ounces or fractional part thereof.
Página 908 - States, the accused has the constitutional right 'to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation.' Amend. VI. in United States v. Mills, 7 Pet. 142, this was construed to mean, that the indictment must set forth the offense 'with clearness and all necessary certainty, to apprise the accused of the crime with which he stands charged'; and in United States v.
Página 1100 - In testimony whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name and affix the seal of said supreme court, at the city of Washington, this llth day of March, AD 1898.

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