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Tucker, George H., '71, West Springfield, Penn., Civil Engineer.
Urner, George P., '76, Woodbridge, N.J., Farmer.
Wakefield, Albert T., '73, Peoria, Ill, Physician.
Ware, Willard C., '71, Boston, Clothier.
Warner, Seth S., '73, Northampton, Dealer in Fertilizers.
Webb, James H., '73, New Haven, Conn., Attorney-at-Law.
Wellington, Charles, '73, Wash., D.C., Chemist, U. S. Ag. Dept.
Wells, Henry, '72, Rochester, N.Y., Clerk.
Wetmore, Howard G., '76, New York City, Student of Medicine.
Wheeler, William, '71, Sapporo, Japan, Prof. of Math., Agr. Coll.
Whitney, Frank Le P., '71, Boston, Florist.
Whitney, William C., '72, Boston, Architect.
Williams, John E., '76, Amherst, Editor.
Winchester, John F., '75, New-York City, Student of Veterinary,

A. V. College.
Wood, Frank W., '73, Providence, R.I., Civil Engineer.
Woodman, Edward E., '74, Jersey City, N.J., Florist.
Wyman, Joseph, '77, Arlington, Farmer.
Zeller, Harrie McK., '74, Hagerstown, Md., Farmer.




First Term. — Chemistry, 5 hours each week; Human Anatomy, Passiology, and Hygiene, 3 hours; Algebra, 5 hours ; English, ?bours; Agriculture, 2 hours; Declamation, 1 hour; Military Drill. 4 hours; Manual Labor, 6 hours.

Strond Term. – Inorganic Chemistry, 2 hours ; Botany, 3 burs; Geometry, 5 hours; Agriculture, 3 hours ; English, 2 bars: Elocution, 1 hour ; Freehand Drawing, 3 hours ; Military

Drill. 3 bours.

Third Term. - Systematic Botany, 4 hours; Geometry, 4

bours; French, 5 hours; Elocution, 2 hours; Agriculture, 2 L327s; Military Drill, 4 hours ; Manual Labor, 6 hours.

SOPHOMORE YEAR. First Term. — Systematic Botany, 3 hours each week; Geome15, 4 hours ; French, 5 hours ; English, 1 hour; Agriculture, 2 botrs; Declamation, 1 hour; Military Drill, 4 hours ; Manual

Labor, 6 hours.

Second Term. - Geology, 3 hours ; Trigonometry, 5 hours ; French, 4 hours ; English, 1 hour ; Agriculture, 3 hours ; Declastion, 1 hour; Drawing, 3 hours ; Military Drill, 3 hours.

Third Term. — Zoölogy, 5 hours ; Surveying, 5 hours ; Agrieriture

, 2 hours ; English, 3 hours ; Declamation, 1 hour ; Level, 3 hours ; Military Drill, 4 hours ; Manual Labor, 6 hours.

JUNIOR YEAR. Piret Term. — German, 5 hours each week; Mechanics, 5 hours ; Esismology, 2 hours ; Market-Gardening, 2 hours ; Horticulture, I borrs; Military Drill, 3 hours ; Manual Labor, 6 hours. Second Term. - German, 4 liours ; Physics, 5 hours ; Practical Cemistry, 9 hours; Drawing, 3 hours ; Agricultural Debate, 1 boar; Declamation, 1 hour; Military Drill, 3 hours. Third Term. - German, 4 hours; Astronomy, 4 hours ; Practi

; eal Chemistry, 9 hours ; Declamation, 1 hour; Stock and Dairy Farming, 2 hours ; Military Drill, 4 hours; Manual Labor, 6



First Term. - English Literature, 4 hours each week; Practical Chemistry, 7 hours ; Book-keeping, 2 hours ; Roads and Railroads, 3 hours ; Military Science, 2 hours; Original Declamation, 1 hour ; Military Drill, 3 hours.

Second Term. - English Literature, 4 hours; Theses, 1 hour; ; Mental Science, 4 hours ; Agriculture, 2 hours ; Veterinary Science, 3 hours ; Military Science, 2 hours ; Microscopy, 4 hours ; Military Drill, 3 hours.

Third Term. - Veterinary Science, 2 hours ; Military Science, 2 hours ; Botany, 3 hours ; Landscape-Gardening, 2 hours ; Rural Law, 1 hour; Lectures on English Language, 2 hours ; Theses, 1 hour; Agricultural Review, 4 hours ; Military Drill, 4 hours.

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LIST OF BOOKS. Instruction is largely given by lectures and practical exercises ; but the following text-books are recommended for recitation or reference:

Gray's Lessons, Manual and Botanical Text-Book.
Sachs' Text-Book of Botany, Morphological and Physiological.
Masters' Henfrey's Elementary Course of Botany.
Berkeley's Introduction to Cryptogamic Botany.
Cooke's Microscopic Fungi.
Carpenter's The Microscope and its Revelations.
Flint's Grasses and Forage-Plants.
Downing's Fruits and Fruit-Trees of America.
Thomas's American Fruit-Culturist.
Hoope's Book of Evergreens.
Strong's Grape-Culture.
Henderson's Practical Floriculture.
Fuller's Forest-Tree Culturist.
Williams's Choice Stove and Greenhouse Plants.
Helmsley's Hand-Book of Hardy Trees, Shrubs, and Herbaceous

Loudon's Cyclopædia of Plants.
Loudon's Cyclopædia of Gardening.
Lindley and Moore's Treasury of Botany.
Kemp's Landscape-Gardening.
Downing's Landscape-Gardening.


Johnson's How Crops Grow.
Johnson's How Crops Feed.
Peadleton's Scientific Agriculture.
Hvde's Lowell Lectures on Agriculture.
Liebig's Natural Laws of Husbandry.
French's Farin Drainage.
Fint's Milch Cows and Dairy Farming.
Sturterant's The Dairy Cow, — Ayrshire.
Taring's Handy-Book of Husbandry.
Henderson's Gardening for Profit.
Donaldson's British Agriculture.
Mcrton's Cyclopædia of Agriculture.
Lor's Domesticated Animals.
Flint's Reports on the Agriculture of Massachusetts.
Agricultural Gazette and Gardener's Chronicle, London.

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Watt's Fownes's Manual of Elementary Chemistry.
Sibson's Agricultural Chemistry.
Caldwell's Agricultural Chemical Analysis.
Nason's Woehler's Chemical Analysis.
Will's Analytical Chemistry.
Johnson's Fresenius' Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis.
Liebig's Ernährung der Pflanzen.
Wolf's Landwirthschaftliche Analyse.
Hofman's Ackerbau Chemie.
Tatt's Chemical Dictionary.
Dans's Mineralogy
Hitchcock's Geology
Dana's Text-Book and Manual of Geology.

Fleming's Chauveau's Comparative Anatomy of Domesticated

Dalton's Human Physiology.
Cleland's Animal Physiology.
Wiliams's Principles of Veterinary Surgery.
Willians's Principles of Veterinary Medicine.
Gamgee's On Horse-shoeing and Lameness.
Gangee's On Domestic Animals in Health and Disease.
Armitage's Clater's Cattle Doctor.
Youstt's Treatises on the Domestic Animals,

Blaine's Veterinary Art.
Morton's Manual of Pharmacy.
Wood and Bache's United States Dispensatory.
Harbison's Elementary Zoology.
Lankester's Advanced Zoology.
Packard's Guide to the Study of Insects.
Harris's Insects Injurious to Vegetation.
Westwood's Principles of Classification of Insects.
Baird's Mammals of North America.
Murray's Geographical Distribution of Mammals.
Samuels's Birds of New England.
Cobbold's Entozoa.
Denney's Parasitic Insects.
Moquin-Tandon's Manual of Medical Zoology.

Murray's Algebra.
Loomis's Geometry and Trigonometry.
Gillespie's Surveying.
Gilmore's Roads and Railroads.
Hill's Stewart's Natural Philosophy.
Everett's Deschanel's Natural Philosophy.
Atkinson's Ganot's Physics.
Peabody's Astronomy.
Loomis's Meteorology.

Hart's Composition.
Fowler's English Grammar.
Shaw's Complete Manual of English Literature.
Chambers's Cyclopædia of English Literature.
Morley's English Writers.
Taine's History of English Literature.
Languiller and Monsanto's French Grammar.
Spiers and Surenne's French Dictionary.
Glaubensklee's German Grammar.
Adler's German Dictionary.

The French and German books for translation are changed every year, selections being made from recent literary and scientific publications.

Haven's Mental Science.
Hickok's Empirical Psychology.

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