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In such cases the officer excusing will furnish a certificate of excuse, which shall state the precise time for which absence is permitted, and which shall be a satisfactory reason for absence from all exercises occurring within the time specified.

IV. - Excuses for all absences, whether with permission obtained beforehand or not, must be submitted to the excusing committee. They must be rendered promptly within one week from the date of absence; and those deemed unsatisfactory will be returned to the student with the indorsement of the committee.

V. - Whenever the aggregate number of unescused absences in all departments reaches five, the student so delinquent shall be informed of the fact. When the number of such absences reaches eight, the parent or guardian of the student shall be informed of his delinquency; and, when ten such delinquencies are justly recorded against any student, his connection with the College may be terminated.

VI. — Students are forbidden to absent themselves without excuse from the regular examinations, to give up any study without permission from the president, or to remove from one room to another without authority from the officer in charge of the dormitory buildings; and no student shall be permitted to make such change until he has procured from the inspecting officer a written statement that the room about to be vacated is in perfect order.

VII. — Students shall be required to attend the church of their selection regularly on Sunday morning, and report in writing to the excusing officer, during the ensuing week, whether they attended or not.

VIII. — The record of deportment, scholarship, and attendance, will be carefully kept; and, whenever the average rank of a student falls below fifty, he will not be allowed to remain a member of the College, except by a special vote of the faculty. Admission to the College, and promotion from class to class, as well as to graduation, are granted only by vote of the Faculty.

IX. - Students are required to abstain from any thing injurious to the buildings and other property of the College, and in all respects to conduct themselves with propriety.


For the information of those desiring to carpet their rooms, the following measurements are given. In the south dormitory the main corner-rooms are fifteen by eighteen feet, and the adjoining bedrooms eight by twelve feet. The inside rooms are fourteen



by fifteen feet, and the bedrooms eight by eight fect. In the north dormitory the corner-rooms are fourteen by fifteen feet, and the annexed bedrooms eight by ten feet; while the inside rooms are thirteen feet and a half by fourteen feet and a half, and the bedrooms eight by eight feet.

SCHOLARSHIPS. The Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture pays satually into the treasury of the College the sum of three hundred dollars, which is assigned by the Faculty to the payment of the tuition of four worthy indigent students who intend to engage in agricultural pursuits after graduation.

The income of the Robinson Fund of one thousand dollars, the bequest of Miss Mary Robinson of Medfield, is assigned by the Faculty to sach indigent student as they may deem most worthy.

The Trustees voted, in January, 1878, to establish one free seholarship for each of the eleven congressional districts of the State. Applications for such scholarships should be made to the representative from the district to which the applicant belongs. The selection for these scholarships will be determined as each member of Congress may prefer; but, where several applications are sent in from the same district, a competitive examination would seem to be desirable. Applicants should be good scholars, of vigorous constitution; and should enter College with the intention of remaining through the course, and then engaging in soine pursuit connected with agriculture. To every such student the cash value of a scholarship is three hundred dollars.



College Farm and Quarry
North College
South College
College Hall.
South Boarding-House
North Boarding-House
Durfee Plant-House
Botanic Museum
South Barn
Four Dwellings and Barns purchased with the Estate,

$37,500 00 36,000 00 36,000 00 30,000 00 8,000 00 8,000 00 12,000 00

5,000 00 14,500 00 4,000 00 9,000 00


Total Real Estate

$200,000 00

Value of Live-Stock
Vehicles and Implements
Produce on Hand .

$5,872 00 1,243 55 1,921 00







$10,000 00

Agricultural College Fund. Cash balance on hand Jan. 5, 1878

Present investments : City of Cambridge Note

$75,000 00 Lynn Bonds.

25,000 00 Chelsea Note

25,000 00 Fall-River Note

50,000 00 Town of Milford Bonds

14,200 00 Plymouth Note

6,724 65 Brighton Note

10,000 00

Amounts carried forward

$205,924 65 $10,000 00

[blocks in formation]

Two-thirds of the income of this fund is by law paid to the Treasurer of the College, and one-third to the Treasurer of the Institute of Technology.

The Hills Fund of ten thousand dollars, for the maintenance of the Botanic Garden, is in charge of the College Treasurer.

To this sum should be added the receipts for tuition and roomrent, amounting to one hundred dollars per annum for each scholar, and the receipts from the sale of the products of the farm and garden.



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Jan. 1.

To balance
Income of Hills Fund

State Endowment Fund
State appropriation . $2,500.00
State appropriation for

students' labor 1,165.90

$702 12
1,045 83
14,985 47

Prize Funds
Receipts from students

from Farm Superintendent

from Botanical account
Bills payable, Note at Greenfield Sarings

Note at Amherst Bank

3,665 90

180 00
5,075 48
2,073 76
2,066 02

Dec. 31.

20,000.00 1,000 00

$50,794 58

$50,794 58

Respectfully submitted,


I have examined the Treasurer's accounts, and find them correctly stated, and accompanied by the proper vouchers,

HENRY COLT, Auditor.

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