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Commonwcalth of Massachusetts.

IN SENATE, March 18, 1878.

The Committee on Agriculture, to whom was referred an Order to increase the tax on dogs, an Order for a more thorough enforcement of the dog law, a Bill relative to the restraining of dogs, and various petitions in support of and in opposition to the same, report the accompanying Bill.

For the Committee,


Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-Eight.


To further provide for the licensing and restraining of

Dogs, and for the Recovery of Damages for Injuries inflicted by them.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows :

i Sect. 1. All the provisions of sections ten and 2 twelve of chapter one hundred and thirty of the 3 acts of the year eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, 4 relating to damages from dogs to domestic animals, 5 shall be applicable to cases of injury to person or 6 any property by any dog not on the premises of its 7 owner; provided, however, that in no case shall the 8 sum paid for damages exceed one thousand dollars.

1 Sect. 2. Chapter one hundred and thirty of the 2 acts of the year eighteen hundred and sixty-seven is 3 hereby amended by striking out section one of said 4 chapter, and inserting in place thereof the follow5 ing: “Every owner or keeper of a dog shall an

6 nually, on or before the thirtieth day of April, cause 7 it to be registered, numbered, described, and licensed, 8 for one year from the first day of the ensuing May, in 9 the office of the clerk of the city or town wherein said 10 dog is kept, and shall cause it to wear around its ll neck a collar distinctly marked with its owner's 12 name and its registered number, and shall pay for 13 such license for one male dog two dollars, and every 1+ additional male dog five dollars, and for every female 15 dog ten dollars ; but the provisions of this section 16 shall not apply to any person keeping dogs for the 17 purpose of medical treatment merely, provided such 18 dogs are properly licensed by their owners.

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1 Sect. 3. The mayor and aldermen of any city, 2 or the inhabitants of any town, may cause a pound 3 to be established, where all dogs running at large, 4 unmuzzled, and not attended by their owners or 5 keepers, shall be placed; and it shall be the duty of 6 the police-officers and constables of said cities and 7 towns to capture said dogs, and place the same in 8 pound; and the owner of any dog so captured may 9 redeem the same by the payment of two dollars into 10 the treasury of said city or town within three days 11 of the time of its capture. If any such captured 12 dogs are not redeemed within the time above speci13 fied, the keeper of the pound shall cause them to be 14 killed; and any officer refusing or wilfully neglect15 ing to perform the duties herein imposed upon him 16 shall be subject to the penalties imposed by section 17 eleven of chapter one hundred and thirty of the 18 acts of the year eighteen hundred and sixty-seven.

19 Pound-keepers, police officers, and constables shall 20 receive such compensation for services performed 21 under this act as the mayor and aldermen of the 22 city, or inhabitants of the town, shall by vote deter23 mine.

1 SECT. 4. The inhabitants of any town may by 2 vote, at a meeting called for the purpose, direct the 3 selectmen to pass any order authorized by section 4 one of chapter one hundred and sixty-seven of the 5 acts of the year eighteen hundred and seventy6 seven; and any selectman who shall refuse or wil7 fully neglect to pass such order after such vote 8 shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one hun9 dred dollars.

1 SECT. 5. All acts, 'or parts of acts, inconsistent 2 with this act, are hereby repealed.

This act shall take effect upon its pas

1 Sect. 6. 2 sage.

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