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(Mr. Palmer proposes the following as a substitute for Senate, No. 21.]

Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-Eight.

Concerning Street-Railway Corporations.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows :

1 Sect. 1. Section thirty-six of chapter three hun2 dred and eighty-one of the acts of the year eighteen 3 hundred and seventy-one shall not be construed to 4 require any corporation to issue to, or any other 5 corporation to receive from, any passenger a transfer 6 check for a passage upon a car run over the same 7 route with that on which such check was issued, or 8 over a route parallel thereto, and between or includ9 ing two common points.

1 Sect. 2. This act shall take effect upon its pas2 sage.


Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

IN SENATE, April 15, 1878.

The Committee on the Hoosac Tunnel and Troy and Greenfield Railroad, to whom was referred the Bill to confirm the location of the Troy and Greenfield Railroad, and for other purposes, report that the same ought to pass in a new draft; and therefore report the accompanying Bill.

For the Committee,


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