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Of the Staff of the Commander-in-Chief, and their Duties.


1 SECT. 11. The staff of the commander-in-chief 2 shall consist of an adjutant-general, with the rank of 3 major-general, who shall be ex officio chief of staff, 4 an inspector-general, a quartermaster-general, a com5 missary-general, a surgeon-general, and a judge6 advocate-general, each with the rank of brigadier7 general, who shall take precedence in the order 8 named, and four aides-de-camp, each with the rank 9 of colonel, and such additional officers of the staff 10 as the public service may require, with such rank 11 as the commander-in-chief may designate. They 12 shall be commissioned, and hold office until their 13 successors are appointed and qualified, but may be 14 removed at any time by the commander-in-chief. In 15 times of peace, unless otherwise directed by the 16 commander-in-chief, the adjutant-general shall be 17 quartermaster-general, commissary-general, and chief 18 of ordnance.

1 SECT. 12. The adjutant-general shall distribute 2 all orders from the commander-in-chief; attend all 3 public reviews when the commander-in-chief shall 4 review the militia, or any part thereof; obey all 5 orders from him relative to carrying into execution 6 and perfecting the system of military discipline es7 tablished by the laws of the state and of the United 8 States ; furnish blank forms for the different returns 9 and rolls as may be required; receive from the sev

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10 eral officers of the different corps throughout the 11 state returns of the militia under their command, 12 reporting the actual condition of their uniforms, 13 arms, accoutrements, and ammunition, their delin14 quencies, and every other thing which relates to the 15 advancement of good order and discipline, all of 16 which the several officers of the volunteer militia are 17 hereby required to make, so that the adjutant-gen18 eral may be furnished therewith ; and from all said 19 returns he shall make proper abstracts, and lay the 20 same annually before the commander-in-chief; and 21 he shall annually, on or before the first Monday in 22 January, make a return in duplicate of the militia of 23 the state, with the condition of their uniforms, arms, 24 accoutrements, and ammunition, according to such 25 directions as he may receive from the secretary of 26 war of the United States, one copy of which he shall 27 deliver to the commander-in-chief, and the other of 28 which he shall transmit to the president of the 29 United States. He shall, once in each year, inspect 30 each armory, drill-hall, and headquarters provided 31 for the volunteer militia.

1 SECT. 13. The quartermaster-general shall give 2 bond to the state in the penal sum of twenty thou3 sand dollars, with two sureties at least, to be ap4 proved by the governor and council, conditioned faith5 fully to discharge the duties of his office; to use all 6 necessary diligence and care in the safe keeping of 7 military stores and property of the Commonwealth 8 committed to his custody ; to account for the same, 9 and deliver over to his successor, or to any other per

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10 son authorized to receive the same, such stores and 11 property. 12 The commander-in-chief may require the duties 13 imposed upon the quartermaster-general by this act 14 to be performed by any member of his staff, who 15 shall in that case give bond to the state in like man16 ner as is required of the quartermaster-general. 17 The quartermaster-general, under the orders of the 18 commander-in-chief, shall have the care and control 19 of the state camp-ground, of all state arsenals and 20 magazines, and all military property of the state, ex21 cepting such as is by law expressly intrusted to the 22 keeping of other officers. He shall purchase and issue 23 all arms, ammunition, clothing, camp-equipage, and 24 military supplies and stores of every description, ex25 cept medical instruments and supplies ; he shall pro26 cure and provide means of transport for the militia, 27 and for all its implements, munitions of war, and 28 military supplies, such transportation to be in kind 29 whenever practicable. He is authorized to receive 30 into the store-house at the state camp-ground, from 31 the several militia organizations, such articles of 32 personal property used for military camping pur33 poses as can be accommodated therein ; these arti34 cles shall be received and delivered at the expense 35 of the owners thereof, and be held at such owners' 36 risk. 37 He may allow proper accounts annually for the 38 repairs of uniforms and equipments; and, for the 39 benefits to be derived from the accommodations 10 which may be provided at the state camp-ground 41 for target-practice, he is hereby authorized to allow, 42 twice each year, to the officers and enlisted men of 43 the volunteer militia, a sum not to exceed two cents 44 per mile for travel to and from the state camp-ground. 45 For target-practice upon such occasions he may issue 46 a reasonable amount of ammunition.


1 Sect. 14. The inspector-general, his assistants, or 2 such other officers as the commander-in-chief shall 3 indicate, shall make a general inspection of the mili4 tia at encampments, and detailed inspections in May 5 or June, as provided in section one hundred and 6 four: they shall also inspect, once in each year, and 7 oftener if the commander-in-chief shall deem neces8 sary, all armories and all state property in the hands 9 of the militia. 10 The inspector-general, or his assistants under his 11 orders, may inspect any organization at any time 12 when the troops thereof are under arms, or in attend13 ance at their armories; but such inspections shall 14 not constitute tours of duty for which pay will be 15 allowed. 16 Inspections with reference to disbandment, or 17 on account of alleged inefficiency or irregularity, 18 will be made on specific orders of the commander19 in-chief. Such orders will clearly set forth their 20 objects, and will be exhibited to the officers whose 21 commands or affairs are to be examined or reported 22 upon; and every opportunity will be given them 23 to make explanation, at the time, of all apparent 24 neglect, or violation of regulations. Such inspec25 tions, ordered by the commander-in-chief, will con26 stitute tours of duty for which pay will be allowed.

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27 The inspector-general and his assistants shall 28 act under the orders of the commander-in-chief. 29 Assistant inspectors-general of brigades shall act 30 under the orders of their generals, and shall 31 not be interfered with by other officers, of what32 ever rank or position, belonging to the commands 33 of the officers on whose staffs they are: their 34 sphere of inquiry shall include every branch of mili35 tary affairs, but may in special cases be defined and 36 limited by orders.

1 Sect. 15. The surgeon-general, subject to the 2 orders of the commander-in-chief, shall have gen3 eral supervision and control of all matters pertain4 ing to the medical department of the militia, and 5 shall prescribe the physical and mental disabilities 6 exempting from military duty; he shall purchase 7 and issue all medical and hospital supplies, and 8 perform such other duties appertaining' to his 9 office as the commander-in-chief shall from time 10 to time direct.

1 Sect. 16. The judge-advocate-general shall be, 2 ex officio, chairman of the examining board estab3 lished by section fifty-two; shall review all proceed4 ings of courts-martial which require the action of the 5 commander-in-chief, reporting thereon in writing ; 6 shall bring such suits as may be required under pro7 visions of this chapter; and shall be the legal adviser 8 of the military department of the Commonwealth in 9 such matters, pertaining to the government of the

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