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13 execution or any other proper process to enforce 11 such judgment, decrce, or order, but the award 15 shall not be set aside unless for fraud or manifest 16 error, in which case the court may recommit the 17 award, or appoint other commissioners with the 18 same powers and duties as the first, of whose pro19 ceedings the court shall have the same jurisdiction 20 as hereinbefore provided. In making said award, 21 said commissioners shall assign the real estate owned 22 by said town of Wilbraham at the time of the pas23 sage of this act to the town within which said estate 2 t shall be situated, so far as such assignment shall be 25 practicable.

1 SECT. 7. The town of Hampden, until otherwise 2 provided by law, shall continue to be a part of the 3 eleventh congressional district of the eighth coun4 cillor district, of the first Hampden senatorial dis5 trict, of the second Hampden representative district, 6 and within the jurisdiction of the police court of ū Springfield; and the voters of the town of Hampden 8 shall vote for representatives to congress, senators 9 and representatives to the general court, and mem10 bers of the council, in said town of Hampden, at 11 meetings legally called for that purpose; and the 12 clerk of the town of Hampden shall make returns, 13 and meet with the clerks of the towns of Palmer, 14 Ludlow, and Wilbraham, for the purpose of ascer15 taining the result of the election of representatives 16 for said second llampden representative district, and 17 making certificates of the same at noon on the day 18 following said election, at such place as has been or

19 may hereafter be legally designated for the meeting 20 of said clerks.

1 Sect. 8. Any justice of the peace within and for 2 the county of Hampden may issue his warrant, 3 directed to any inhabitant of the town of Hampden, 4 requiring him to notify and warn the inhabitants 5 thereof, qualified to vote in town-affairs, to meet at 6 the time and place therein appointed, for the purī pose of choosing all such town-officers as towns are 8 by law authorized and required to choose at their 9 annual meetings; and said warrant shall be served 10 by posting up copies thereof, attested by the person 11 to whom the same is directed, in three public places 12 in said town of Hampden, seven days at least before 13 such time of meeting. Such justice, or, in his 14 absence, such inhabitant required to notify the meet15 ing, shall preside until the choice of moderator of 16 said meeting. The selectmen of the town of Wil17 braham shall, before said meeting, prepare a list of 18 voters in said town of Hampden qualified to vote at 19 said meetings, and shall deliver the same to the per20 son presiding at such meeting before the choice of a 21 moderator thereof.

This act shall take effect upon its pas

1 Sect. 9. 2 sage.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

IN SENATE, March 15, 1878. The Committee on Parishes and Religious Societies, to whom was referred the petition of the Fourth Congregational Precinct in Rochester for a change of its corporate name, and for other purposes, report the accompanying Bill.

For the Committee,


Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-Eight.


To change the Name of the Fourth Congregational

Precinct in Rochester, and for other Purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

1 Sect. 1. The name of the Fourth Congregational 2 Precinct in Rochester is hereby changed to the First 3 Congregational Society in Marion.

1 Sect. 2. All acts which have been done and 2 performed by the Fourth Congregational Precinct 3 in Rochester, since the year eighteen hundred and 4 fifty, under the name of the Congregational Precinct 5 in Marion, the First Congregational Precinct in 6 Marion, the First Congregational Society in Marion, 7 are hereby legalized and confirmed, and made of 8 the same force and effect as if performed under its 9 corporate name.

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