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17 any such body of men: provided that associations 18 wholly composed of soldiers honorably discharged 19 from the service of the United States may parade in 20 public with arms, upon the reception of any regi21 ments or companies of soldiers returning from said 22 service, and for the purpose of escort duty at the 23 burial of deceased soldiers, having first obtained 24 the written permission so to do of the mayor and 25 aldermen or selectmen of the cities or towns in 26 which they desire to parade ; and provided, further, 27 that students in educational institutions where military 28 science is a prescribed part of the course of instruc29 tion may, with the consent of the governor, drill and 30 parade with arms in public, under the superintend31 ence of their teachers.

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1 SECT. 124. Whoever offends against the provis2 ions of the preceding section, or belongs to, or parades 3 with, any such unauthorized body of men with arms, 4 shall be punished by a fine not exceeding the sum of 5 ten dollars, or by imprisonment in the house of cor6 rection or common jail for a term not exceeding six 7 months, or both.

ARTICLE XIV. Of Excuses for Non-Performance of Duty. 1 Sect. 125. No officer or soldier of the volunteer 2 militia not on leave of absence or furlough shall be 3 excused from duty in time of insurrection, invasion, 4 or disturbance of the peace, as provided in sections 5 ninety-six and ninety-seven, except upon physician's 6 certificate of disability, such certificate to be pre


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7 sented to the commander-in-chief in case of an 8 officer, or to his regimental battalion or corps com9 mander in case of a soldier, within twenty days 10 after such absence. If such officer or soldier fail to 11 furnish such excuse within such time, he shall be 12 tried by court-martial for desertion or absence with13 out leave, as the case may be ; and no such excuse 14 shall avail such officer or soldier after the expiration 15 of such time, unless the delinquent satisfies the tri16 bunal before which he is tried that it was not in his 17 power to make such excuse within the time. 18 For absence from camp duty, inspection in May 19 or June, and from drills, excuses may be presented to 20 commanding officers of regiments, battalions, or corps 21 of cadets, and by them allowed upon good and suffi22 cient grounds, or according to the rules adopted 23 therefor in their respective organizations under ap24 proval, as prescribed in section one hundred and 25 forty-five; but no excuse shall be allowed unless 26 made within twenty days as above prescribed ; and 27 delinquents who do not submit to fines shall be tried 28 as herein prescribed. 29 Certificates of disability and excuses of soldiers of 30 unattached companies shall in like manner be pre31 sented to their brigade commanders, and may be by 32 them allowed.





Of Pay and Allowances. 1 Sect. 126. There shall be allowed and paid to ? officers and soldiers of the volunteer militia, on


3 rolls and accounts, in such form as the commander4 in-chief may prescribe, as follows; to wit:5 For the duty prescribed in section one hundred and 6 four, to each officer and soldier, except inspecting 7 officers as hereinafter provided, the sum of one 8 dollar; and there shall be allowed for each horse 9 actually employed by the inspecting officers at in10 spections of artillery and cavalry, by the officers and 11 soldiers of artillery and cavalry authorized by law to 12 be mounted, and for each draft horse employed in 13 the artillery, the sum of four dollars, which shall be 14 in full for all keeping and forage; but no bands 15 shall be paid for such duty: 16 For each day's duty in camp, as prescribed in sec17 tion one hundred and five, to each general, field, and 18 staff officer, the sum of four dollars; to every other 19 commissioned officer, the sum of two doslars and 20 fifty cents; to every non-commissioned staff officer, 21 the sum of two dollars; to every member of a 22 band, the sum of four dollars; and to every 23 other enlisted man, the sum of two dollars. And 24 there shall be allowed for cach horse actually em2,5 ploved by officers and soldiers authorized by law to 26 be mounted, and for cach draft horse employed in 27 the artillery, the sum of four dollars per day, which 25 shall be in full for all keeping and forage. 29 For each dar's duty under sections ninety-six and 30. uinety-seven, or under orders of the commander-in31 chief, unless otherwise specially provided, or as a 3? witness or defendant uuder summons, as provided in 33 section one hundred and thirty-nine, or as inspecting 34 officer at the inspection provided in section one hun

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35 dred and four, the same as hereinbefore provided 36 for camp duty. 37 To each assistant adjutant-general of brigade, and 38 to each adjutant, there shall be allowed and paid 39 the sum of twenty dollars per annum; and to each 40 regimental, battalion, or corps paymaster, the sum of 41 twelve and one-half dollars per annum for each 42 company in the command to which he is attached. 43 There shall be allowed and paid to each officer 44 detailed by competent authority to perform the duties 45 of another the pay and allowances of the grade or 46 office so filled; provided that no officer shall be 47 paid for duty under two offices at the same time, nor 48 two officers for the same duty.

1 Sect. 127. There shall be allowed and paid to 2 each officer and soldier obliged to travel on duty, 3 as follows; to wit:4 When upon duty required or performed under sec5 tions thirteen, ninety-six, ninety-seven, one hundred 6 and four, one hundred and five, one hundred and 7 nine, and one hundred and thirteen, the sum of two 8 cents per mile each way, the distance to be computed 9 by the line of most direct railroad communication 10 from the place in which the headquarters of the 11 various commands and the armories of the companies 12 are situated. 13 When upon duty as a member or judge-advocate 14 of any military court or board, or as a witness or 15 defendant before such court or board; when appear16 ing before the board of examiners provided in sec17 tion fifty-two ; when attending meetings of officers as

18 provided in section one hundred and twelve; as the 19 presiding officer at an election, or as an elector at 20 the election of a general or field officer; or as a pay21 master; or in any case when obliged, by orders of 22 the commander-in-chief, to travel without troops, 23 the sum of four cents per mile each way, the distance 24 to be computed by the line of most direct railroad 25 communication from the residence of the officer or 26 soldier.


1 SECT. 128. Mounted officers and enlisted men, 2 when ordered by the commander-in-chief to transport 3 their horses, shall be allowed the actual cost of such 4 transportation from the nearest point of departure 5 from the place where the several headquarters or 6 the armories of the companies to which they belong 7 are situated.

1 Sect. 129. No allowance shall at any time be 2 made for transportation not actually employed, nor 3 to officers or enlisted men when transported by 4 means of horses provided by the state.



1 Secr. 130. Forage and subsistence shall be fur2 nished in kind by the quartermaster and commis3 sary-general when troops are on duty under sections 4 ninety-six and ninety-seven ; and, when practicable, 5 transportation in kind shall be furnished by the 6 quartermaster-general in lieu of the money allow9 ances hereinbefore provided.

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