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1 Sect. 4. The provisions of this act shall not 2 apply to any mutual fire-insurance company with a 3 guarantee capital, unless the same shall have been 4 accepted by a majority of the members of such com5 pany present and voting thereon at a meeting 6 legally called for such purpose. Whenever any in7 surance company shall have accepted the provisions 8 of this act as before provided, the officers shall 9 forthwith notify the insurance commissioner, who 10 shall examine the records of the company, and, if 11 the same are found to be in conformity with the law, 12 shall issue his certificate to that effect; and there13 upon the company shall be authorized to issue poli14 cies upon the joint-stock plan. The fee for such 15 certificate shall be ten dollars, which sum shall be 16 collected and paid into the treasury of this Common17 wealth by the insurance commissioner.



This act shall take effect upon its pas

1 SECT. 5. 2 sage.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

IN SENATE, March 15, 1878.

The Committee on Bills in the Third Reading, to whom was referred the Bill to incorporate the Proprietors of MapleGrove Cemetery, report that the same ought to pass in the Dew draft herewith submitted.

For the Committee,


Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-Eight.


To incorporate the Proprietors of Maple-Grove Cemetery.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows :

1 Sect. 1. Silas Mosman, John B. Wood, R. E. Rob2 ertson, L. II. Brigham, Emerson Gaylord, George 3 M. Stearns,. Amaziah Bullens, J. T. Ames, S. A. 4 Jacobs, and J. B. Fuller, their associates and succes5 sors, are hereby made a corporation by the name of 6 “ Proprietors of Maple-Grove Cemetery ;” and said ī corporation shall have all the powers, and be subject 8 to all the duties, restrictions, and liabilities, set forth

9 in all general laws which now are or hereafter may 10 be in force applicable to such corporations.

1 SECT. 2. Silas Mosman, John B. Wood, and R. 2 E. Robertson, are hereby authorized, whenever said 3 corporation shall be duly organized, to release and 4 convey to said corporation all the real estate, and 5 rights of property, which they hold as trustees under 6 the deeds by which the Springfield Canal Company i heretofore conveyed certain lands in Chicopee to

James K. Fletcher, Benning Leavitt, and Austin 9 Chapin, second, in trust for the use of the inhabit10 ants of Cabotville, to be set apart as a burial-ground 11 for said village of Cabotville ; provided, however, that 12 the said conveyance herein authorized shall not be 13 made until the selectmen of the town of Chicopee It shall give their consent thereto in writing. Upon 15 such conveyance being made, the said trustees shall 16 be released from any further trust in reference 17 thereto ; and said corporation shall take and hold 19 the lands so released and conveyed in trust for the 19 purposes specified in said deeds. Said corporation -20 shall thereupon have the management and control 21 of the burial-ground in the town of Chicopee which ! is known as Maple-Grove Cemetery, including all 13 additions which have been or may hereafter be 24 made to said cemetery; and may-make such rules 25 and regulations for the management, use, preserva26 tion, and ornamentation of the said cemetery. as may 37 be deemed necessary, said rules and regulations not 28 to be inconsistent with the laws of this Common.!9 wealth, nor with the terms of said deeds.

1 Sect. 3. Said corporation may receive and hold ? any gifts, grants, donations, or bequests, for the 3 benefit and improvement of said cemetery, and 4 shall manage and apply said gifts, grants, donations, ; or bequests, in such manner as may be prescribed by 6 the donor or grantor thereof; may also establish a i permanent fund, not to exceed in amount the sum of 8 ten thousand dollars ; may invest the same in such 9 securities as the said corporation may from time to 10 time determine, and apply the income thereof to the 11 improvement and preservation of said Maple-Grove 12 Cemetery.

1 SECT. 4. This act shall take effect whenever it 2 shall be accepted by the board of selectmen of the 3 town of Chicopee.

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