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Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-Eight.


To incorporate the Proprietors of Maple-Grove Ceme.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

1 Sect. 1. Silas Mosman, John B. Wood, R. E. 2 Robertson, L. H. Brigham, Emerson Gaylord, 3 George M. Stearns, Amaziah Bullens, J. T. Ames, 4 S. A. Jacobs, and J. B. Fuller, their associates and 5 successors, are hereby made a corporation by the 6 name of Proprietors of Maple-Grove Cemetery ; 7 and said corporation shall have all the powers, and 8 be subject to all the duties, restrictions, and liabil9 ities, set forth in all general laws which now are, or 10 hereafter may be, in force applicable to such corpora11 tions.


SECT. 2. Said corporation shall have the man2 agement and control of the burial-ground in the 3 town of Chicopee which is known as Maple-Grove 4 Cemetery, including all additions which have been 5 or may hereafter be made to said cemetery; and 6 may make such rules and regulations for the man7 agement, use, preservation, and ornamentation of 8 the said cemetery as may be deemed necessary, 9 said rules and regulations not to be inconsistent with 10 the laws of this Commonwealth,

1 SECT. 3. Said corporation may receive and hold 2 any gifts, grants, donations, or bequests, for the 3 benefit and improvement of said cemetery; and shall 4 manage and apply said gifts, grants, donations, or 5 bequests, in such manner as may be prescribed by 6 the donor or grantor thereof; may also establish a 7 permanent fund, not to exceed in amount the sum 8 of ten thousand dollars; may invest the same in such 9 securities as the said corporation may from time to 10 time determine, and apply the income thereof to the 11 improvement and preservation of said Maple-Grove 12 Cemetery.

1 SECT. 4. Silas Mosman, John B. Wood, and R. 2 E. Robertson, are hereby authorized, whenever said 3 corporation shall be duly organized, to release and A convey to said corporation all the real estate, and 5 rights of property, which they hold as trustees 6 under the deeds by which the Springfield Canal i Company heretofore conveyed certain lands in Chico8 pee to James K. Fletcher, Benning Leavitt, and 9 Austin Chapin, second, in trust for the use of the 10 inhabitants of Cabotville, to be set apart as a burialIl ground for said village of Cabotville; provided, how12 ever, that the said conveyance herein authorized 13 shall not be made until the selectmen of the town of 14 Chicopee shall give their consent thereto in writing. 15 Upon such conveyance being made, the said trustees 16 shall be released from any further trust in reference 17 thereto; and said corporation shall take and hold the 18 lands so released and conveyed, in trust, for the pur19 poses specified in said deeds.

1 SECT. 5. This act shall take effect whenever it 2 shall be accepted by the board of selectmen of the 3 town of Chicopee.

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The Committee on Parishes and Religious Societies, to whom was referred the Bill to amend section 1 of chapter 59 of the Acts of the year 1869, concerning the protection of camp-meetings, have considered the same, and report that said Bill ought to pass.

For the Committee,


Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-Eight.


To amend Section One of Chapter Fifty-nine of the

Acts of the Year Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-seven concerning the Protection of Camp-Meetings.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa tives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows :

1 SECT. 1. Section one of chapter fifty-nine of the 2 acts of the year eighteen hundred and sixty-seven i 3 hereby amended by inserting the words “ or furnis) 4 shelter and provender for, or have the care of any 5 horses for pay,” after the word “ refreshments," in 6 the fifth line.

1 Sect. 2. This act shall take effect upon its

pas sage.

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