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BRYSON, WILLIAM, testimony of-Continued.

the Ku-Klux organization is in the interest of the democratic party; Mr. Alli

son killed.....
burnings of stores, &c


Calhoun County, disturbance at election in.

Calhoun County, James Yerty, killed in, 1871.

83, 190
CHILDS, J. W., testimony of..

thirty-six years old ; born in New York; resident of Gainesville, Alachua
County; merchant; deputy marshal for the last year and a half.

came to Florida in 1866 ; was in the United States service during the war;
deputy tax-collector for the State, and deputy United States marshal..

while executing process in Columbia County was resisted by the parties, who
drew pistols...

two of the party have not yet been arrested ; one came in and gave himself

have reason to suppose there is a Ku-Klux organization, but no positive
knowledge of the fact; some nine or ten murders committed in Hamilton County
during 1868 and 1869, for which no arrests have been made ; last winter å
mob in Alachua County took a colored man from jail and hung him ; a
colored man was shot a few weeks

has been forcibly resisted but once while serving process

a body of armed men drove the republicans from the polls at election of Novem-
ber, 1870...

Clay County, outrages in, (see Whipped.)
Clay County, political complexion of.

Colored schools.

96, 97, 99, 102, 106, 168, 253
Colored voters, feeling in regard to.

95, 102, 169, 196, 267, 310
Columbia County, disturbance of election in

148, 165, 225, 261
Columbia County, outrages iu, (see Killed and Whipped.)
CONE, FLORIDA E., testimony of...

born in Darien, McIntosh County, Georgia; twenty-seven years old; now re-
siding in Jacksonville, Florida..

wife of R. W. Cone; at the time her husband was whipped, she was knocked

down and kicked by disguised men, and her hair pulled; they took her
husband out of doors, and pulled his night-shirt up over his head and arms;
when she started to follow her husband, William Tyson threatened to blow her
brains out if she did not remain in the house; Kindred Griffis dragged her
across the floor of her room, and has not yet been arrested; her husband was
away from the house about three-quarters of an hour; his back was covered
with stripes and cut as with a buckle ; supposed he was whipped with a stir-

the neighbors heard their cries, but did not come to their relief; there were

seven or eight in the crowd; it was on the 24th of June, 1871; four of
the party have been arrested and put under bonds; made her statement
before the United States commissioner...

those of the crowd she recognized were men who stood well with the people of
that community; they were laboring men.

CONE, R. W., testimony of.

born December 10, 1836, in Georgia ; carpenter by trade; came to Jacksonville,
June 29, 1871 ; bad lived in Baker County, Florida, since October, 1868..

was a petit juror of the district court, and a republican..

on the night of June 24, 1871, a band of twenty or more disguised men came

to his house, between 10 and 11 o'clock, broke open the door, came into his
bed-room, and one knocked him down with a club, and also struck his wife
with a club; took him out of doors, pulled his night-shirt up over his head
and arms, carried him away from the house, laid him across a log, while one
had hold of each arm, one hold of his head, and another of his feet; they
whipped him with a leather strap, supposed to be a stirrup-leather with the
buckle on; charged him with being a witness in a United States court against
a white man, and being in favor of negroes voting ; asked him if he kept a
black girl..

went home, sold out his place for what he could get, went to Jacksonville, and

made complaint before a commissioner ; received over a hundred blows; had
three children, and his wife was pregnant at the time: got out a warrant and
had four of the parties arrested..

could not obtain justice in the State courts, as the disguised men swear for

each other and clear themselves ; most of the white people in Baker County
speak in favor of the Ku-Klux, or regulators, as they are called there; two
others, Smith and Griffis, whipped about six weeks before


CONE, R. W., testimony of Continued.

have not voted since election for governor in 1868; Baker County is three-

fourths white and democratic; a few negroes vote the democratic ticket; no
northern men in the county.

while at Pilatka was notified by “K. K. K.” to leave in twenty-four hours ;

four or five months after going to Baker County, received a notice to leave in
ten days; prepared himself and let it be known, and was not troubled until
he was whipped; was on the United States jury in Jacksonville...

it was a mixed jury; do not know the politics of the jurors; in 1861 was living

in Jacksonville; in May, 1861, went to Baker County and remained there un-
til the confederate congress passed a conscript law, to evade which went to
a commissary depot and got a contract to grind meal and flour for the govern-
ment; in latter part of 1862, confederate congress passed another conscript
law, and to evade it took an agency on the railroad; in 1864, confederate
troops arrested him and sent him to the army in Virginia, where he remained
four weeks..

went into the confederate army as a conscript; was not in any battle, and sec-

ond time on picket crossed the lines and remained north until the close of the
war; took no oath to the confederate government; did some writing for offi-
cers; made out pay-roll..

Cone, R. W., whipped in Baker County, 1871...

65, 73, 74
Cox, George, shot in Jackson County, 1869.

145, 290
Cummings, Christopher, killed in Alachua County, 1870..

Democratic club

156–164, 226-240, 265, 266, 293, 295, 298
DENNIS, L. G., testimony of

thirty years old ; born in Massachusetts ; resident of Gainesville, Alachua

County, Florida, since January, 1866; deputy collector of United States
revenue and State senator

came to Florida from Massachusetts in 1866; was in the Army during the war;

engaged in planting when first came to Florida ; State collector of revenue
for 1870

there are strong prejudices against colored people, and against northern people
who are republicans ; a great many murders committed.

letter of witness to secretary of state of Florida, giving account of outrages
committed in Alachua County since reconstraction...

267, 268
list of murders. committed, with dates ; four or five persons tried for murder and
acquitted ; threatening letters to witness, signed“ K. K. K”

a political meeting fired into by a mob, and three colored men sbot.

the vote of the county is about 3,000

colored voters 600 majority; republican majority about 1,000; 700 in 1870,

about 1,200 in 1868; did not recognize the handwriting of Ku-Klux letters;
believes there is a Ku-Klux organization in the county, and that the letters
emanated from that organization..

there was a mock trial of witness in the street of Lake City, at midnight, by
persons representing Ku-Klux

271, 272
Dickinson, J.Q., killed in Jackson County, 1871....78, 85, 111, 148, 192, 198, 206, 217, 221,

303, 309
Dickinson, J.Q., letters from....

78, 221, 289, 290, 291
Dickinson, J.Q., testimony concerning character of.

84, 199, 222
Disturbances at elections in Calhoun County.

at elections in Columbia County.

148, 165, 225, 261
at elections in Gadsden County.

76, 77, 87, 187
at elections in Hamilton County

at elections in Jackson County.

at elections in Jefferson County.

103, 104
at elections in Madison County

127, 132
DOUGLAS, SAMUEL J., testimony of.

in fifty-eighth year of age; born in Virginia ; resident of Tallahassee, Florida ;

appointed by President Tyler judge of United States court for Florida when
twenty-seven years of age.

went into the rebellion, and appointed confederate military judge at Mobile ; dis-
abilities removed by Congress

belonged to democratic club in Tallahassee nearly three years ago; continued

a member for six or eight months ; the club disbanded on recommendation
of witness ; it was a semi-military organization, and had a written constitu-
tion; is shown copy of constitution, (furnished, by Frank Myers) and thinks
it is substantially the same as constitution of democratic club at Tallahassee. 294

DOUGLAS, SAMUEL J., testimony of-Continued.

explanation of provisions of the constitution and objects of the organization. 295, 298
opinion of Judge Long

justice is impartially administered to ali classes.

any inefficiency in execution of laws caused by want of proper officers; can-
vass of votes at last election..

taxation and State indebtedness

issue of railroad bonds









killed in La Fayette County, 1871.
Elections, disturbances at, (see Disturbances at elections.)
Execution of the laws...

..114, 165, 208, 258, 299, 300, 310



Ferryman killed

77, 89
Finances and taxes of the State.

208, 209, 242, 301
Finlayson, Dr., killed in Jackson County, 1869

78, 94, 111, 144, 147, 188, 217,303
Fleischman, Samuel, affidavit of...

Fleischman, Samuel, killed in Jackson County, 1869,

78,81, 145, 189, 217
FORSON, ROBERT, testimony of..

307, 308
twenty-three years old; born in Georgia ; resident for fifteen years of Colum-
bia County, Florida ; a farmer..

on the night of July 2, 1870, a party of men took him from his father's house,
stripped him, and whipped him with a leather strap.

the parties have been arrested, tried, and acquitted.

Forson, Robert, wbipped in Columbia County, 1870......

164, 307
FORTUNE, EMANUEL, (colored,) testimony of...

going on thirty-nine years old ; born in Jackson County, and now lives in Jack-

sonville ; formerly a shoemaker, now a carpenter; left Jackson County, May,
1869 on account of threats ; was a member of State constitutional conven-
tion and of State legislature..

born and raised a slave ; learned to read before the war, and after the war
learned to write...

began to learn to write in 1867 ; was elected to constitutional convention in

1868; elected to the legislature from Jackson County, with Major Purman and
Mr. McMillan, white, and Mr. Robinson, colored..

term in legislature expired November, 1870..

in Jackson County Dr. Finlayson was killed and Major Purman shot; Calvin

Rogers, colored, killed ; three men called out of their houses and shot; some
shot through cracks of their houses, others shot as they were going to their
bouses ; prison guard and two citizens killed....

general feeling in Jackson County against colored men voting; Barnes, who

ran against Hamilton for Congress, said colored men had no rights white men
are bound to respect; no one in Jackson County punished for outrages; be-
lieves there is an organization to kill off leading republicans ; schools inter-
fered with since emancipation..

had a man from New Orleans to teach school; some soldiers were detailed to

teach ; never had any public schools, only private schools supported by the
colored people ; schools not interfered with lately; colored people cannot buy

small parcels of land in Jackson County..
the State has made provision for system of public schools, but none has yet
been established..

about 1,200 or 1,400 colored voters in Jackson County, out of a total voting

population of 2,100; witness took a leading part in politics in the county,
and twice canvassed the State; has not been interfered with directly ; there
was some disturbance when holding a public meeting with Colonel Hamilton
in Walton County.

soldiers of the Seventh United States Cavalry were detailed to teach school; last

troops removed from Jackson County soon after Dr: Finlayson was killed ;
never saw any disguised men ; young man shot in summer of 1868 or 1869 ;
have heard of others being killed but cannot give their names.

have not heard anything said against selling land to negroes, but think that is

the understanding ; Major Purman was objected to because he was a promi-
nent republican leader; there is the same objection to southern men who join
the republican party as against northern men.

Foster, , killed in La Fayette County, 1871.



Francis, Timothy, killed in Columbia County, 1869.
Franklin, Harry, killed in Alachua County, 1868...
Freedmen's Bureau.



88,93, 149, 232, 281


Gadsden County, disturbances at election in.

....76, 77, 87, 187
Gadsden County, political complexion of.


GIBBS, J.C., (colored,) testimony of.

forty-two years old; born in Philadelphia ; resident of Tallahassee, Florida 220
came to Florida in 1867; lived down on the river till made secretary of state, and

then removed to State capital; lived in Philadelphia till sixteen or eighteen
years old ; educated at Dartmouth College, and studied theology at Princeton,
New Jersey; was there nearly two years, as a regularly matriculated stu-
dent, but did not graduate ; went to Philadelphia as pastor of a Presbyterian
church; when General Burnside took New Berne was selected by Old-school
Presbyterian Church to go there and open schools and churches ; operated in
North and South Carolina till latter part of 1867, and then came to Florida in
connection with the school interest in Florida; member of constitutional

delegate to convention of ministers and laymen of African Church...

have seen men supposed to be Ku-Klux; one man said he was a member of

the organization, and a commissioner refused to take his statemeut, because
the facts to which he would testify occurred before the passage of Ku-Klux
law by Congress; murder of Dickinson; letter from Dickinson concerning
affairs in Jackson County

the charge made against Dickinson after his murder was a slander; it is a com-

mon thing, after a republican has been killed, to try and blacken his mem-
ory by charging some offense upon him; the number of murders in different

the colored people in Florida are better off than in any other Southern State ; a

large class of poor whites are in a more hopeless condition in Florida than
the blacks are ; during the war a class of Union men lived in Taylor and
La Fayette Counties, who were raided upon by confederate troops and driven
off; threats made that no Union man should live in those counties; Dr.
Kreminger killed; colored schools doing well under the circumstances ; most
of the teachers come from the North, but they are ostracized; there is a
change for the better in regard to colored people owning land..

at first election in Jackson County 200 white men voted republican ticket, which

had 800 majority; at last election the republican majority was but two or
three ; most of the white republicans have been killed or driven from the
county; not more than five white republicans voted in Jackson County at
last election; compiled list of murders in different counties from private let-
ters, generally from prominent men; the murders were committed since the
close of the war, and the number is understated

Granbury, Oscar, killed in Jackson County, 1869.

79, 140, 290
Green, James, killed in Columbia County, 1869.

165, 263
Griffis, whipped in Baker County, 1871.



Hall, Abram, killed in Jackson County, 1871...

HAMILTON, Hon. C. M., testimony of

Representative in Forty-first Congress.

drew up contracts for laborers in Jackson County, as assistant commissioner of
Freedmen's Bureau

281, 285, 286, 287
particulars of examination of young ladies in Marianna, Jackson County, for
desecrating graves of Union soldiers.

282, 285
articles from Marianna Courier...

283, 284, 285
views concerning southern people..

effect of course of Andrew Johnson

letters from Mr. Dickinson concerning outrages in Jackson Countý. 289, 290, 291
Hamilton County, disturbance at election in.

Hanging of a negro in Alachua County, 1871, (see Killed, Alex Morris.)
Hanging of negroes in Hernando County, 1869.

Harold, Harry, son of, killed in Alachua County.

Hacock, Sandy, killed in Alachua County, 1871.

Hurl, Flenry, killed in Alachua County, 1869.

Hurl, Joseph, killed in Alachua County, 1869.




Ipswich, Ike, killed in Columbia County, 1869..


Jacobs, Thomas, killed in Columbia County, 1868.

Jackson County, disturbance at election in..

Jackson County, outrages in, (see Killed, Shot, and Whipped.)
Jackson County, political complexion of.

98, 152, 195, 224
Jefferson County, disturbance at election in.

103, 104
Jefferson County, political complexion of.

Jenkins, Jim, killed in Alachua County, 1870.

Johnson, Cooley, killed in Alachua County, 1867

JOHNSON, E. G., testimony of...

thirty-one years old; born in North Carolina; resident of Lake City, Colum-

bia County, Florida ; doctor by profession ; member of the State senate ;
resident of Lake City since 1867.

county commissioner of Columbia County for about six months.

since he has been connected with political matters, for the last sixteen or
eighteen months, not felt much security..

on day of election was threatened by armed men; gives in full a threatening
notice received in the spring of 1871.

believes the author of the notice to be Martin P. Doby, a lawyer of Lake City;

it was postmarked Jacksonville ; received another notice that was never
shown to any one.

six or seven murders in Columbia County; Thomas Jacobs and Samson Wea-

ver (colored) killed fall of 1868; Lisher Johnson, (colored,) spriug of 1869;
Timothy Francis, Ike Ipswich, and James Green, (colored,) fall of 1869;
Robert Jones, (colored,) summer of 1870; Mahoney, republican member of
the legislature, killed ; Robert Prolson and Isaac Bush, republicans, whipped ;
marshal of Lake City shot at; house of witness fired into ; houses burned ;
two hundred or three hundred colored men fled the county for safety; no
person punished for any of these crimes...

particulars of attack ou house of witness ; Martin, former sheriff,, resigned on

account of threats, and would not consider it safe to testify before the com-
mittee; believes there is a Ku-Klux organization in the county.

believes it originated from democratic clubs; the character of Judge Long is

very bad ; Frank Myers compelled to act against witness by threats; Myers
formerly a democrat; concerning threatening letter received in spring of 1871,
and which witness caused to be published in a newspaper.

there was one voting place in county at last election ; derived knowledge of
democratic club from Frank Myers..

one voting place only for the county was established at county seat for better

protection of colored people; does not think colored people would be safe at
country voting places.

Johnson, Lisher, killed in Columbia County, 1869.

Jones, Robert, killed in Columbia County, 1870...


Killed :
Madison County, 1871....

... 116, 126, 259
Ashley, La Fayette County, 1871

Bibbon, George, Alachua County, 1867...

Bradley, Willey, Alachua County, 1868..

Bryant, Madison County, October, 1870.

Cummings, Christopher, Alachua County, 1870.

Dickinson, J. Q., Jackson County, April, 1871 .78, 85, 111, 148, 192, 198, 206, 217,

221, 303, 309
Edwards, La Fayette County, 1871


Finlayson, Dr., Jackson County, May, 1869. 78,94,111, 144, 147, 188, 217, 303
Fleischman, Samuel, Jackson County, October, 1869.

.78, 81, 145, 189, 217
La Fayette County, 1871

Francis, Timothy, Columbia County, 1869

Franklin, Harry, Alachua County, 1868.


Granbury, Oscar, Jackson County, October, 1869

,,79, 140, 290
Green, James, Columbia County, 1869.

165, 263

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