The Teachers' Assistant: Or, A System of Practical Arithmetic ...

M'Carty & Davis., 1835 - 198 páginas

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Página 173 - When the two extremes and number of terms are given, to find the common difference. RULE. Divide the difference of the extremes by the number of terms, less one; the quotient will be the common difference.
Página 170 - ... cents for every day he was idle ; at settlement he received 5 dollars. How many days did he work. and how many days was he idle ? Ans.
Página 190 - Feet multiplied by feet, give feet. Feet multiplied by inches, give inches. Feet multiplied by seconds, give seconds. Inches multiplied by inches, give seconds. Inches multiplied by seconds, give thirds. Seconds multiplied "by seconds, give fourths.
Página 99 - RULE.* Multiply the principal by the 'rate per cent, and divide the product by 100: the quotient will be the interest for 1 year.
Página 37 - TIME. 60 seconds (sec.} make - 1 minute min. 60 minutes « - - - 1 hour H. 24 hours - - . • - 1 day D.
Página 132 - RULE. Multiply all the numerators together for a new numerator, and all the denominators for a new denominator: then reduce the new fraction to its lowest terms.
Página 131 - Operations with Fractions A) To change a mixed number to an improper fraction, simply multiply the whole number by the denominator of the fraction and add the numerator.
Página 169 - Suppose two numbers, and work with each agreeably to the tenor of the question, noting the errors of the results : multiply the errors of each operation into the supposed number of the other ; then, If the errors be alike, i.
Página 129 - The number above the line is called the numerator, and that below the line the denominator. The denominator...
Página 155 - INVOLUTION, OR THE RAISING OF POWERS. A power is the product arising from multiplying any given number into itself continually a certain number of times ; thus, 2x2= 4 the second power or square of 2.

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