Brussels and Europe: Acta of the International Colloquium on Brussels and Europe, Held in the Albert Borschette Conference Centre in Brussels, on 18 and 19 December 2009

Roel de Groof
Asp / Vubpress / Upa, 2008 - 593 páginas
Fifty years after the conclusion of the Treaties of Rome (25 March 1957) and the foundation of the European Economic Community, Brussels has become a political world city and international capital with global influence. The acta of the interuniversity and international colloquium, held in Brussels on 18 and 19 December 2006, present a general outline of the research results and 26 contributions, based on original research and divided into three parts. The first part focuses on Brussels' position in the 'world city network'. How has Brussels grown into the European and international 'capital' we know today? What exactly is its legal status as the European 'Capital'? Of course, other aspects such as the relationship between the Brussels-Capital Region and the Europe of Regions and the role of Brussels as the place for lobbying the European Union are also examined. The second part focuses on the interaction between the European institutions and Brussels. What are the socioeconomic, demographic, political and linguistic effects of their presence? Finally, a number of pressure points and areas of tension are analysed. How is Brussels 'imagined' or represented as the capital of Europe? And what is the impact of the European presence on urban planning and security policy? -- Back cover.

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Etude sur la sécurité des institutions européennes


a General Outline Roel De Groof
The Position of Brussels in the World City Network and the Growth of a Political World City
Brussels in World City Networks Peter J Taylor
Part of a Polycentric Headquarters System Carola Hein
Promoting Brussels as Political World Capital From the National Jubilee of 1905 to Expo 58
The Legal Status of Brussels as European Capital Koen Lenaerts Kristien Vanvoorden
enjeux et perspectives Caroline Van Wynsberghe Christian Franck
The BrusselsCapital Region in Europe
Le marché locatif bruxellois et lEurope
The October 2006 Local Elections
chronique dun dialogue amorcé Johanne Poirier
Complex Interdependencies? The Case of Urban Regeneration and the European Funds 19942006
Les fonds structurels européens dans la Région de BruxellesCapitale Le processus de décision
The Used Languages and Identity of European Officials and EU Citizens in Brussels
Le statut juridique des écoles européennes en droit public belge et européen
Multilingual Development in the European Schools Alex Housen

Brussels and the Europe of Regions The Representation of the European Regions in Brussels
Brussels as the Place for Lobbying the European Union
Interactions between the European Institutional Presence and the BrusselsCapital Region
Belgian SMEs in the European World in Brussels Jeroen Michels Johan Lambrecht
Léconomie et la sociodémographie de la Région de BruxellesCapitale et la présence européenne et internationale
Limpact de lUnion européenne sur les prix de limmobilier à Bruxelles et la configuration spatiale de la ville
Pressure Points and Areas of Tension
Managing the European Quarter in Brussels Annette Kuhk
Dune possible dynamique de collaboration entre les secteurs public et privé dans laménagement du territoire de Bruxelles capitale de lEurope
Quel est limpact de la présence des institutions européennes sur les politiques de sécurité urbaine bruxelloises? Julien Pieret
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Roel De Groof is a doctor of history, a specialist of international and European law, and the general coordinator of the Centre for Information, Documentation, and Research on Brussels.

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