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Printed by virtue of an act of the Legislature, under the direction and

supervision of

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miche St. hib,


Journal of the Senate



Senate Chamber,

Lansing, Wednesday, January 7, 1925.

In conformity with the requirements of the Constitution of the State of Michigan and the statutes in such case made and provided, the Senator-elect of the fifty-third Legislature of the State of Michigan assembled in the Senate chamber in the Capitol at Lansing this day (being the first Wednesday of January, 1925), at twelve o'clock noon, and, in accordance with law, were called to order by the Honorable George W. Welsh, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Michigan and President of the Senate.

The Rev. Frank Kingdon of the Central M. E. church of Lansing offered prayer.

Certified List of Senators and Representatives. A communication from the Secretary of State was received and was read by the Secretary of the Senate (Dennis E. Alward), as follows:

Department of State, Lansing, January 6, 1925. Honorable Dennis E. Alward,

Secretary of the Senate,

State Capitol. Dear Sir:-I enclose herewith certified list of the members-elect of the State Senate and the House of Representatives for the years 1925-26, as shown by the returns from the clerks of the several counties in this state, now on file in this office.

Very respectfully,

Secretary of State.
Members-elect of the State Senate.
First District-Roy Herald.
Second District-Joseph Bahorski.
Third District--Arthur E. Wood.
Fourth District-George M. Condon.
Fifth District-Ari H. Woodruff
Sixth District-Frank S. Cummings.
Seventh District-Harry H. Whiteley.
Eighth District--George Leland
Ninth District-James Henry.
Tenth District-Burney E. Brower.
Eleventh District-Charles E. Greene.
Twelfth District--Elijah B. Howarth, Jr.
Thirteenth District-Warren J. Hinkley.
Fourteenth District-Frank L. Young.
Fifteenth District-George G. Hunter.
Sixteenth District-Howard F. Baxter.
Seventeenth District-James C. Quinlan.
Eighteenth District-Charles R. Herrick.

Nineteenth District--Norman B. Horton.
Twentieth District-Godfried Gettel.
Twenty-first District-David H. Butler.
Twenty-second District--Harvey A. Penney.
Twenty-third District-Vincent A. Martin.
Twenty-fourth District-Augustus H. Gansser.
Twenty-fifth District-Bernie L. Case.
Twenty-sixth District--Orville E. Atwood.
Twenty-seventh District-William L. Case.
Twenty-eighth District--Horatio S. Karcher.
Twenty-ninth District-William J. Pearson.
Thirtieth District-Frank P. Bohn.
Thirty-first District-Walter F. Truettner.
Thirty-second District-James M. Wilcox.

Members-elect of the House of Representatives.

Allegan, First District-Arthur U. Odell.
Allegan, Second District--Fred Wade.
Alpena-Alonzo B. Green.
Antrim-Warren B. Beam.
Barry-Joseph L. Campbell.
Bay, First District-Arthur C. MacKinnon.
Bay, Second District, William J. Deshano.
Berrien, First District-Loomis K. Preston.
Berrien, Second District-Clarence D. Birkholm.
Branch-Richard W. McLain.
Calhoun, First District-Miles S. Curtis.
Calhoun,Second District-John R. Clement.
Cass-Fred B. Wells,
Charlevoix-John M. Harris.
Cheboygan-Fred R. Ming.
Chippewa-Henry A. Osborn.
Clare District, Roy B. McKibbin.
Clinton-John P. Espie.
Delta-Edward R. Carter.
Dickinson-Fred Langsford.
Eaton--Hayes E. Wells,
Emmet-Albert E. Van Every.
Genesee, First District-Charles H. Reed.
Genesee, Second District-William B. Ormsbce.
Gogebic-John Holland.
Grand Traverse-Milton D. Bryant.
Gratiot-Jesse E. Fuller,
Hillsdale-Denis G. Clancy.
Houghton, First District-Robert B. MacDonald.
Houghton, Second District-James F. Jewell.
Houghton, Third District-Gus T. Hartman.
Huron-Gus A. Braun.
Ingham, First District-Charles F. Haight.
Ingham, Second District, William B. Hartzog.
Ionia-Nelson M. O'Beirne.
Iosco District-Douglas Black.
Iron District-Cora Reynolds Anderson,
Isabella-Ernest R. Dexter.
Jackson, First District-Jay Binning.
Jackson, Second District-Frank W. McKenzie.
Kalamazoo, First District-James T. Upjohn.'
Kalamazoo, Second District--Wilber B. Snow.
Kent, First District-Ate Dykstra.

William De Boer.

Harold H. Smedley. Kent, Second District-Dexter G. Look. Kent, Third District-William J. Thomas Lapeer-Edward C. Morrison.

Leelanau District-Marcus Hoyt.
Lenawee, First District-Charles Evans.
Lenawee, Second District, John P. Rorick.
Livingston-Lynn C. Gardner.
Macomb— Orvy Hulett.
Manistee-J. Herbert Read.
Marquette, First District-Charles W. Richardson.
Marquette, Second District-John Hosking.
Mason—Virgil A. Fitch.
Mecosta--William F. Turner.
Menominee-William J. Oberdorffer.
Midland-Leslie D. Madill.
Missaukee District-John E. Gillett.
Monroe-Walter C. Peters.
Montcalm-Thomas W. Musson,
Muskegon-Edward D. Skeels.
Newaygo-David H. Brake.
Oakland, First District-James E. Lawson.
Oakland, Second District- Philemon J. Miller.
Oceana--Charles F. Lewis.
Osceola-George F. Roxburgh.
Ottawa, First District-Gerrit W Kooyers.
Ottawa, Second District-Fred F. McEachron.
Presque Isle District, Nelson G. Farrier.
Saginaw, First District--Chester M. Howell.

John Crutchfield.
Saginaw, Second District-John C. Rauchholz.
Sanilac-Philip O'Connell.
Schoolcraft District-David F. Morrison.
Shiawassee--William P. Strauch.
St. Clair, First District-Alex Cowan.
St. Clair, Second District-George C. Watson.
St. Joseph-Walter J. Thomas.
Tuscola--Erastus C. Brainerd.
Van Buren-Eugene J. Kirby.
Washtenaw, First District-Charles A. Sink.
Washtenaw, Second District-Joseph E. Warner.
Wayne-First District-Charles E. Bartlett.

Joseph C. Armstrong.
Frank E. Murphy.
Sherman D. Callender.
William G. Walters.
Archie M. Reid.
William B. Campbell.
Charles H. Culver,
Milton R. Palmer.
William R. Farrand.

Conrad J. Netting.
Wayne, Second District-Fred W. Bristow.
Wayne, Third District--James L. Johnson.
Wayne, Fourth District-Frank P. Darin.
Wexford District-H. Earl McNitt.


I, CHARLES J. DELAND, Secretary of State of the State of Michigan and Custodian of the Great Seal thereof, DO HEREBY CERTIFY, That I have compared the annexed and foregoing list of all the members-elect of the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan, for the years 1925-1926, with the original returns, as transmitted to me by the clerks of the several counties in the state, and that it is a true and correct list.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set

my hand and affixed the Great Seal of the State

at the Capitol, in the City of Lansing, this sixth (SEAL) day of January, A. D. 1925.


Secretary of State.

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