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Heirs, and Successors, to fulfil and conform to the Stipulations of the Treaty of Mahr; and His Highness Rao Pundit Purdhaun Behauder further agrees, that on the basis of the fulfilment of the said Treaty of Mahr, and of the claims of His Highness the Nabob Asoph Jah Be. hauder, to be totally exempted from the payment of Choute, the Honourable Company's Government shall be entitled to arbitrate and determine all such points as may be in doubt or difference between the Sirkars of their Highnesses above-mentioned ; and Ilis Highness Rao Pundit Purdhaun Behauder further agrees, that in the event of any differences arising between his Government and that of His Highness the Nabob A soph Jab Behauder, at any future period, the particulars of such differences shall be communicated to the Honourable East India Company, before any act of hostility shall be committed on either side; and the said Honourable Company, interposing their mediation in a way suitable to rectitude, friendship, and union, and mindful of justice and established usage, shall apply themselves to the adjustment of all such differences, conformable to propriety and truth, and shall bring the Parties to a right understanding. And it is further agreed, that whatever adjustment of any such differences the Com. pany's Government, weighing things in the scale of truth and justice, shall determine, that determination shall, without hesitation or objec. tion, meet with the full approbation and acquiescence of both Parties. It is, however, agreed that this Stipulation shall not prevent any amicable Negotiations which the Honourable Company and the Courts of Poonah and Hyderabad, respectively, may be desirous of opening, provided no such Negotiation shall be carried on between any of the 3 Parties, without full communication thereof to each other.

XIV. Whereas a Treaty of Friendship and Alliance has been concluded between the Honourable Company and Rajah Anund Row Guickwar Behauder, and whereas the said 'Treaty was meditated and executed, without any intention that it should infringe any of the just Rights or Claims of His Highness Rao Pundit Purdhaun Behauder, affecting the Sirkars of the said Rajah; His said Highness adverting thereto, and also to the intimate Alliance now established between the Contracting Parties, doth hereby formally acknowledge the existence of the said Treaty between the Honourable Company and Rajah Anund Row Guickwar Behauder; and inasmuch as, by reason of cer. tain unfinished transactions, the conclusion of which has been suspended from time to time, various demands and papers of Accounts are found to subsist between the Government of His Highness Row Pundit Purdhaun Behauder and the Sirkar of the Rajah aforementioned, his said Highness, placing full reliance on the impartiality, truth, and justice of the British Government, doth hereby agree, that the said Govern. ment shall examine into, and finally adjust, the said demands and papers of Accounts; and his said Highness further stipulates and binds himself, his Heirs, and Successors, to abide by such adjustment as the British Government shall accordingly determine.

XV. The Contracting Parties will employ all practical means of conciliation to prevent the calamity of War, and for that purpose will, at all times, be ready to enter into amicable explanations with other States, and to cultivate and iinprove the general relations of Peace and Amity with all the Powers of India, according to the true spirit and tenour of this Defensive Treaty. But if a War should unfortunately break out between the Contracting Parties and any other Power whatever, then His Highness Row Pundit Purdhaun Behauder engages, that with the reserve of 2 Battalions of Sepoys, which are to remain near His Highness's person, the residue of the British Subsidiary Force, consisting of 4 Battalions of Sepoys with their Artillery, joined by 6,000 Infantry and 10,000 Horse of His Highness's own Troops, and making together an Army of 10,000 Infantry and 10,000 Cavalry, with the requisite train of Artillery and warlike stores of every kind, shall be immediately put in motion, for the purpose of opposing the Enemy: and His Highness likewise engages to employ every further effort in his power, for the purpose of bringing into the field, as speedily as possible, the whole Force which he may be able to supply from his Dominions, with a view to the effectual prosecution and speedy termination of the said War. The Honourable Company, in the same manner, engage on their part, in this case, to employ in active operations against the Enemy the largest Force they may be able to furnish, over and above the said Subsidiary Force.

XVI. Whenever War shall appear probable, His Highness Rao Pundit Purdhaun Beliauder engages to collect as many Benjaries as possible, and to stow as much grain as may be practicable in his Frontier Garrisons.

XVII. As, by the present Treaty, the union and friendship of the 2 States is so firmly connected, that they may be considered as one and the same, His Highness Rao Pundit Purdhaun Behauder engages neither to commence nor to pursue, in future, any Negotiations with any other Power whatever, without giving previous notice, and entering into mutual consultation with the Honourable East-India Company's Government: and the Honourable Company's Government, on their part, hereby declare, that they have no inanner of concern with any of His Highness's children, relations, subjects, or servants, with respect to whom His Highness is absolute.

XVIII. Inasmuch as, by the present Treaty of general Defensive Alliance, the ties of Union are, with the blessing of God, so closely drawn, that the interests of the 2 States are become identified, it is further mutually agreed, that if disturbances shall at any time break out in the Districts ceded to the Honourable Company by this Agreement, His Highness Rao Pundit Purdhaun Behauder shall permit such a proportion of the Subsidiary Troops as may be requisite, to be employed in quelling the same within the said Districts. If disturbances shall, at any time, break out in any part of His Highness's Dominions contiguous to the Company's Frontier, to which it might be inconvenient to detach any proportion of the Subsidiary Force, the British Government, in like manner, if required by His Highness Rao Pundit Purdhaun Behauder, shall direct such proportion of the Troops of the Company, as may be most conveniently stationed for the purpose, to assist in quelling the said disturbances within His Highness's Dominions.

XIX. It is finally declared, that this Treaty, which, according to the foregoing Articles, is meant for the support and credit of His said Highness's Government, and to preserve it from loss and decline, shall last as long as the Sun and Moon shall endure.

Signed, Sealed, and exchanged, at Bassein, the 31st day of December, Anno Domini 1802, or the 5th of Ramzaun, Anno Hegiræ, 1217.


Resident at Poona.

The Seal

of Purdhaun.

[The Peshwa's Signature.)

A true Copy,


Private Secretary

SCHEDULE of the Territories ceded, in perpetuity, by His High

ness Badjee Rao Ragonaut Pundit Purdhaun Behauder, to the Honourable English East India Company, agreeably to the IV th Article of the preceding Treaty.

1st. From the Province of Guzerat, and Territories

South thereof.
Dundooka, together with Chooia, Komapoor, and Gogo
Cambay, Choute, and Nassoor

South of the Taptie.

27,000 Bootseer Banwanny





Carried forward..........


[blocks in formation]

Nababundy of Chourassy and Chickley ........ 20,000

5,000 Cattergom

25,000 2rid. From the Territories near the Toombuddrah. Savancore, 26 Talooks

10,22,838 From Bankapoor.......



Grand Total. Rupees 26,00,000

Signed, sealed, and exchanged at Bassein, the 31st December, Anno Domini 1802, or the 5th Ramzan, Anno Higeræ 1217.

The Seal of Pundit Purdhaun.

[The Peshwa's Signature.]

A true Copy,

B. CLOSE, Resident at Poona.


No. 4.-TREATY with the Rajuh of Bhurtpore. 29th September,


Treuty concluded between His Excellency General Gerard Lake, Con

mander in Chief of His Majesty's and the Honourable Company's Forces in the East Indies, on the part of His Excellency the Most Noble Richard Marquis Wellesley, Knight of the Most Illustrious Order of St. Patrick, one of His Britannic Majesty's Most Honouruble Privy Council, Captain General and Commander in Chief of all the Land Forces serving in the British Possessions in India, and Governor General in Council at Fort William in Bengal; and Maha Rajah Bishoinder Sewaee Runjeet Sing Behuuder.

Art. I. Perpetual friendship shall be maintained between Maha Rajah Bishoiuder Sewaee Runjeet Sing Beliauder, Behauder Jung, and the Honourable Company.

II. The Friends and Enemies of either State shall be the Friends and Eneniies of both.

III. The British Government shall never interfere in the concerns of the Maha Rajah's Country, nor exact any Tribute from hiin.

IV. If an Enemy should invade the Territories of the Honourable Company, the Maha Rajah hereby engages to furnish to the English the aid of his Troops in the expulsion of such Enemy. And, in like snanner, the Honourable Company engages to assist the Maha Rajah with its Forces, in defending his Dominions against external attacks.

The sincerity of this Engagement is attested on the Holy Bible.

Dated on the 29th day of September, in the year of our Lord 1803, corresponding with the 11th day of the month of Jemmaudee. ul. Saunee, in the year 1218 Higera.

No.3.-TREATY with the Rajah of Macherry.-14th November, 1803.

Treaty concluded between His Excellency Generul Gerard Lake, Com

mander-in Chief of His Majesty's and the Honourable Company's Forces in the East Indies, on the part of His Excellency the Most Noble Richard Marquis Wellesley, Knight of the Most Illustrious Order of St. Patrick, one of His Britannic Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, Captain General and Commander-inChief of all the Land Forces serving in the British Possessions in India, and Governor General in Council at Fort William in Bengal ; and Maha Rao Rajah Seway Buctawur Sing Behauder.

Art. I. A permanent friendship is established between the Honourible English East India Company, and Maha Rao Rajah Seway Zuctawur Sing Behauder, and between their Heirs and Successors.

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