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No.17.-AGREEMENT with Bhunga Sing.-1st April, 1806.


We, Ramana Sing and Dheena Sing, the Plenipotentiary Agents of Sirdar Bhunga Sing, being in the enjoyment of good health, both in mind and body, do hereby solemnly agree, in the presence of the Mutsuddies belonging to the Right Honourable Lord Lake, that, whereas the Pergunnah of Badoulee, with the Villages of Gonda, Gowsand, &c., in the Doab, and appertaining to the Zillah of Seharanpore, were formerly held by our Principal in Jaidad, but at this time the aforesaid Pergunnah and Villages have, for certain causes, been resumed by the British Government; and other 4 villages, Ahseen, Khoord, Ahseen, Buzoorg, &c., have been graciously bestowed by the said Government in their stead :

We do hereby agree to this Arrangement with pleasure and satisfaction, on the following Conditions :

That whereas the Sunnuds of the above-written Places have been made out from the beginning of the Rebbee Season, 1213 Fuslee, our Principal may, notwithstanding, be permitted to retain the Pergunnah of Badowlee, till the end of the month of Jhete, which concludes the year 1213 Fuslee; and that the Districts assigned in lieu thereof, shall in like manner remain in the hands of the Thasildars of the British Government during the same period : and we agree that, after the lapse of the aforesaid period, we will, without hesitation, deliver over the said Pergunnah of Badowlee to the Collector of Seharanpore ;

and that we will not, under the plea of arrears, or any other pretext, molest the Ryots, Zemindars, or Inhabitants of those Places, in any way whatever during that interval; at the aforesaid time, that is to say, the end of 1213 Fuslee.

We will, in like manner, take possession of the Districts now assigned us in exchange; but with regard to those Villages which have been graciously bestowed, to the amount of 5,000 rupees annually, and for which also a sunnud has been issued, from the commencement of the year 1213 Fuslee, we will account with the Ryots thereof for whatever the British Aumils may have collected from them, on account of the revenues of the Rebbee season, and recover from them whatever balance may appear to be due.

In witness whereof we have written these few lines, as an Agreement on our parts, to have full force whenever it may be necessary. Written the 11th of the month of Mohurrum, in the 48th year

of His Majesty's reign, corresponding with the 1st of April, 1806, of the Christian æra.


Raga SING.


Witnesses and Securities}


No. 18.-ENGAGEMENT with the Rajah of Berar.-24th August,

1806. Translation of an Engagement for the Restitution of the Provinces of

Sumbulpore and Patna, by the British Government, to Rajah Raggajee Bhooslah Saina Saheb Soobah Behauder; dated the 24th of August, 1806, corresponding with the 9th of Jemmadee-ul-Saunee, 1221 Higera.

ADVERTING to the relations of harmony and friendship subsisting between the British Government and Maha Rajah Raggajee Bhooslab, the Honourable Sir George Hilaro Barlow, Bart., Governor-General, agrees to restore to Maha Rajah Raggajee Bhooslah, all the Territory of Sumbulpore and Patna which was ceded by the Maha Rajah to the Honourable English Company, with the exception of the Territory of Rajah Joujar Sing; according to the following Schedule :

The British Government hereby renounces all future claims whatsoever to the undermentioned Pergunnahs. The Maha Rajah shall possess the same degree of sovereignty over them, as he possesses over the rest of his Dominions.

SCHEDULE :-Names of the Pergunnahs.


Khauss Patna,





Kautikpore, Toonageer,


Borasambie. The Territory of Rajah Joojar Sing shall continue to be incorporated with the British Dominions.

The Maha Rajah, ou his part, hereby renounces all future claims to the Territory of Rajah Joojar Sing; and further engages never to make any pecuniary demands on that Territory, or to exercise any authority over it.

If at any time Rajah Joojar Sing, with a view to excite disturbance, shall either attack the Country of Maha Rajah Raggajee Bhooslah, or enter into any collusion with the Zemindars of the Maha Rajah's Territory, for the purpose of making War upon the Maha Rajah, the Maha Rajah shall report the same to the Honourable Governor-General in Council, who will duly inquire into the circumstances of the case; and if such acts should be found against Joojar Sing, his Country shall be separated from the British Dominions; and the Maha Rajah shall be at liberty, with the consent of the British Government, to march his Troops against the said Rajah Joojar Sing.

The Governor-General will not in any manner encourage or afford him protection.

On the other hand, the Maha Rajah and his Officers shall not, without the consent of the British Government, make War in any

manner upon Rajah Joojar Sing, or offer any molestation to him. If, however, Rajah Joojar Sing shall be found guilty of any outrages, in that case Roygurh shall be separated from the Company's Dominions, and anuexed to those of the Maha Rajah, in the same manner as Sumbulpore and Patna.

It is hereby agreed, that a copy of this Treaty, ratified by the Governor-General in Council, shall be transmitted from Fort William in the space of 2 months and 11 days from this date,

No. 19.--ADDITIONAL ARTICLES with the Rajah of Mysore.

29th January, 1807.

Additional Articles for modifying and defining the Provisions of the

IIIrd Article of the Treaty of Mysore, (No. 1.) settled and concluded between the English East India Company Behauder, and Maha Rajah Mysore Kistna Rajah Oodiavur Behauder, Rajah of Mysore.

Whereas it is stipulated by the IIId Article of the Treaty of Mysore, that in the event of Hostilities, or of preparations for Hostilities, against any State or Power, Maha Rajah Mysore Kistna Rajah Oodiavur Behauder shall contribute towards the discharge of the increased expenses thereby incurred, a sum to be eventually determined by the Governor-General in Council of Fort William: And whereas it has appeared expedient to the Contracting Parties, that the provisions of the said Article should now be rendered specific, and that the said indefinite contributions in War should be commuted, for the fixed maintenance of a certain body of Horse in Peace and War; wherefore these Additional Articles for modifying and defining the provisions of the IIId Article of the said Treaty are now concluded, on the one part by Major Mark Wilks, in the nanie and on behalf of the Honourable Sir George Hilaro Barlow, Baronet, Governor-General for all Affairs, Civil and Military, of the British Nation in India, by virtue of Full Powers vested in him for the purpose by the said Sir George Hilaro Barlow, Baronet, Governor-General; and, on the other part, by Maha Rajah Mysore Kistna Rajah Oodiavur Behauder, Rajah of Mysore, in his own behalf.

Art. I. It is agreed and stipulated, that His Highness Maha Rajah Mysore Kistna Raja Oodiavur shall be relieved from the pecuniary contribution to which he was liable by the provisions of the IIId Article of the Treaty of Mysore; in consideration whereof, His Highness engages to maintain at all times, fit for service, and subject to muster, a Body of 4,000 effective Horse, of which number about 500 shall be Bargeez, and the rest Silladar Horse. 11. Such portion of the said Body of 4,000 Horse as, in the opinion

of the British Government, shall not be necessary for the internal protection of the Country of Mysore, shall be at all times ready to accompany and serve with the Honourable Company's Army; and while employed beyond the Territory of Mysore, the extra expenses of their maintenance or batta, at the rate of 4 star pagodas per month for each effective man and horse, after the expiration of one month from the date of their crossing the Frontier, shall be regularly paid by the Honourable Company. The extra expense of any casual service beyond the Frontier, not exceeding in duration the period of 1 month, shall be borne by the Government of Mysore.

IU. If it should at any time be found expedient to augment the Cavalry of Mysore beyond the number of 4,000, on intimation to that effect from the British Government, His Highness the Rajah shall use his utmost endeavours for that purpose; but the whole expense of such augmentation, and of the maintenance of the additional numbers, at the rate of 8 star pagodas for each effective man and horse, while within the Territory of Mysore, and of an additional sum or batta, at the rate of 4 star pagudas a month, after the expiration of 1 month from the period of their passing the Frontier of Mysore, as described in the Jlnd Article, shall be defrayed by the Honourable Company.

IV. Whereas, in conformity to the wish of the Governor General, a Body of 4,000 Horse and upwards has been provisionally maintained by His Highness the Rajah, from the period of the conclusion of War in the Deckan until this time; it is hereby declared, that His Highness has fully and faithfully performed the obligations of the II Ird Article of the Treaty of Mysore until this day, and is hereby absolved from all retrospective claims on that account. These 4 Additional Articles, which, like the original Treaty of Mysore, shall be binding on the Contracting Parties as long as the Sun and Moon shall endure, having been settled and concluded on this 29th day of January, A.D. 1807, corresponding to the 19th of Zilcaad Anno Higeræ 1221, and to the 21st day of the month of Pooshe, of the year 1728 of the Shalwan era, at Mysore, by Major Mark Wilks, with the Maha Rajah Kistna Rajah Oodiavur Behauder; Major Wilks has accordingly delivered one Copy of the same in Persian and English, signed and sealed by him, to His Highness the Maha Rajah, who has likewise delivered to Major Wilks another Copy in Persian and English, bearing His Highness's Seal and Signature, and signed by Lutchmma, widow of the late Kistna Rajah, and sealed and signed by Poornia, Dewan to His Highness Maha Rajah Oodiavur Behauder; and Major Wilks has engaged to procure and deliver to the said Maha Rajah, without delay, a Copy of the same, under the Seal and Signature of the Honourable the Governor-General ; on the receipt of which by the Maha Rajah, the present Additional Articles shall be deemed complete and binding on the Honourable East India Company, and on the Maha Rajah

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Mysore Kistna Rajah Oodiavur Behauder; and the Copy now delivered to the said Maha Rajah shall be returned.

No. 20.-TREATY with the Rajah of Lahore.- Umritsur, 25th

April, 1909.

WHEREAS certain differences which had arisen between the British Government and the Rajah of Lahore, have been happily and amicably adjusted ; and both Parties being anxious to maintain the relations of perfect amity and concord; the following Articles of Treaty, which shall be binding on the Heirs and Successors of the 2 Parties, have been concluded by Rajah Runjeet Sing, on his own part; and by the agency of Charles 'Theophilus Metcalfe, Esquire, on the part of the British Government.

Art. I. Perpetual friendship shall subsist between the British Government and the State of Lahore. The latter shall be considered, with respect to the former, to be on the footing of the most favoured Powers; and the British Government will have no concern with the Territories and Subjects of the Rajah to the Northward of the River Sutley.

II. The Rajah will never maintain, in the Territory occupied by him and his Dependants on the left bank of the River Sutley, more Troops than are necessary for the internal duties of that Territory, nor commit or suffer any encroachment on the possessions or rights of the Chiefs in its vicinity.

III. In the event of a violation of any of the preceding Articles, or of a departure from the rules of friendship on the part of either State, this Treaty shall be considered to be null and void.

IV. This Treaty, consisting of 4 Articles, having been settled and concluded at Umritsur, on the 25th day of April, 1809, Mr. Charles Theophilus Metcalfe has delivered to the Rajah of Lahore a Copy of the same in English and Persian, under bis Seal and Signature; and the said Rajah has delivered another Copy of the same under his Seal and Signature ; and Mr. Charles Theophilus Metcalfe engages to procure, within the space of 2 months, a Copy of the same, duly ratified by the Right Honourable the Governor-General in Council, on the receipt of which by the Rajah, the present Treaty shall be deemed coinplete and binding on both Parties, and the Copy of it now delivered to the Rajahı shall be restored.

No. 21.-TREATY with the Rajah of Cochin.-Anjekanall, 6th

May, 1809.

Treaty of perpetual Friendship and Subsidy between the Honourable

the English East India Company Behauder, and the Rajah of Cochin WHEREAS an Agreement was concluded in the year 1790, between

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