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as glorious as fortunate, have united certain Foreign Provinces under the Sceptre of His Majesty. Their geographical situation, their former Constitution, and their relations with neighbouring States, create new wants to the Kingdom, and new interests, and a multiplicity of calls upon the Government; but we shall overcome every obstacle victoriously, if we never lose sight of the consideration, that we do not act for a transient moment, but for the lasting welfare of the State. We shall, thereby, produce the happiest effects, and excite amongst the new Subjects of His Majesty an emulation of our zeal and patriotism. We must never forget that the Throne to which our beloved Monarch has been elevated by Providence, is founded upon the unchangeable affection, and the unalterable confidence, of His People.

The Prussian Monarchy will prove to the World, that true freedom and legitimate order, equality before the Laws, and the personal security of Individuals, as well as the public welfare,--that Science and the Arts, and, if it be unavoidable, bravery and firmness in the conflict for our Country,-flourish most vigorously under a just Monarch:let us, therefore, set our hands to the task which the King has committed to us, with unanimity and a sincere good will,—and let us be active, in order that, by proving ourselves worthy of His favor and of His confidence, we may find our recompense in His approbation, and our Civic Crown in the blessings of His People; and that, when called away from this theatre of our earthly labours, we may carry with us the pleasing consciousness of having faithfully discharged our duty, and obtained the grateful remembrance of posterity.

God Bless the King, His Family, and His People.

DECREE of The King of Prussia, ordering Changes to be

made in the Administration of the Government.--Potsdam, 3rd November, 1817.

(Translation.) Supreme Cabinet Order of the 3rd of November, 1817, concerning the

conduct of Affuirs by the Ministers in Berlin. It was provided, in the formation of the Council of State, that the Laws, after having been thoroughly examined by it, should be submitted for my sanction.

With regard to the administration of them ;-it has been fixed, by the Instructions given to the Superior Presidents, the Governments, the Consistories, and the Colleges of Medicine, by means of which they, acting independently, and under their own responsibility, will be enabled to execute thein according to the General Rules and Regulations. The Administrations are brought back to their original (1816–17.)

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destination, to make known such Instructions, to prepare the Laws, and to watch over their execution, so that they may be generally carried into effect. But in order to avoid the inconveniences, wbich have arisen from too great a number of objects pressing upon one Department, and upon one Person; in order to enable each Minister thoroughly to inspect and direct the Branch of business committed to him; and in order, moreover, to enable the whole Administration to judge properly, and have under its eye, the Executive Government of the State, so that this may be carried on as completely and harmoniously as possible; and finally, in order to settle the necessary controul, particularly in Finance Affairs, I have determined upon the following Arrangements :

Art. I. The Finance Minister shall be relieved from the charge of the direction of the Extraordinary Revenue and Expenditure, of the Treasure, of the Debt, of the Society of Maritime Commerce, of the Bank, of the General Salt Direction, of the Lottery, of the Mint, and of the Mines and Forges.

On the other hand, he shall retain ;

Ist. The management of the Ordinary Revenue; consequently, that of the Domains and Forests, of the Taxes, and of the General and Provincial Revenues.

2d. The direction of the Department of Commerce and Manufactures, and of all Land and Naval Architecture; consequently, that of the construction of Causeways, Canals, and Ports ; comprehending a sphere of action, which formerly employed several Ministers, and the duties of which require a very active Superintendent.

II. An Administration of the Treasure and of the Credit of the State shall be formed, and shall consist of Prince Hardenberg, as Chief, the Minister of State V. Klewitz as President, and the actual Superior Privy Counsellor of Finance, Rother, as Director.

To this Administration is committed the direction of the Extraordinary Revenue and Expenditure, of the whole Debt of the State, of the Society of Maritime Commerce, of the General Salt Direction, of the Lottery, and of the Mint. The requisite Subaltern Employments shall be filled by Persons belonging to the present Offices.

NII. The Minister of the Interior shall give up the Department of Worship and Public Instruction. The weight and the importance of Religious Affairs and of Education, render it advisable to confide them to a Special Administration. I name thereto the Minister of State, Baron Altenstein.

On the other hand, the Minister of the Interior shall receive the Direction of the Mines and Forges, which stands in close relation to the property of Individuals, and to the cultivation of the Land. The Chief Captain of the Mines shall continue to stand in the same relation to him, as he has hitherto done to the Finance Minister, Count

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Bülow. The Direction of the Manufacture of Salt shall remain at. tached to that of the Mines and Forges.

IV. The Administration of Justice is, throughout a great part of the Monarchy, not yet definitively determined upon. In the Rhenish Provinces, especially, nothing is yet settled, as to what portion of the Foreigo Laws shall be retained, or otherwise. I have sometime since ordered a Commission of Justice to examine the Laws in those Provinces; but its proceedings are too slow; and it is of urgent necessity that an alteration should be made on this important matter.

The General Law of the Land, as well as the Administration of Justice, require revision, in order to adapt them to the changes that have taken place, since they were established. These objects surpass the powers

of any one Person, who is at the same time charged with the General Administration of Justice.

I have, therefore, determined to commit this revision to the Minister of State, V. Beyme; and, at the same time, to give him a seat and a vote in the Administration.

I shall expect, from the Ministers, as soon as possible, suggestions, shewing how these objects may be accomplished, and their attainment accelerated.

V. No change shall take place in the Administration of the Police; the higher and secret Police shall, however, be wholly done away with, as an evil, which was only necessary under the oppressiou of the Enemy, and during the War.

VI. No alteration shall take place in the Administration of War.

VII. The Minister, V. Klewitz, shall receive the Office of Minister Secretary of State.

VIII. As the Administration of the State superintends the whole action of the Executive Power, it will be the duty of each Minister to bring, from time to time, to its knowledge, a general review of the Branches of the Public Service which may be committed to it.

There shall be particularly laid before it, for deliberation :

1. All Plans for new Laws, and changes in them, without exception, before they are submitted to the Council of State; likewise all arrangements, which regard the common weal, or which would effect any change in the existing Constitution.

2. The Accounts of the Administration of the Superior Presidents, for the last year.

3. Their Plans of Administration for the evsuing year. 4. The, so called, Monthly Reports of the Governments. 5. The periodical Inspections of the state of the General Revenue.

6. The Statement of the General and Provincial Revenues; so far as they concern the Administration ; also the Military Estimates.

7. The differences of opinion of the different Ministers.
8. Military Arrangements, so far as they concern the State.

9. Proposals for the Appointments of Chief Presidents, of Presidents of the Governments, of the Superior Colleges of Justice, of Directors, and of Chief Foresters, and Civil Servants holding a rank corresponding to their rank.

10. Proposals for the appointment of the Reporting Counsellors in the different Departments, are left to the Ministers at the Head of thein : but when they relate to a Public Servant, placed in another Department, or under its controul, the matter must be concerted with the Minister presiding over it.

The Chancellor of State and the Ministers are empowered to lay Plans before the assembled Ministers, by the Counsellors who are placed under their direction.

It will depend upon the extent of their Business, how often the Mi. nisters are to meet.

IX. Agreeably to a Special Order, a General Controul will be formed, under the Chancellor of State, as Chief, and the Superior Privy Councillor of State, Ladenberg, as Director. The requisite Appointments in it will be filled by Persons to be taken from the present offices.

X. It being as important for the credit of the Main Bank, as it is for the security of the Deposits, and of the monies belonging to Minors, that this Institution should stand upon its own footing, distinct from any other, and be placed under a special controul; the Minister, Von Klewitz shall be at the Head of it as Royal Commissary, and Chief. Trustees for the Bank will be appointed for the controul of it. They will consist of the Chancellor of State, the Minister of Justice, and the Director of the General Controul.

The Constitution of the Main Bank will be determined by a Special Ordinance.

I charge you, the Chancellor of State, with the execution of this Decree, to enforce it, and to see it enforced, as soon as possible.

It is not necessary, that an increase of the number of Persons employed should take place ; but you must take care that, by a judicious distribution of those employed at present, each Branch of the Offices be filled; and that, where it is possible, savings be made, which, it appears, may be practicable, in consequence of the extension given to the sphere of action of the Chief Presidents, and of the Regencies.

With the exception of the Changes made by the present Ordinance, no other alterations shall take place, and the former Decrees shall remain in force. Given at Potsdam, the 3rd of November, 1817.

FREDERICK WILLIAM. The Chancellor of the Administration of the State.

CORRESPONDENCE of the American Commissioner,

under the IV th Article of the Treaty of Ghent, of 1814, with Great Britain,* relative to the Islands in the Bay of Fundy.-1816, 1817.

[This Correspondence was laid before Congress, with the following Message and Report.]

Message of the President.

Washington, 20th February, 1829. To the Senate of the United States.

In compliance with a Resolution of the Senate, of the 10th Instant, requesting Copies of Correspondence and Communications, from the 20th October, 1816, to the 24th of November, 1817, received at the Department of State, from the American Commissioner under the IVth Article of the Treaty of Ghent, I transmit herewith a Report from the Secretary of State, with Copies of the Papers mentioned in the Resolution.


Report of the Secretary of State.

Department of State, Washington, 18th February, 1829. The Secretary of State, in pursuance of the Resolution of the Senate of the 10th of this month, which has been referred to him, requesting the President to lay before the Senate, Copies of all Correspondence and Communications, bearing date from the 20th of October, 1816, to the 24th of November, 1817, both inclusive, received at the Department of State, from the American Commissioner under the IVth Article of the Treaty of Ghent, relative to the official situation and business of said Commissioner, or such part thereof as can be communicated without injury to the public interest,-has the honor to submit to the President, Copies of all the Communications from the said Commissioner, bearing date within the periods referred to, and being within the purview of the Resolution of the Senate, which appear to have been received at this Department.

H. CLAY. The Hon. J. Q. Adams.

(A.)– Mr. Holmes, Commissioner of The United States, to Mr. Monroe,

Secretary of State. (Extracts.)

Alfred, 2012 October, 1816. AGREEABLY to your direction, I was prepared to meet the British Commissioner at St. Andrews, on the 16th September. For this purpose I was at Portland on the 12th, in the morning, where I met Colonel Barclav

* See Commercial Treaties. Vol. II. Page

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