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CONFERENCE between the Plenipotentiaries of Austria, France,

Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia, relative
to the Application of Lucien Bonaparte for
Passports for The United States.

Paris, 13th March, 1817... 956
CONVENTION with Saxony, for the delivering up of Deserlers.

Dresden, 18th April, 1817... 841

with The Netherlands, for the Abolition of the

Droit de Détraction,” and Tax upon Emi-

gration ....... ..... Brussels, 16th June, 1817... 744

with Saxony, for the Settlement of Accounts, re-

lative to the Perequation, Equivalent-Con-
tribution, and Central TarPunds.

Dresden, 23rd July, 1817... 893
.... with do., relative to the Funds, and General Ad-

ministration, of certain Religious and Charita-
ble (Saxon) Establishments and Endowments.

Dresden, 27th July, 1817... 917

... with Austria, relative to the Gurrison and Mili.

tary Administration of the Fortress of Mayence.

Carlsbad, 10th August, 1817... 761

DECREE of The King, for the Organization of the Council of


.... 2012 March, 1817... 791

of do., ordering Changes to be made in the Adminis-

tration of the Government .......3rd November, 1817... 801

INSTRUCTIONS to the Prussian Minister at Paris, relative to the

Private Claims of the Allied Powers upon France,
under the Convention of Paris, of 1815.

Berlin, September, 1817... 17

Note of the Plenipotentiaries of Prussia, Austria, Great Bri-

tain, and Russia, to the French Government, relative

to the diminution of the Allied Army of Occupation

in France ................... Paris, 10th February, 1817... 824

of the Plenipotentiaries of do., to the Portuguese Go.

vernment, in Brazil, offering the Mediation of the

Allied Courts between Portugal and Spain, upon the

subject of the Occupation of the Province of Monte

Video by the Portuguese Troops.

Paris, 16th March, 1817.... 954

SPEECH of The President, on the Installation of the Council
of State....

....30th March, 1817... 799


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