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PROCEEDINGS of the Council of the Indies, relative to the ex-

pediency of the abolition of the Slave Trade
by Spain

February, 1816.. 516
CORRESPONDENCE with The United States, relative to the

Spanish Blockade of the Ports of the

Vice Royalty of Santa ... 1815, 1817.. 478
........ with do. relative to the Imprisonment of

an American Citizen, for an alleged Debt,

at Cadiz.....

1816, 1817.. 599

...... Annex. Royal Order for the libe-
ration of ditto....

with do. relative to the Floridas, Louisiana,

Boundaries, Spanish-American Insur-
gents, &c. ....

...1816, 1817.. 321

TREATY with Austria, France, Great Britain, Prussia, and

Russia, relative to the Duchies of Parma, Placen-

tia, and Guastalla ........ Paris, 10th June, 1817.. 75

ANNEX. Extract. Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, 1748.. 82

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Convention with Parma, for the arrest and delivering up of

Deserters. . Florence, 2nd August, 1817.. 866
with do., relative to the abolition of the “ Droits
d'Aubaine” and de Détraction."

Florence, 2nd August, 1817.. 926

3rd March, 1817.. 839

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