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Staff Surg. Dr Menzies, h. p. 21 Dr. India,

tees on 21st January, 1824, in the West

25 Dec. Meyer, h. p. For. Vet. Bn. France,

Wassaw Country, Cape Coast Castle,

5 Nov. West Coast of Africa. Apoth. Fox, h. p.

May, 1821.

KILLED. - Price, h. p. London,

do. Hosp. Assist. Picton, Africa,

Brig. Gen. Sir Charles M.Carthy, wounded, ta5 March

ken prisoner, and afterwards killed. Chaplains Department.

WOUNDED (slightly.)

Captain Ricketts, 2 W. I. R. Maj. of Brig. Rev. Archdeacon Gwen, Chaplain General to the

Ensign Erskine, R. African Colonial Corps. Forces,

4 June 1824.

MISSING, and supposed to have been afterwards Killed, Wounded, and Missing of the Re.


Ensign Wetherell, 2 W. I. R. gular Force in Action with the Ashan. Dr Beresford Tedlie, Surg. of 2 W. I. R.


June 2, At Queen Street, the lady of E. W. H. Schenley, Esq. of a daughter.

5. At Portobello, the Countess of Kintore, of a daughter.

- At Grandholm Cottage, the lady of Lieut,, Colonel Lindsay, 78th Highlanders, of a daughter.

7. At Edinburgh, the lady of John Hay, Esq. of the East India Company's service, of a daugh. ter.

- At Craigie Manse, Mrs Dr Stirling, of a daughter.

9. At Links Place, Leith, Mrs Donaldson, of a son.

10. The lady of Warren Hastings Sands, Esq. writer to the signet, of a son.

-Mrs Jolly, 20, Windsor Street, of a daughter. 11. At Greenhead, Glasgow, the lady of Captain T. D. Stewart of the Bengal Cavalry, of a son.

12. At Edinburgh, Mrs Johnstone, Albany Street, of a son.

13. At Park House, Kent, the lady of Sir Henry R. Calder, Bart. of a son.

15. In Lower Mount Street, Dublin, the Hon. Mrs James Caulfield, royal pavy, of a son.

16. Mrs Borthwick, 83, George Street, of a son... 27. At Edinburgh, Mrs Snells, of a daughter.

19. At Rafford Nanse, Mrs Mackay, of a daugh.ter.

20. At North Berwick, Mrs Hawthorn, of a son.

- In Hill Street, Mrs William Colin Clarke, of a daughter.

- At Park Place, Edinburgh, Mrs Grant of Congalton, of a son and heir.

- Mrs Richard Mackenzie, Abercromby Place, of a daughter.

22. Mrs Cook, Northumberland Street, of a son.

23. In Charlotte Square, the Hon. Mrs Duncan, of a son.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Stewart, of Glenormis. ton, of a son.

24. At his house, at the Admiralty, the lady o Sir George Clerk, Bart. M.P. of a son.

25. At Findrassie House, Mrs Leslie, of Findrassie, of a son.

26. At Dundee, Mrs Mylne, of Mylnefield, of a daughter.

27. At Portobello, the lady of Donald Charles Cameron, Esq. of a son.

28. At Logie, the lady of the Hon. Donald Ogilvy, of Clova, of a son.

- Mrs Dr Christie, 13, Calton Street, of a son.

30. In Northumberland Street, the lady of George Brodie, Esq. advocate, of a son.

- Mis Lang of Broomhill, of a son.

Lately, At the Upper Lodge, Bushy Park, the Lady of Colonel Fitzclarence, of a son.

Dec. 22. At Nusseerabad, William Seton Charters, Esq. M.D. of the Bengal Medical Establishment, to Louisa Scott, youngest daughter of the late George Smith, Esq. of Canton.

March 29, 1821, At the Cape of Good Hope, Major Thomas Welster, of Balgarvie, in the service of the Hon. East India Company, to Agnes, daughter of the late John Ross, Esq. Meadow Place, Edinburgh.

May 31. Philip Anglin, Esq. M.D. of the island of Jamaica, to Catharine Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Col. John Robertson.

23. In the Isle of Wight, John George Campbell, Esq. lieutenant in the 32d regiment of foot, and youngest son of the late Colonel John Campbell of Shawfield, to Ellen, fourth daughter of Sir Fitzwilliam Barrington, Bart. of Swainston, in the Isle of Wight.

25. At Banff, George Craigie, Esq. M. D. of the Bengal medical service, to Jane, only daughter of John Wilson, Esq.

June 1. At Burntsfield Place, William Bowden, Esq. of Hull, to Margaret Sawers, eldest daughter of Archibald Anderson, Esq.

- At Edinburgh, Dr James Kellie, physician in Dunbar, to Mary, second daughter of the late Mr George Wauchope.

- At Libberton Place, Mr Thomas Torrance, farmer, Meadow Head, to Margaret, daughter of Mr Bagrie, farmer, Miller Hill.

- At Craighead, James Chrystal, Esq. jun. writer in Stirling, to Patricia Bennet, daughter of Robert Banks, E.q. of Craighead.

- At Drumpellier, Lieutenant John Hay, R.N. to Marion, eldest daughter of David Carrick Bu. channan, Esq. of Drumpellier

2. In Gavfield Square, David Arthur Davies, Esq. surgeon, Llanally, to Spencer Boyd, eldest daughter of Andrew Sievwright, Esq. merchant, Edinburgh.

4. At Edinburgh, Mr John Waddell, Shoemaker, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr Lauchlan Wilkie, flesher, Musselburgh.

7. At Tunbridge Wells, William Thomas Thornton, Esq. to Hannah Ísabella Cornelia, eldest daughter of the late Colonel Halket Craigie, of Hallhill in the county of Fife.

8. At No. 10, Dublin Street, Mr Alexander Huie, to Eliza Gordon, second daughter of John Edgar, Esq. surgeon, Berwick-upon-Tweed.

- At Haddington, Mr John Richardson, writer, to Margaret, second daughter of the late Mr Hay Walker, Haddington.

At Perth, Mr Henry Russell, merchant, Duntermline, to Margaret, fourth daughter of the late Mr George Gray.

- At Glasgow, Mr John Honeyman, merchant, Glasgow, to Isabella, eldest daughter of the late Mr Patrick Smith.

9. At Windsor Street, Leith Walk, Mr John Connell, merchant, to Miss Elizabeth Johnson.

11. At Warriston Crescent, David Cannan, Esq. surgeon, to Mary Stewart, eldest daughter of John Reid, Esq..

12. At Edinburgh, A. T. Smith, Esq. surgeon,

MARRIAGES. Nov. 12, 1893. At Masulipatam, Captain Kyd, of the Madras European regiment, to Mary Anne, daughter of George Rose, Esg. of Crookham, Newbury.

Kirkaldy to Mary Anne, daughter of James Burn, Hill, Bart. in the 84th year of his age. Sir John Esq. manufacturer, Edinburgh.

is succeeded in the baronetcy and in his exten. 15. At Pilrig Street, Robert Blackie, Esq. to sive estates by his grandson, Rowland, one of the Eliza, daughter of the late Burridge Purvis, Esq. representatives in Parliament for the county of of Glassmount.

Salop. - At Summerfield, Leith, Mr Williain Nelson, 28. At Bourdeaux, Charlotte, youngest daughmerchant, Leith, to Jane, second daughter of Mr ter of Alexander Maclean, Esq. of Ardgour. James Tait, merchant there.

29. At Hastings, in Sussex, Robert Alexander - At Liverpool, William Blair M'Kean, Esq. Paterson Wallace, Esq, only son of the deceased merchant, Leith, to Marianne, daughter of John Major Robert Wallace of the 17th foot, and grandM'Culloch, Esq. M.D. Liverpool.

son of the late Alexander Wallace, Esq. banker in 16. At Craighead, Archibald Smith, merchant, Edinburgh. Glasgow, to Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas M'. 30. At Kirkaldy, Mr Douglas Morison, merCall, Esq. of Craighead.

chant. 18. Mr Robert Dempster, aruggist, to Janet, - At Torquay, Devonshire, Miss Euphemia youngest daqghter of Nr William Stark, builder. Ballantine, daughter of the late Patrick Ballan

- At Leith, Mr Alexander S. Bisset, to Frances, tine, Esq. of Orchard. eldest daughter of Mr A. Thom, Brechin.

36. At Square Point of Crossmichael, William - At St George's, Hanover Square, London, Rae, Esq. late of Dunjarg. Samuel Whitbread, Esq. M. P. to Julia, daughter 31. At Bath, the lady of Sir George Abercromby of Major General the Hon. Henry Brand

Robinson, Bart. 19. At St George's Church, Hanover Square, June 1. At Musselburgh Mrs Charles Stewart, London, Captain Fox, son of Lord Holland, to jun. Miss Mary Fitzelarence. The arr.iable bride was - At St Andrews, David Meldrum, Esq. of given away by his Royal Highness the Duke of Dron. York and Sir Charles Poole.

- At his house in Queen Street, Edinburgh, 21. At Edinburgh, Munro Ross, Esq. of Ross Alexander Wylie, Doctor of Medicine. hill, to Grace, youngest daughter of the late John 2. At Edinburgh, Samuel Watson, Esq. soliciCumming, Esq.

tor-at-law. - At Park Place, Edinburgh, the Right Hon. - At Fintry, Stirlingshire, Janet Waters, aged the Earl of Leven and Melville, to Elizabeth Anne 100. She had 13 c ildren, 53 grand-children, and Campbell, second daughter of the Hon. Lord 40 great-grand-children; total 16. Succoth.

- At Dysart, Mrs Grace Reddie, relict of Lieu22. At Glasgow, Thomas Campbell, Esq. to tenant James Black, Royal Navy. Agnes, second daughter of Kirkman Fiulay, Esq.

3. At Heatherwick-house, Margaret Milnes, of Castle Toward.

youngest daughter of the late James Milnes, Esq. - At Cliftonhall Mains, Mr George Lindsay, - At Fyvie, the Hon. Mrs Gordon, relict of Ge. merchant, Edinburgh, to Agnes, daughter of the neral the Hon. William Gordon of Fyvie. late Mr Wm. Thomson, farmer.

--- At London, Miss Crachami, the celebrated 24. At Dairsie, Dr James Spence, physician, Sicilian dwarf, (only 19 inches high,) after a short Cupar, to Robina, daughter of the late Rev. Ro illness, produced by the late changes in the wea bert Coutts, one of the ministers of Brechin.

ther. She was a most interesting child. 28. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Andrew Kennedy, 2. At Edinburgh, Daniel Ramsay of Falla, aged of Keith, to Miss Mary Mutter.

61. 29. At Maybole Castle, James Dow, Esq. of 4. At Dalzell house, William, infant son of A. Montrose, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late J. Hamilton, Esq. of Dalzell. William Douglas, Esq. merchant, Leith.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Murray, spouse Lately, At St George's Hanover Square, Lon. of Mr James Callender, Parliament Stairs. don, the Hon. Captain W. L. Fitzgerald de Roos, - At Edinburgh, Francis, son of Mr John of the 1st regiment of Life Guards, to Lady Geor Howden, jeweller. giana Lennox, daughter of the Duke of Rich - At Edinburgh, Mrs Abercrombie, widow of mond.

the Rev. George Abercrombie, one of the ministers of Aberdeen.

5. At Bogton, Cathcart, Miss Pagan of Bogton. DEATHS.

- At Lauder, Alex. Dawson, Esq. Chief MaOct. 23, 1823. At Bencoolen, James Patrick gistrate of the burgh. Drummond, eldest son of the late James Drum 6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean Johnston, wife of mond, Esq. of Comrie, Perthshire.

William Johnston, Esq. of Lathrisk. Jan. 2, 1824, Al Madras, John Fraser Lane, 7. At View Forth, John Henry Thin, son of Esq. Collector of Masulipatam, Hon. East India Mr Thin, architect Company's service.

- At his house, York Place, John Blackwell, 8. At Ceylon, Dr Thomas J. Wharrie.

Esq. Advocate. 12. At Madras, J. Waddell, Esq.

si At Malvern, Lieut.-Colonel Hugh Hous19. At Batavia, Henry Band, son of the late Mr toun. Henry Band, merchant, Leith.

9. Suddenly, at his house, in Drury Lane, Mr 21. At Montreal, suddenly, of asphyxia, the Oxberry, the comedian. Rev. T. Hill.

- At Kirkwall, in Orkney, the Rev. Robert March 25. At St Andrews, Jamaica, at Islington Yule, Minister of the Gospel there. Pen, at an advanced age, the Hon. James Stewart, - In South Audley Street, London, Thomas custos, and late one of the representatives in the Chevalier, Esq. Surgeon Extraordinary to the Hon. Hlouse of Asseinbly for that parish.

king, and Professor of Anatomy and Surgery to April 23. In Virginia, Dr James Murray Brown, the Royal College of Surgeons in London.

May 19. At Bervie, Dr Robert Napier, deeply 10. At Rankeillour House, Mrs Mary Maitland, regretted.

widow of Charles Maitland, Esq. younger of Ran29. At Leith, Mr Alexander Paterson, iron- keillour. monger (late of Surling :) and on the 8th June, 11. Mrs Mary Gordon Porteous, wife of Mr Alexander, his second son, in his 14th year.

Alex. Callender, surgeon. - At Bedford Place, Alloa, Captain Robert - At Stirling, the Rev. Archibald Bruce, one Henderson.

of the ministers of that parish. - At Florence, William Crosbie, Esq. his Ma. -- At Edinburgh, Thomas Fergusson, Esq. of jesty's Secretary of Legation at the Court of Tus- Baledmund. cany.

13. At his house, Blythswood Place, Glasgow, 25. At Ditton Common, Surrey, David Stewart, William Montieth, Esq. Esq. shipowner, St Andrews, Fifeshire.

- At (anonmills, Margaret, cnly surviving 26. At Montcallier, near Turin, Capel Loft, Esq. daughter of Mr Alexander Ritchie. an author of great celcbrity.

11. At Thurso, Mrs Pringle, wife of Mr Robert 28. At Bantl, Mrs Gordon, widow of the Rev. Pringle, Collector of Excise. Abercromby Gordon, minister of Banff.

- At Waukinills of Letham, on the 14th 10- At London, John Locke, M. D. late of Glas stant, Mr Patrick Stirling, aged 82 years. gow.

15. At Surling, on the 15th ult. Mrs Gleig, wife 98. At his seat, Hawkstone, Salop, Sir John of the Right Rev. Bishop Gleig.

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of MAI

16. At No 2, Arniston Place, Major Colin Camp Commanding Officer to report him for an officer's bell, of Strachur.

commission; for he was one of a party of thirty, At St John's Hill, Robert Home, youngest who, on that occasion, volunteered to storm a son of Mr Robert Armstrong, jun. brass-founder. battery, and the only one of the party who sur

- At Weymouth, George Mellis, Esq. of Perth vived (but not unwounded) the capture of it. shire.

- At Colinton Manse, James, son of the Rev. At Paisley, in the 77th year of his age, John Lewis Balfour, minister of Colinton. Orr, Esq. formerly Provost of the burgh.

21. At Scotstown, Alexander Moir, of Scots-- After a few days illness, at his residence in town, Esq. Lower Grosvenor Street, London, the Right Hon. 22. At Edinburgh, Mrs Christian Henderson Lord Henry Thomas Howard Molyneux Howard, Grandison, widow of the Rev. Joseph Johnston, Deputy Earl-Marshal of England, and brother to minister of Innerleithen, Peebles-shire. his Grace the Duke of Norfolk. His Lordship re 23. At Warriston House, Miss Mary Brown, presented the city of Gloucester in several Parlia eldest daughter of the late Captain Robert Browa, idents, and sat in the present Parliament for Leith. Steyning.

25. At his house, Charlotte Street, Leith, Mr -In Parliament Street, Dublin, Walter Thom, Peter Scott. Esq. of Aberdeen, formerly Editor of the Corre - At Currie, Mr Thomas Hamilton, sen., late spondent, and, for the last few years, joint Pro builder in Edinburgh. prietor and Editor of the Dublin Journal.

26. At Ruchill, Miss Dreghorn, daughter of 19. At his house in Welbeck Street, London, in the late Robert Dreghorn, of Blochairn. the 51st year of his age, the Right Hon. Alexander - At Stranraer, Provost Kerr, of Stranraer. Wentworth, Lord Macdonald, the representative - At Heatherwick-house, East Lothian, George, of the ancient Lords of the Isles in Scotland, lea eldest son of Captain W. H. Hardyman, Hon. East ving no family. He is succeeded in his title and India Company's naval service. estates, by his next brother, the Hon. Major-Gene 30. At Edinburgh, John, youngest son of Mr ral Godfrey Bosville.

William Boyd, W. S. - At her residence, No 13, Seymour Place, -- At Burrowmuirhead, Mrs Jane Spottiswood. Little Chelsea, Donna Maria Theresa del Riego y spouse of Mr John Robertson of Lawhead. Riego, widow of General Don Rafael del Riego y Lately, At Paris, General John Murray, aged Riego.

85. He had served his Majesty sixty years in dif2ů. At Bath, the Hon. Alexina Duncan, the ferent parts of the world, and was twelve years a eldest daughter of Viscount Duncan.

prisoner in France, under Napoleon's government. -- At Edinburgh, Lieut. John Fraser, formerly His eldest son, Major-General Murray, was late of the 71st, thereafter of the 87th regiment of foot. Governor of Demerara. He entered the 71st regiment at the youthful age - At No. 1, Salisbury Road, Erskine, R. C. of sixteen. He passed with approbation through youngest son of John Gordon, Esq. the grades from private to officer in the short - At Plymouth, Rear-Admiral William Cumspace of eight years. His signal bravery at the ming, C. B. taking of the Cape of Good Hope induced the

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THERE is one quality in the North his Majesty's birth-day, and I would American character which is generally answer for him, in a strange country, overlooked, and which I have never if there were no other way, he would perceived in that of any other people maintain himself by making plaster to the same degree. It is a sort of se- medallions of that little coin. rious versatility. The French have a Throw him among savages, and he greater, or rather a pleasanter sort, will teach them to dance, (not that I and accommodate themselves more rea- believe the story of Chateaubriand ;) dily to circumstances ; and the ancient among wild beasts, and he will find Greek had an excess of what we call some way of reconciling them to his versatility in his temper and power. presence, (where another man would But, in the Frenchman, it is more of make war upon them outright,) either a constitutional habit, a more trivial by pulling thorns out of their feet, or and less respectable property, than it dressing their manes ; upon a desolate is in the American ; although, to my island, and he will grow old in carving notion, a thousand-fold more agreea “L'Empereur" upon a cocoa nut, arranble. And, in the versatility of the ging coloured sea-shells into flowers, Greek, there was always more of the and birds, with wings like butterflies; bright, changeable caprice of genius or in making clay models of everything more of the spiritual, more of heroic upon the island. The basket-maker in audacity, and less of steady, invinci- the fable was undoubtedly a Frenchble determination, than in that of the man, and the spider that Robert Bruce North American.

beheld in the barn, was as undoubtedThe Frenchman is never without ly a French spider; no other would resources, but then his resources are ever have repeated the same experialways of a light and brilliant charac- ment, precisely over and over again, ter. It is the smallest possible coin- so often. age that can be made use of, which a We all know what the versatility of Frenchman will contrive to disburse a Frenchman is; and when I call to in any extremity. He would maintain mind what I have actually seen, no. himself, though he had been a general thing that could be said of their power officer, or peer of the realm, at home, to employ or maintain themselves if he were shipwrecked upon a foreign would seem to be extravagant. shore, by expedients of which none I have known a French prisoner but a Frenchman would ever dream ; spend every leisure hour, for many nay, give him but one of the silver years, in manufacturing a line-of-batpennies which are distributed here on tle ship, out of the little splinters of Vol. XVI.


bone which he found in the soup. I the spirit of adventure is disturbed in have known another, who began by a genuine American, he appears to planting coffee trees, in St Domingo, reckon upon miracles and phenomena, with his own hand-realized a prince as other men do upon chances. ly fortune-lost it during some insur Thus, I have known two American rection ; began agaiu–became very partners in a large mercantile house. wealthy-lost that in the same way; One had been educated for the bar ; . narrowly escaped with his life, and a had practised at the bar; and was befew dollars, to America; began to teach lieved to be in the way to great authoFrench, while he was precisely in the rity in his profession, when he marsituation of George, in the Vicar of ried, fell sick, consumed all his proWakefield, who set off to teach the perty, and went into business with Dutchmen English, and never recol another adventurer, who had made lected, until he had arrived in Hol and lost, already, about half a dozen land, that, to teach them English, he fortunes: The other (of the two first himself should know something of named) had no education at all; had Dutch-realized a little money, and been put apprentice to a retail shoplaid it out in a law-suit-in the pur- keeper, at the age of twelve ; and had chase of claims, which he spent about grown up to manhood, in a course of eighteen or twenty years in bringing adventure, that, in any country but to a determination-himself, a great this, would have been thought romanpart of the time, upon the water be tic and wonderful-as well as a comtween America and France, with tes- plete disqualification for every kind of timony which never failed, for many Serious business. years, to be informal, inadequate, or These two, as I have said, were inapplicable. But he prevailed after partners in the same house. They soon all, and is now independent. This extended their operations all over the was, perhaps, the most extraordinary United States; inade money-specucase of what I have called serious ver lated—and failed. A council was held satility, in a Frenchman, that was ever between them. The younger of the known. That a French prisoner of two-he who had no educationwar, a good scaman, (for a French spent several hours in determining man,) should employ himself, year whether he should beccme a soldier, after year, in miniature ship-building; (for he was weary of mercantile afsubstituting beef bone for oak timber, fairs)-go to India, and upset the Briand converting what other men would tish power there; or to South Amerihardly have had the patience or the ca, and help to revolutionize two or power to make a tooth-pick of, into three empires in that quarter : A cleraccurate and beautiful machinery, is gyman; (but upon that profession he no very surprising matter. There is a hardly bestowed a second thought, sort of serious pleasantry-a kind of after the reflection occurred, that, in busy, industrious trifling in it, alto- America, there was neither rank, revegether French ; and very like what one nue, nor dominion, for the clergy ;) a would look for in the occupation of physician ; a lawyer; an actor; an any Frenchman, after the quicksilver auctioneer; or a politician. The reof his blood was precipitated by mis- sult was, that he concluded to become fortune. It was only the mimickry of a lawyer--the law in America being naval architecture. But that a West the highway to the highest honours of Indian--a planter-and, above all, a the government-while his partner, Frenchman, should venture to lay out at the same time, resolved to become the wre:k of bis whole fortune upon a divine. American justice, without understand The first went forthwith to his ing one word of American law; and room-laboured night and day for sebefore he could say in English, so as veral years (supporting himself, in the to be understood, “Your humble ser meantime, by what nobody but an vant, sir," is a thing so incredible, American, in such a situation, would that, if I did not know the story to be have thought of-in America—his true, I would not repeat it. Yet, such pen;) became distinguished ; and is a speculation would have been quite now a counsellor-at-law in the Suin character for an American ; perfect preme Court of the United States. ly reconcilable to the presumptuous And yet-hardly eight years have versatility of his temper; for, when passed since he was a broken mer

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