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29 July

5 Aug.

h. p.

6 Aug.

5 Aug.

Ens. Greene, Lt.

12 Aug.

Commissariat Department.
J. Trollope, Ens.


Comm. Clerk, T. Walker, Dep. As. 84 Capt. Colomb, from h. p. 37 F. Capt.

Comm. Gen.

13 July vice Tonson, exch. do.

T. Stafford, do. 86 Lt. Grey, Capt. by purch. vice Hogg,

W. Bishop,

do. ret.

J. Finlay,

do. Ens. Close, Lt.


Hospital Staff:
P. Le Poer Trench, Ens.

Lt. Mildmay, from h. p. 22 Dr. Lt.

Staff Surg. Tully, Dep. Insp. of Hosvice Halcott, 53 F.


22 July 88 W. P. Gallway, Ens. vice Boyes, y

Dr Arthur, from h. p. Physician to W. I. R.


the Forces, vice Denecke, h. p. 92

15 do. Capt. Cameron, from h. p. 79 F. Capt. vice Phelan, exch. 19 Aug.

As. Surg. Rosser, from h. p. 3. F.As. 97 Maj. Paterson, from h. p. York

Surg. vice Wharrie, dead 22 do. Chass. Maj. vice Bamford, 73 F.

Hosp. As. Young, As. Surg. vice Law, 12 do. dead

14 Aug. 98

do. Lt. Goodiff, from h. p. 31 F. Lt. vice

E. J. Bulteel, Hosp. As.
Logan, exch.


Exchanges. Rifle Brig. W. Lloyd, 20 Lt. by purch. vice Day Major Macintosh, from 93 F. with Major Bozon, rell, 10 F.

22 July

h. p. 81 F. Lt. Molloy, Capt. vice Skeill, dead Bt. Major Cane, from 65 F. with Capt. Senior,

b. p. 18 F. 2d Lt. Maclean, 1st Lt.


Meachan, from 24 F. with Capt. Stack, C. Bagot, Page of Honour to the

h. p. 88 F. King, 20 Lt.


Capt. Phillimore, from Gren. Gds. rec. diff. with I W. I. R. E. G. Ellis, Ens. vice Pentland, 21 F. Capt. Saunderson, h. p. 81 F.

15 July

Mahon, from 29 F. with Capt. Hon. J. H. Ens. Spence, Lt. vice M'Carthy, Cradock, h. p. 3W.I.R. dead,


French, from 81 F. with Capt. Scoones, F. W. Watson, Ens.

do. Hosp. As. Murray, As. Surg. 22 do.

Hart from 82 F. with Capt Brutton, h.p. Ens. Boyes, from 88 F. Lt. 29 do.

75 F.
Staff As: Surg: O'Beime, Surg. vice Driberg, from 83 F. with Capt. Haggerston,
Ritchie, dead

Ceylon Regt.
Ens, and Adj. Curry, rank of Lt.

Heard, from 87 F. with Capt. Moore, h. p.

101 F. Ens. Sutherland, Lt. vice Dunne, Cornet Simpson, from R. Ho. Gds. rec. diff. with dead

7 do.

Ensign Ld. Russell, h. p. 48 F.
E. E. Nicolls, Ens.


Ensign Thomson, from 8 F. rec. diff. with Ensign Cape C. (Cav.) Bt. Maj. Craufurd, from 12 Dr. Byron, h. p. 42 F. Maj. by purch. vice Somerset, dead

Bennett, from 68 F. with Ensign Bernard,

h. p. 16 F. R.Afr.Col.C. Lt. Brady, from 21 F. Capt. vice M Qua. Mast. Cockburn, from 17 Dr. with Lieut. Combie, dead

15 July

Nicholson, h. p. 8 Dr.
D. Turner, Ens, vice O'Meara, dead Surg. Walker, from 32 F. with Surg. Bampfield,

h. p. Meuron's Regt.
Capt. De Barrallier, from h. p. 32 F. Assist. Surg. Latham, from 57 F. with Assist.
Capt, vice Baynes, exch.

12 Aug.

Surg. Doyle, h. p. 35 F. 1 Vet. Bn. Ens. Russel, from h. p. 6 F. Ens.

(repay the diff. he rec. upon exch. Resignations and Retirements.
to h. p.) vice Karr, rét. list 49 do. Maj. Gen. Lamont, late of 92 F.
Lt. Gray, from h. p. 6 F. Lt. vice Col. Earl of Granard, Longford Mil.
Pope, ret. list

15 do. Maj. Booth, 15 Dr. Vet. Comps. Bt. Lt. Col. Burke, from h. p. Dil Broomfield, 19 F. for Newf. lon's R. Maj.

25 July Capt. Gordon, 7 Dr. Capt. Pilkington, from h. p. 5. F. James Ross, 51 F. Capt.

do. Lieut. Birch, 10 F.
Rudkin, from h. p. 100 F. do. Ens. La Roche, 14 F.
Mackenzie, from h. p. York

Lt. Inf. Vol. Capt.


Maj. Gen. D. Campbell.
Lt. Campbell, from h. p. 72 F. Lt. do.

Prevost, from 67 F. Bath, 9 Aug. 1824.
Croly, from h. p. 81 F. do.

Lieut. Col. Warren, 47 F.
Daunt, from h. p. 62 F. do.
Stanley, h. p. 15 F.

Major Percival, late of 18 E: Malta, 8 May, 1824.
Ashton, late 12 F. Egham,

14 Aug. Dunne, from h. p. 25 F. do,

Richardson, late 5 Veteran Bn. Amboise,
Ingall, from h. p. 70 F. do

24 May.
Ens. Clarke, from h. p. 50 F. Ens. do.
Philpot, from h. p. 62 F.

Capt. Gell, 1 F. at Chingput, on march for Tri

do. Walker, from h. p. 90 F.

18 Feb. 1821. do.


Rotton, 17 F.

Field, 82 F. Mauritius,

8 March. Lt. Col. Belford, of late 3 Vet. Bn.

Yorke, 95 F. Malta,

1 July. Fort Maj. of Dartmouth Castle,

Skeil, Rifle Brig. vice Wright, dead 12 Aug. 1824.

Lumsdain, late Invalids, Invergellie, N.B. Unattached.

17 Nov. 1823. Ma). Campbell, from 97 F. Lt. Col. · Thompson, late Garr. Bat. near Birming, of Inf. by purch. vice Maj. Gen.


24 June, 1824. Lamont, ret. 10 July, 1821.

Allott, late 5 Vet. Bn. Hague Hall, YorkRoyal Military College.


15 do.

-J. Wingate Weeks, h. p. Nova Scotia Fenc. Capt. Clias to be Superintendant of and Town Adj. of Cape Briton, Cape Briton, Gymnastic Exercises, with rank and

23 do.
pay of Capt. in the Army while so Lieut. Roberts, 26 F.

Skelton, 16 F. Belgaum, Madras,

10 Feb. 1824.
Bt. Maj.
Cochrane, h. p. 103 F. Insp.

Cottman, 60 F. Barbadoes, 2 July. Fld. Off. Mil. Nova Scotia, with

Coates, 71 F. Glasgow,

28 do. rank of Lt. Col. in the Army,

Dunne, 2 W. I. R.
15 July

M'Carthy, do.
Capt. Bentley, from late 1 Vet. Bn.

Hayter, R. Eng. Colombo, 21 March Staff Capt. at Chatham, vice Dal Wright, Fort Maj. Dartmouth Castle. gety, ret. list,

19 Aug.

Sir J. Foulis, Bt. late Inval. Dublin 3 June. VOL. XVI.




5 Aug.




Thomas Stevenson
Geo. Read (b)
Geo. Wyndham
Edward C. Earle
Andrew Smith (b)
Jas. B. Whitelocke
Wm. Dickey
Andrew Kennedy
Wm. H. Molyneux
Thomas Cole (b)
C. H. Binstead
C. G. Lloyd
George Kennedy
Joseph West
Chas. Geo. Butler
Henry 0. Love
Charles Brand
W. H. Routledge
John Conjuit
Joseph Roche
James Ing Sullivan
Aaran Games
Thomas Phelps
Samuel H. Laston
Peter White
Wm. B. Fabian
Joseph Reay
Arthur T. Morley
Joseph F. Thompson
Wm. Flinn
John Hills
Charles M. Chapman
John Coleman (a)
Abraham Whitehead
Fred. Phillips
Richard Jones (b)
Wm. Henry Brand
Nath. Newenham
Chas. Henry Seale
Henry Stroud
Redmond Moriarty
W. Syfrett
Wm. H. Braddy
Thos. M Williams
Robert H. Stanhope
J.J. F. Newell
Cornw. Ricketts
Wm. Johnstone
Lewis Davies
Wm. H. Henderson
Wm. Worsfold
Wm. Dickson (b)
Chr. Bagot (act)
Wm. H. Kitchen
Wm. Cotes worth
Geo, Hensiow
Thos. E. Hoste (flag)
Wm. H. Pierson
David Welch
Geo. Delme
John M. Laws
Chas, H. Akerley
John D. Robinson
Henry Knolles
G. F. Dawson

Lieut. Bailey, h. p. 6 F. Brough, Westmoreland, Ensign Bond, late 5 R. Vet. Bat. Brewood, Staf. 29 do. ford,

17 July Elmore, h. p. 72 F. Secunderabad, Paymaster Williams, 82 F. Mauritius, 7 Apr. 1824. 15 Dec. 1823.

Harrison, b. p. 83 F. • Laird, h. p. 86 F. Gateshead, Durham, Quart. Mast. Murray, h. p. Durham Fene. Cav, 22 July, 1824.

Feb. 1824. Crean, h. p. 1 Gar. Bn. Stream's Town. Surg. Buchanan, h. p. 9 F. Glasgow, 14 Aug. 1824. Co. Mayo,

11 June. Staff Assist. Surg. Law, Africa. Ensign Glass, late 6 Vet. Bat. Musselburgh, Vet. Surg. Harrison, h. p. York Huss. Tedding22 July. ton,

27 May, 1824. M'Cabe, h. p. Cape Co. Jersey, 21 June.




William Sandom
Lord Byron
Thomas Favell, (com.)
Philip Pipon
Octavius V. Vernon
John F. Studdert
Hon. J. A. Maude
Lord Napier
John M. Laws, (com.)
John M'Causland, (com.)
Henry J. Leeke
Robert H. Barclay
C. H. Fremantle
James Scott
Provo W. P. Wallis
Henry Litchfield
Thomas Pennington
Francis Fead
William Hotham
Charles Sotheby
Gr. E. Hamond, C. B.
Charles Church, (com.)

Joseph Cammilleri
John Fletcher
Dur de Sausmarez
John Walkie
William Pedder
Mitch. W. Wroot (flag)
Thomas Ball
Hon. W. Keith
Robert F. Gambier
Hon. H. J. C. Talbot
James W. Cairnes
Edward Kelly
George Sayer
John M'Causland
Charles Andros
Edm. Yonge
Phil. Gostling
William C. Gerrard
Henry E. Atkinson
Fred. Thackeray
Henry Layton
E. R. Marley (act.)
Robert Campbell
Charles Inglis
Edm. H. Pace
Jos. Fra. Forster
Geo. G. Stewart
William Molyneux
William Robertson (b)
J. T. Warren
S. B. Peacock
Ro. Beaumont
Chas. Thurtell
Jos. B. Driffield
Samuel Hellard
Jos. M. Wood
Thomas E. Hodder
John Hathorn
Hon. T. Austin
Fred. Wood
Francis Harding
Sam. R. Whitecombe
John Christie
C. J. F. Newton






Owen Glendower

ditto Prince Regent Pylades




ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto Windsor Castle Hyperion

& son.

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10. In Melville Street, the lady of James EdBIRTHS.

mund Leslie, Esq. of e son. Jan. 7. At Nagpore, the lady of Andrew Ross, - At Ely Place, London, Mrs Tweedie, of a Esq. assistant-surgeon, 2d battalion, 18th Regi son. ment, of a son.

11. At Beaumont Place, Edinburgh, Mrs FulFeb. 4. At Negapatam, the lady of Alexander ton Gibb, of a son. Fairlie Bruce, Esq., civil service, of a son.

14. At No. 15, London Street, Mrs Thomas March 3. At Bellary, Madras, the lady of Lieu Grahame, of a son. tenant-Colonel Campbell, 16th regiment, of a son. 20. At Holkham, Norfolk, Lady Ann Coke, of

21. At the Cape of Good Hope, the Lady of Lord Charles Somerset, of a daughter.

- At Putney Heath, the lady of the Hon. ThoMay 5. At Sympheropole, Sultana Katte mas Erskine, of a daughter. Ghery Krim Ghery, of a daughter.

22. At Beaufort Castle, the Hon. Mrs Fraser of 23.' At Bourn Hall, Cambridgeshire, Countess Lovat, of a daughter. Delawarr, of a daughter.

24. At Heriot Row, Mrs Dalyell, of Lingo, of a 29. At Government-House, Montreal, Canada, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel M'Grigor, Toth 25. At Park House, Mrs Gordon of Park, of a regiment, of a daughter.

daughter. 30. At Dalkeith, Mrs Dr Morison, of a daugh 27. At No. 1, Fettes Row, the lady of Captain ter.

Pearson, Royal Navy, of twin sons. 31. The Hon. Lady Paget, of a daughter.

- At Eildon Hall, the Lady of the Hon. J. E. June 26. At Netherhouse, the lady of Major Elliot, of a son. Peat, of a daughter.

29. At Dean House, near Edinburgh, the lady July 1. At Ditton Park, the seat of Lord Mon of General Sir Thomas - Bradford, K.C.B. of a tagu, the Lady Isabella Cust, of a daughter. daughter.

3. At Briary Baulk, Mrs Hutehins, of a daugh 30. In Queen Street, the lady of John Architer,

bald Campbell, Esq. of a daughter. - At 19, York Place, Mrs Abercrombie, of a - At 26, Heriot Row, Mis Morison, of a daughdaughter.

ter. - At Colinton Bank, Mrs Logan, of a daugh. 31. At Pittencrieff, Mrs Hunt of Pitteneriefl, of ter.

a daughter. 4. At the Royal Circus, the lady of William - Åt Invermoriston, the lady of James MurStirling, Esq of a daughter.

ray Grant, Esq. of Glenmoriston and Moy, of a 5. At Kemnay House, Mrs Burnett, of a son. daughter.

- At Mungall Cottage, Mrs Stainton, of Big Lately. At North Aston, Oxfordshire, Vicount. garshiells, of a son.

ess Chelwynd, of a daughter. 8. Mrs Fisher, 15, Forth Street, of a son. - At the seat of the Earl of Winchelsea, the - At Rosemount, Mis Christie, of a daughter. Lady of Captain Drummond, Coldstream guards,

9. At her father's, the Right Rev. Bishop Sand of a daughter. ford, the lady of Montagu B. Bere of Morebath, in the county of Devon, Esq. of a son and heir.

MARRIAGES. 11. At London, the lady of G. R. Dawson, Esq. March 29. At the Cape of Good Hope, Major M.P. of a son.

Thomas Webster of Balgarvie, to Agnes, daugh13. Mrs W. C. Learmonth, of Craigend, of a ter of the late John Ross, Esq. Meadow Place, son.

Edinburgh. 16. At 79, Great King Street, Mrs Kinnear, of June 29. At Hartpurry, Glocestershire, Robert & son.

Hill, merchant, Edinburgh, to Rose Bellingham 20. At Lauder, Mrs Allan, of a son.

Martin, daughter of Mr Thomas Martin, HartAt Belgavies, in Angus-shire, the lady of A.

purry. M‘Kenzie, Èsq. surgeon, 69th regiment, of twin July 1. At Masham, Yorkshire, the Rev. John sons.

Stewart, minister of Sorn, to Mary, daughter of - At Beddington, in Surrey, the Hon. Lady the late Lieut.-General Gammell. Helen Wedderburn, of a son.

- At Eldersly House, Robert C. Bontine, Esq. - At Balcarras, the lady of Captain Head, of of Ardoch, eldest son of William C. C. Grahame, a daughter.

Esq. of Gartmore, to Frances Laura, daughter of 21. At Drummond Place, the lady of A. Scott Archibald Spiers, Esq. of Eldersly. Broomfield, of a daughter.

2. At Phantassie, James Aitchison, Esq. second At Blebo, the lady of Lieut.-Colonel Be son of William Aitchison, Esq. of Druminore, lo thune, of a son.

Janet, second daughter of George Rennie, Esq. 42. At Middleton Terrace, Penton vi'le, Lon. of Phantassie. don, the lady of the Rev. Edward Irving, of the 3. In St Paul's Chapel, York Place, Dr John Caledonian Chapel, of a son.

Argell Robertson, to Anne, second daughter of the 23. At Pwltycrochan, North Wales, he lady of late Charles Lockhart, Esq. of Newhall. Sir David Erskine, of Cainbo, Bart of a son and 5. At Dundee, the Rev. Dr Ireland, Catherine heir.

Bank, North Leith, to Catherine, second daugh24. Mrs Walker, Stafford Street, of a daughter. ter of the late Dr Henderson, physician, Dundee. 27. At Baberton House, the lady of Archibald 6. At Glasgow, Captain Lauchlan Macquarrie, Christie, Esq. of Baberton, of a son.

350 Regiment of Foot, to Margaret, fourth daughAt St Anthony's Place, Leith, Mrs William ter of the late Daniel Macalpine, Esq. of ArdnaWyld, of a daughter.

kaig, Argyllshire. 31. At Kilbagie, Mrs Stein, of a son.

At Drylaw, Captain Charles Hope Watson, Aug 1. At Paris, her royal highness the Duchess Royal Navy, to Miss Mary Ramsay, youngest of Orleans, of a prince.

daughter of the late William Ramsay, Esq. of - The lady of Major Johnston, 99th regiment, Baruton. of a daughter.

- At Sackville House, county of Kerry, Ire3. At London, Mrs A. Baxter, of a daughter. land, Major David Graham, 69th Regiinent of 4. At Inverlochy, the lady of Colonel Gordon, Foot, to Miss Honoria Stokes, daughter of Oliver of a son.

Stokes, Esq. of the above county. 5. At Naples, the lady of Alexander Thomp - In Great King Street, Richard Panton, Esq. son, Esq. of a daughter.

of the Island of Jamaica and University of Cam- At the British hotel, the lady of Thomas C. bridge, to Sophia Eliza, eldest daughter of the Hagart, Esq. of a daughter.

late David Morrison, Esq. of the Hon. East In& At Duncan Street, Drummond Place, Mrs dia Company's civil service, Bengal establishWilliam Maxwell Little, of a son.

ment. At Dundee, the lady of John Sandwith, Esq. 8. At Kirkaldy, Sługh Lumsden of Pitcaple, of Bombay, of twin daughters.

Esq. advocate, to Isabella, fourth daughter of 9. At Castle Fraser, Mrs Fraser, of a daugh Walter Fergus, Esq. of Strathore. ter.

- at Morningside, Mr George G. Thomson,

merchant, Leith, to Mary, youngest daughter of Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late George the late John Richmond, Esq. wine-merchant, Johnston, Esq. Edinburgh.

Aug 5. At Portobello, David Watson, Esq. writer 9. At London, Lord Garvach, to Rosabelle in Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Charlotte, eldest daughter of Henry Bonham, Esq. the late Francis Beaumont, Esq. Knockhouse, M. P. for Sandwich.

near Dunfermline. 12. At Edinburgh, John Campbell, Esq. young - At Dalyell Lodge, Fifeshire, Robert Lindsay, er of Succoth, to Anne Jane, youngest daughter Esq. second son of the Hon. Robert Lindsay of of Francis Sitwell, Esq. of Barmoor Castle, Nor Balcarres, to Frances, daughter of Sir Robert thumberland.

Henderson of Straiton, Bart. - At Edinburgh, David Greig, Esq. W. S. to 4. At Kirkbyłuh Church, near Boroughbridge, Catherine, daughter of Mr Josiah Maxton, Al James Mellor Brown, Esq. formerly of Gattonbany Street.

side, Roxburghshire, to Mary, eldest daughter of 13. At Burntisland, the Rev. Matthew Leish Mr Jacob Smith, of Givendale Grange. man, minister of the gospel at Govan, to Jane 6. At Edinburgh, Captain Thomas Paterson, Elizabeth, daughter of the late Robert Boog, Esq. his majesty's 630 regiment, to Mary Ann, young

- In London, the Hon. and Rev. Henry Ed est daughter of the late Lieut-Colonel William ward John Howard, youngest son of the Earl of Sherrifi, Madras cavalry. Carlisle, to Henrietta Elizabeth, daughter of J. 9. At Southfield Cottage, Mr William Phipps, Wright, Esq. of Mapperley, Nottinghamshire. Cramond, to Clementina, second daughter of the

- At Biddenden, Kent, Lord George Henry late Alexander Dick, Esq. accountant, Edinburgh. Spencer Churchill, third son of the Duke of Marl 11. At St George's Church, Hanover Square, borough, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. London, Captain Sanderson, Bengal cavalry, to Dr Nares, Rector of Biddenden, and niece of the Elizabeth Oswald, eldest daughter of Alexander Duke of Marlborough.

Anderson, Esq. Chapel Street, Grosvenor Square. - At London, Lord De Dunstanville, to Miss 16. At Crauford, the Hon. George Charles Lemon, daughter of Sir William Lemon, Bart. Grantley Fitzhardinge Berkeley, sixth son of the

11. At Kneesworth House, the residence of late Earl of Berkeley, to Caroline Martha, second Francis Pym, jun. Esq. Iłenry Smith, Esq. third daughter of the late Paul Benfield, Esq. son of Samuel Smith, Esq. of Woodhall Park, to At Branxton, George Rennie, Esq. East Lady Lucy Melville, eldest sister of the Earl of Craig, to Isabella, only daughter of the late John Leven and Melville.

Turnbull, Esq. of Brauxton. 15. At Orchardmains, the Rev. Thomas Stru - At Edinburgh, Peter Hill, junior, Esq. to thers, Hamilton, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Ann, only daughter of Daniel Macdowall, Esq. of Adam Brydon, Esq. of Orchardmains.

St Vincent. - At the Haining. Archibald Douglas, Esq. son 17. At Haddington, the Rev. Benjamin Laing, of Archibald Douglas, Esq. of Adderstone, to Arbroath, to Georgina, sixth daughter of the Rev. Margaret Violetta, daughter of the late Mark Mr Chalmers, Haddington. Pringle, Esq. of Clifton.

- At Gleniyan, the Rev. Henry John Ingilby, - At St Mary's, Woolwich, William Hunter, rector of the West Keal, Lincolnshire, to ÈlizaEsq. of Chesnock Hall, Lanarkshire, to Masy, beth, second daughter of the late David Hart only daughter of James Keid, Esq. royal horse

M‘Dowall, Esq. of Walkingshaw. artillery.

- At Dumfries, John Clark, physician to the 16. At Balranald, the Rev. Finlay M'Rae, mi forces, Albany Barracks, Isle of Wight, to Mary, nister of North Uist, to Isabella Maria, daughter daughter of John Gilchrist, M.D. of Colonel Macdonald of Lyndale.

ző. At Edinburgh, Mr Gilbert Adcock, clothier, - At Cleghorn, Mr James Somerville, surgeon, Hanover Street, to Agnes, youngest daughter of Lanark, to Miss Margaret Baxter.

Thomas Williamson, Esq. of Northfield. 19. At Edinburgh, Mr Joseph Cook, bookseller, - At Dublin, Anthony P. Marshall, Esq. of St Andrews, to Isabella, daughter of Mr George Edinburgh, to Frances, fourth daughter of the Girdwood, candle maker, Cupar Fife.

late Smollet Holden, F.sq. of Dublin. - At Edinburgh, by the Rev. James Hen 24. In Windsor Street, Mr Archibald Paterson, derson, according to the forms of the Presbyte merchant, to Jane, daughter of Mr Walter scott, rian church, and on the 17th August, by the right

Lauder. Rev. Bishop Sandford, according to the forms of

25. At St Martin's in the fields, London, George the English church, Sir Alexander Don of New. Rennie, Esq. jun. of Phantassie, East Lothian, to ton Don, Bart. representative in Parliament for Jane, eldest daughter of the late Jolin Rennie, Esq. the county of Roxburgh, to Grace Jane, eldest - At Merton Hall, Wigtonshire, James Haldaughter of John Stein, Esq. Heriot Row.

dane Tait, Esq. Captain Royal Navy, to Miss :0. At Castlemilk, Jarnes I Hotchkis, Esq. of Marion Yule, youngest daughter of the late BenTemplehall, W. S. to Margaret, youngest daugh jamin Yule, Esq. of wheatfield, near Edinburgh. ter of Thomas Hart, Esq. of Castlemilk.

- At Traprain, James Murray, Esq. to Cla21. At Edinburgh, the Rev. M. John Turner, rissa, daughter of the late Rev. George Guldic, Rector of Welinslow, Cheshire, to Miss Louisa Athelstoneford. Lewis Robertson, third daughter of the late Cap 29. At Taunton, Somerset, Lieutenant William tain George Robertson, of the Royal Navy. Bryant, R. N. to Mary, eldest daughter of the late

- At Edinburgh, James W. Dickson, Esq. Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq. advocate, to Jeanette Helen, danghter of the late 30. At Portland Place, Adam, Dawson, Esq. jun. James Morison, of Greenfield, Esq.

Linlithgow, to Helen, daughter of the late Mr - At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Plenderleith, John Ramage, merchant, Edinburgh. Boreland, Edderstone, to Miss Jane White, Pee - At Overshiells, Mr A. 0. Turnbull, Ediubles.

burgh, to Margaret, daughter of the late James 26. At St Paul's Chapel, Samuel Beazley, Esq. Soinmnerviile, Esq. Lanton. to Miss E. F. Conway.

- At Heatherwick House, East Lothian, Sa- At Edinburgh, Henry Englefield, Esq. son of muel Anderson, Esq. wine-nerchant, to Anne, Sir Henry Charles Englefield, Bart. to Catharine, eldest daughter of the late James Milnes, Esq. and eldest daughter of Henry Witham of Lartington, niece to Lieutenant-General Hardyman. in the county of York, Esq.

31. At Dolls, Stirlingshire, William Haig, Esq. 27. John Hutton, Esq. merchant, Leith, to Bonnington, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Jane, youngest daughter of Peter Wood, Esq. John Philp, Esq. Rosemount, Leith.

- At si George's, Hanover Square, London, - At Kensington church, the Lord Bishop of Lieut.-Col. Allan, of the late 230 Lancers, to Miss Jamaica, to Miss Pope, daughter of the late E. Mitchell, eldest daughter of the late Colonel Camp Pope, Esq.

bell Mitchell. 28. At "Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, Mr John Sept. 4. At Shrewsbury, Richard, son of Bryan Dudgeon, Loanhead, Kirkliston, to Margaret Smith, Esq. of Liverpool, to Marianne, daughter youngest daughter of the late Mr David Stodart. of W. Egerton Jeffreys, Esq.of Coton-Hill, Salop.

30. At Woodside, Harvey Strong, Esq. Ameri Lately, In Keir Street, Edinburgh, Mr William can consui, to Janet, eldest daughter of Colin Crawford, merchant, Montrose, to Elizabeth, Gillespie, Esq.

daughter of the late Mr James Aikman, jun. dis- At Beharen Park, Elles Dudgeon, Esq. to tiller, House of Muir.


parish, chaplain in ordinary to his Majesty for

Scotland. During the period of sixty years, which Sept. 1, 1823. At Madras, in the East Indies, the Rev. Doctor performed the pastoral duties of (on his way home to Britain,) Thomas Fraser, North Leith parish, he was well known to have Esq. of Gorihleck, in the Civil Service of the Hon. put his hand to every good work that was going East India Company, at Nellore.

forward, not only in the town of Leith, the more February.-Ai Calcutta, Colonel John Paton, immediate object of his charge, but his benevohonorary aide-de-camp to the Governor-General, lent and philanthropic views extended to a fatherand late commissary-general, after a period of 41 ly care over the Charitable Institutions of Edinyears' service in the Hon. East India Company's burgh, towards which, through a long and most military service.

active life, he rendered a ready and effective assisApril 2. At Quebec, Robert, son of the late tance. In the foundation of one of the best of our Henry Johnston, Esq. Meadowbank.

Charities, the Asylum for the Industrious Blind, 15. At Bellavy, East Indies, Captain James Weir, the extension of the resources and benefits of 7th Madras Light Cavalry.

which was to the last the peculiar object of his an16. At sea, on board the Asia, from Calcutta, xiety and fostering attention, an imperishable moThomas Livingston Reid, Esq. lieutenant R. N. nument has been erected to his fame. Dr Johncommander of the Asia, and eldest son of Sir John ston was, and we believe had been for a conside Reid, Bart.

rable time, the Father of the Presbytery of Edin20. At Rio Janeiro, Mr John C. Macdougal, burgh. midshipman, on board of his Majesty's ship, Spar 7. At London, in his 81st year, Sir George tiate, and youngest son of the late Duncan Mac Wood, Knt. late one of the Barons of the Court of dougall, Esq. Ardintrive.

Exchequer. 22. On board the ship Charlotte,'off the Cape of 8. At London, Tamchamalu, Queen of the Good Hope, Mr William Campbell Farquharson, Sandwich Islands; and on the 14th, Tamchamsecond son of the late Dr William Farquharson, cha, the second King of the Sandwich Islands. physician in Edinburgh.

They had both been attacked by measles and in29. At Jamaica, Mr Peter Grace, son of the late flammation in the lungs, which unhappily ended Dr Grace of Cupar.

fatally. Their bodies have been embulmed acMay 6. At sea, Colin Bruce, Esq. on his pas. cording to the custom of the Sandwich Islands, sage from Jamaica.

and are to be conveyed back to their native coun11. In Kingston, Jamaica, Mr George James try together. Muirhead, son of the late Mr George A. Muir 8. George Earl of Tyrone, eldest son of the head, merchant, Glasgow.

Marquis of Waterford. June 9. At Quebec, Ensign J. D. Cogan, of the 9. At Wellington Place, Leith, Mr James Mart, 68th regiment

com merchant. 17. At Pau, capital of the Basse Pyrenees, - At Dalkeith, Mrs Ann Aitken, wife of Mr Major Stuart Maxwell, of the royal artillery. John Grey, merchant there.

18. At Madeira, in consequence of a fall from - At Fort William, Mr Thomas Gillespie, tehis horse, Ensign Robert Hamilton Fothringham, nant in Ardachy, one of the most extensive storeof the Bengal Infantry:

farmers in the north of Scotland. 19. At Moffat, Alex. Moffat, Esq. of Loch Urr. - At Mortimer Cottage, Berkshire, Elizabeth,

22. At Aberdeen, Jane, eldest daughter of the relict of David Murray, Esq. brother of Lord Elilate Right Rev. Bishop Skinner, of Aberdeen. bank, and daughter of the late Right Hon. Tho

- At Dunbar, Isabella, second daughter of Mr mas Harley. John Veitch, surgeon.

10. At Balfron Manse, the Rev. James Jeffrey. 27. At Haddington, Mr William Shiells, late 11. At Inverary, Major-General Dugald Campbrewer there.

bell. - At Thornton House, Anna, eldest daughter - At Newck, Mrs James Haig. of Colonel Cunninghame.

13. At Leith, William Henderson, Esq. of BarAt George Town, in the district of Columbia, dister, Shetland, in the 69th year of his age. North America, Thomas Wilson, Esq. of Dullatur, - At Freeland, Penelope Leslie, daughter of advocate.

Major Walker. 28. In James's Square, Mrs Mary Hardy, relict - At Ironside-house, Abbeyhill, Mrs Ann Soof Mr James Gilchrist, navy agent, London. merville, relict of Mr David Gray, merchant,

- At Heather wick House, East Lothian, Edinburgh. George, eldest son of Captain W. H. Hardyman, 15. At the Cottage of Rockhall, Mary Anne, Hon. East India Company's naval service.

third daughter of Alexander Grierson, Esq. young. - At Prestonpans, Ann Comb, daughter of the er of Lag. late James Comb, Esq.

- At Edinburgh, Gilbert Hutcheson, Esq. De29. At_Bandirran, William, only son of J. M. pute Judge Advocate for Scotland. Nairne, Esq. of Dunsinane.

16. At Edinburgh, Mrs. Margaret Macdonald, – Al Burghead, the Rev. Lewis Gordon, D.D. wife of Captain John Macdonald, Barrack-master, one of the ministers of Elgin.

Edinburgh. 30. At Burnside of Dalbeatie, David Copland, 17. At Ploughlands, Mary, daughter of Alex. Esq. late of Gregory.

ander Fraser, Esq. accountant. July 1. In Duke Street, St. James's, London, - At Meadow Place, Mrs Catharine Webster, Major-Gen. Lauchlan Macquarie, in the 63d year widow of the Rev. John Webster. of his age. His conduct, from earliest youth, was 19. At London, in the 21st year of his age, Mr inurked by a inost amiable disposition, a high Keith Turner, youngest son of the late Keith sense of honour, and animated zeal for his profes Turner, Esq. of Turnerhall. sion.

He entered the ariny at the age of 15, and - At Edinburgh, the Rev. Dr Thomas Floserved his king and country for 47 years, in all ming, one of the ininisters of Edinburgh, in the parts of the world, with great credit.

70th year of his age, and 15th of his ministry. 2. Mrs Grizel Smart, relict of Mr William Cun - At Gogar Ludge, Mrs Dr Stewart. ningham, Haddington.

20. At his house, Bridgend, Perth, Patrick Ri4. At London, after a sudden relapse of illness, chardsun, Esq. of Flatfieid. the Countess of Brownlow,

- At Milliken, Henry, second son of William - The Rev. Mr George Graham, minister of Stirling, Esq. Fossoway.

21. At the Priory, Stanmore, Middlesex, Lady - At his house, No. 5, Buccleugh Place, Mr Jane Gordon, eldest daughter of the Earl of AberCharles Moodie, of the Auditor's Office, Exche deen. quer.

22. At Portobello, Mr William Dalmahoy. - At Demerara, John Macintyre, Esq. late mer At Balmuto, the Hon. Claud Irvine Boswell, chant, Liverpool.

Lord Balınuto. 5. At Park Place, the infant son of William William Pattison, Esq. in his 69th year, late Grant, Esq. of Congalton.

merchant, Glasgow. - At aubey St Bathans, Mr Andrew Wallace, 23. At Bristol," Mr Stewart Cruickshank, son of teacher of mathematics in Edinburgh.

the late Rev. Alex. Cruickshank, minister of - At North Leith, the Rev. Dr David John Mearns. ston, in the 9!! year of his age, the 66th of his - At Leith, on the 24th ult. Mr Alex. Smith, miuistry, and the 5th of his incumbency of that


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