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Troop. Standard and all. Goetz behind their patience, and their fury may dis. them. He seizes the standard-he has it, charge itself at the expense of their own he has it ! A handful of men with him. nails. (A trumpet from without. Goetz goes My comrade reaches him—they come this to the window.) Aha! there comes a red. way.

gowned rascal to ask me whether I will be

a scoundrel! What says he ? (The voice of Enter Goetz,GEORGE, LERSE, and Ca. the Herald is heard indistinctly, as from a valiers, on horseback.

distance. Goetz speaks at intervals.) A Sel. Joy to thee, Goetz!-Victory, vic rope for thy throat ! (Voice again.) " Of. tory!

fended Majesty !” Some parson has drawn Goetz, (dismounting:) Dearly, dearly up the proclamation. (Voice concludes, and bought! Thou art sorely wounded, Selbiss? Goetz answers from the window.) Surren

Sel. But thou dost live, and hast con. der myself-surrender myself at all disquered! I have done little ; and the dogs cretion !- With whom speak ye? Am I a my troopers-How hast thou come off ? robber? Tell your Captain, that for his

Goetz. For the present, well. And here Imperial Majesty I entertain, as ever, all I thank George, and thee, Lerse, for my due respect; but for himself, he maylife. I unhorsed the Captain—they stab (Shuts the window with violence.) bed my steed, and broke in upon me. (A sharp discharge of musketry, an. George hewed his way to me, and sprang swered by firing from the castle. off. I threw myself like lightning on his horse, and he appeared suddenly like a

SCENE- The Kitchen. thunderbolt upon another.--How camest thou by thy steed?

ELIZABETH preparing food to her George. A fellow struck at

from be-

GOETZ. hind; as he raised his cuirass in the exer Goetz. You have hard work, my poor tion, I stabbed him with my dagger, down

wife! he came ; and so I rid you of a backbiter,

Eli. Would it could but last !_but you and helped myself to a horse.

can hardly hold out long. Goetă. Then we stuck together till Francis here came to our help ; and then we cut

Goetz. We have not had time to provide

ourselves our way out.

Eli. And so many people to feed !- The Lerse. The hounds whom I led made a

wine is well nigh finished. good show at first ; but when we came to

Goetz. If we hold out a certain time, close, they fled like Imperialists. Goetz. 'Friend and foe Aed, except this

they must give us articles. We keep them little party of my own domestics, who pro

at a fine distance, They may shoot the

whole day, and wound our walls, and break tected our rear. I had enough to do with

our windows._That Lerse is a gallant fel. the fellows in front; but the fall of their

low-He slips about with his gun ; if a captain dismayed them—they wavered, and they fled. I have their banner, and a few

rogue comes too nigh-Ba!-there he lies !

(Firing prisoners.

Enter Cavalier. Scl. The captain has escaped you ?

Cavalier. We want live coals, gracious Goetz. They rescued him during the scuffle. Come, boys—come, Selbiss-make


Goctz. For what? a bier of lances and boughs. Thou canst

Cav. Our bullets are spent: We must not to horse—come to my castle. They

cast new. are scattered, but we are very few; and I know not what troops they may have in

Goetz. How lasts the powder ?

Cav. There is yet no want: we spare our I will be your host and physi.

fire. cian, - Wine tastes so well after action !

[Firing at intervalsExcunt Goetz [Exeunt, carrying Selbiss.

and Elizabeth. This, however, is only a temporary advantage—the Imperialists ga

Enter LERSE with a bullet-mould. ther round the fortress at last, and

Lerse. Go, see for lead about the house Goetz finds himself besieged. George,

meanwhile I will make a shift with this. a favourite youth, whom Goetz is [Goes to the window and takes out the lead training in arms, is the bearer of the frames.] Everything is fair. So it is in conclusive tidings.

this world—no one knows what a thing may George. They are near !--I saw them come to; the glazier that made these frames from the tower. The sun is rising, and I little knew that the work of his hands was perceived their lances glitter. I minded to give some fellow his last headache ; and them no more than a cat would do a whole the father that got me little thought that army of mice. 'Tis true, we play the rats the fowls of heaven, and the beasts of the at present.

field, were to pick my bones. * Goetz. Go to the battlements_Look to the gates—See they are provided with Enter GEORGE with a leaden spout. stones and beams. We'll find exercise for George. Here's lead for thee ;-When


the sport.

we have used the half of it, there will none am happier than he. He must direct his return to tell his majesty we have not imperial squadrons against mice, while the sped.”

rats gnaw his parchment edicts. I know he Ler se, (cutting it down.) A famous often wishes himself rather dead than to be prize!

the soul of such a crippled body as the emGeorge. The rain must seek some other pire. (They fill.)It will go but once way—but never mind that—a gallant round-And when our blood runs low, trooper, and a smart shower, will always like this flask—when we pour out its last 'find their road. (They cast balls.) ebbing drop, (Empties the wine dropways

Lerse. Hold the crucible-(Goes to the into his goblet,) what then shall be our window.)-Yonder comes a fellow, creep- word ? ing forward with his pop-gun ; he thinks George. Freedom! our fire is spent. He shall have the bullet Goetz. Freedom ! warm from the pan. (He loads his carabine.) All. Freedom !

George. (Sets down the mould.) Let me Goetz. And if that survives us, we shall see

die happy : Our spirits shall see our sons, Lerse. (Fires from the window.) Yon- and the Emperor of our sons, happy! Did der lies the game!

the servants of princes shew the same fiGeorge. One of them fired at me, as I lial attachment to their masters as you to got out on the roof to get the spout---He me--Did their masters serve the Empekilled a pigeon that sat near me; it fell in ror as I would serve him to the spout-I thanked him for my dinner, George. It is widely different. and stepped in with the double booty. Goetz. Not so much so as would appear. (They cast balls.)

Have I not known worthy men among the Lerse. Now let us load, and go through princes ? and can the breed be extinct ?the castle to earn our dinner.

Men, happy in their own minds and in

their undertakings, that could bear a petty Enter GOETZ.

brother in their neighbourhood, without Goetz. Stay, Lerse, I must speak with feeling either dread or envy; whose hearts thee I will not keep thee, George, from were opened when they saw their table sur.

[Exit George. rounded by their free equals, and who did Goetz. They demand a parley.

not think free knights unfit company till Lerse. I will out and hear what they they had degraded themselves by Court

homage. Goetz. They will require me to enter Gcorge. Have you known such princes ? myself into ward in some town on my Goetz. Well ! -I recollect when the knightly parole.

Landgrave of Hanau made a grand hunt. Lerse. That's a trifle-What if they ing party, the princes and free feudatories would allow us free liberty of departure ? enjoyed themselves under the open heaven, for we can expect no relief from Seckin and the vassals were as happy as they ; it gen. We will bury all valuables, where was no selfish masquerade, instituted for they shall never find them-leave them his own private pleasure or vanity – To see the bare walls, and come out with flying the great round-headed peasant lads, and colours.

the pretty brown girls, the sturdy hinds, Goetz. They will not permit us. and the respectable ancients, all as happy

Lerse. It is but asking. We will de as if they rejoiced in the pleasure of their mand a safe-conduct, and I will sally out. master, which he shared with them under

(Exeunt.) God's free sky.

George. He must have been such a masSCENE- Hall.

ter as you. GOETZ, ELIZABETH, GEORGE, and Goetz. And shall we not hope that many troopers, at table.

such will rule together some future dayGoetz. Danger draws us together, my to whom reverence to the Emperor, peace friends ! Be cheery-don't forget the bots and friendship with neighbours, and the te! The flask is empty-Come, another, love of vassals, shall be the best and dear, my dear wife. (Elizabeth shakes her head.) est family treasure handed down from faIs there no more ?

ther to son ? Every one will then keep and Elizabeth, (low.) Only one, which I set improve his own, instead of reckoning no. apart for you.

thing gained that is not rayished from their Goetz. Not so, my love !-bring it out; neighbours. they need strengthening more than I. George. And shall we then have no skit.

Eliz. Hand it from the cabinet. mishing?

Goetz. It is the last, and I feel as if we Goetz. Would to God there was no restless need not spare it. It is long since I have spirit in all Germany, and still we should been so much disposed for joy.-(They have enough to do ; we might then chase fill.) To the health of the Emperor ! the wolves from the cliffs, and bring our All. Long live the Ernperor !

peaceable laborious neighbour a dish of Goetz. Be it our last word when we die! game from the wood, and eat it together. I love him, for our fate is similar ; and I Wern that too little, we would join our

have to say.


brethren, and, like cherubims with flaming any I-Good offices are more difficult than swords, defend the frontiers of the Empe. the deeds of destruction. ror against those wolves the Turks, against Secretary. Shall I enter all this on record ? those foxes the French, and guard for our Com. Only what is to the point. beloved Emperor both extremities of his

Goetz. Do as you please, for my part. empire. There would be a life, George! Com. You know how you fell into the to risk one's head for the safety of all Ger- power of the Emperor, whose paternal many- (George springs up.)-Whither goodness overpowered his justice, and, inaway ?

stead of a dungeon, ordered you to wait George. Alas! I forgot we were be your future doom, upon your knightly pa. sieged besieged by that very Emperor; role, in his beloved city of Heilbron. and before we can expose our lives in his Goetz. Well, I am here, and wait it. defence, we must risk them for our li. Com. And we are here to intimate to

you his Imperial Majesty's grace and cle. Goetz. Be of good cheer !

mency. He is pleased to forgive your re

bellion, to release you from the ban, and Enter LERSE.

all well-deserved punishment, provided Lerse. Freedom! Freedom! You are you do, with suppliant humility, receive cowardly poltroons-hesitating, irresolute his bounty, and subscribe the articles which asses-You are to depart with men, wea- shall be read unto you. pons, horses, and armour-Provisions you Goetz. I am his Majesty's true servant are to leave behind.

as ever. One word ere you go farther Goetz. They will hardly find enough to My people where are they?what is to tire their jaws.

become of them?

Com. That concerns you not. The terms of this capitulation are Goetz. So may the Emperor turn his broken in a shameful manner, and face from you in your need! They were Goetz is wounded, and a prisoner, ere my companions, and they are so-What he has descended the hill on which his

have you done with them? old castle stands. We now find him on

Com. We owe you no account of that.

Goetz. Ah! I had forgot-Never was his parole in the city of Heilbron, and

promise kept by you to the oppressed. there he appears to take his trial be

But, husb! fore certain commissioners, who, being

Com. Our business is to lay the articles under the influence of Weislingen, are

before you. Throw yourself at the Empenot very likely to give the poor Iron- ror's feet; and, by humble supplication, handed much fair play.

you may find the true way to save the life

and freedom of your associates. Enter Serjeant.

Goetz. Your paper ! Serj. Goetz von Berlichingen waits at Con. Secretary, read it. the door.

Sec. (Reads.) “ I, Goetz of BerlichinCommissioner. Admit him.

gen, make publicacknowledgment, by these

presents, that I having lately risen in reEnter GOETZ.

bellion against the Emperor and the emGoetz. God greet you, my lords ! -_What pire-- " would ye with me?

Goetz. 'Tis false! I never offended eiCom. First, that you consider where you ther. are, and with whom.

Com. Compose yourself, and hear far. Goetz. By my faith, I know it well, my ther. lords!

Goetz. I will not compose myself, and I Com. You do but your duty in owning will hear no farther. Let any one arise and it.

bear witness. Have I ever taken a step Goetz. From the bottom of my heart ! against the Emperor, or against the House Com. Be seated. (Points to a stool. of Austria ? Have I not, in all my feuds,

Goetz. What, there ? --Down below ? conducted myself as one who felt what all I can stand_That stool smells of the cri. Germany owes to its head, and what the minal ;-as indeed does its whole appara. free knights and feudatories owe to their tus.

liege lord the Emperor? I should be a liar Com. Stand, then.

and a slave could I be persuaded to subGoetz. To business, if you please. scribe that paper. Com. We'll go on in order.

Com. Yet we have strict orders to perGoetz. I am happy to hear it-Would suade you by fair means, or else to throw every one did as much !

you into jail. Com. You know how you fell into our Goetz. Into jail ?--Me! hands, and are a prisoner at discretion. Com. Where you may expect your fate

Goetz. What will you give me if I know from the hands of Justice, since you will no such thing?

not take it from those of Mercy. Com. Could I give you good manners, I Goetz. To jail! You abuse the Impewould do you a good office.

rial power. To jail! That was never his Goetz. A good office! Can you render command. What, ye traitors, to dig a pit

for me, and hang out your oath, your The meaning of the affair is, that knightly honour, as the lure !. To promise one of Goetz's oldest and best friends, me permission to ward myself on parole, the Lord of Seckingen, has found and then to break your treaty !

means, ere this, to comfort Maria for Com. We owe no faith to robbers.

theslight she had received at the hands Goetz. Wert thou not the representative of my prince, whom I respect even in the of Weislingen, and that this brave vilest counterfeit,

thou should'st swallow Baron is now in the midst of Heilthat word, or choke upon it. I was taken bron, at the head of two hundred in honourable though private war.

Thou mounted men, to set his brother-inmightest thank God that gave thee glory, law of Berlichingen free from the hadst thou ever done as gallant deeds as clutches of these lawyers, and the the least with which I am charged. (The Burgher-guard, in whom they have Commissioner makes a sign to the Magis- put their trust. The result is, that trates of Heilbron, roho go out.) Because this expedition of Seckingen is crownI would not join the iniquitous confederacy ed with success ;--that Goetz is once of the great, because I would not grasp at the souls and livings of the helpless—"Tis little negotiation, he makes his peace

more his own man ;-and that, after a in this lies my crime! I'defended my own life, and the freedom of my children-sce all along had a private and personal

with the Emperor, (who, indeed, had and empire were blinded to our hard case leaning in his favour,) on condition by your flatteries. I have, God be praised that he shall keep himself and his folone hand, and I have done my best to use lowers strictly within the limits of his it well.

domain of Jaxthausen, until the whole

affairs of these troubled districts shall Enter a Party of Artisans, armed with have been effectually settled, and harhalberds and swords.

mony restored all over the empire. Goetz. What means this?

To these terms Goetz submits, and, Com. Ye will not hearken-Appre. by way of shewing fight against the hend him !

ennui of this quiet existence, the good Goetz. Is that the purpose ? Let not the man takes to composing his auto-bioman whose ear does not itch come too near me: One salutation from my trusty iron tion: the said auto-biography exists,

graphy: [This, by the way, is no fic
fist shall cure him of headache, toothache, and has been printed, and a most sin-
and every ache under the wide heaven !
(They make at himHe strikes one down, gular performance, as might be suppo-

and snatches a sword from another ed, it is. ]
They stand aloof:)

Unfortunately for Goetz, there
Com. Surrender!

springs up an insurrection among the Goetz, (with the sword drawn.) What! peasantry of a district not far distant Wot ye not that it depends but upon myself from that in which he resides. The into make way through all these hares, and furiated rustics sack, burn, and degain the open field ? But I will teach you stroy everything, for miles around ;how a man should keep his word. Promise murder the gentlemen; and, in a word, to allow me free ward, and I give up my it is a real jacquerie. The Imperial sword, and am again your prisoner. Com. How! Would you treat with your and a great deal of blood is shed on

soldiers march against these outlaws, Emperor sword in hand ?

Goetz. God forbid !-Only with you and both sides, without any decisive adyour worthy companions. You may go vantage being gained. It occurs, unhome, good people: here deliberation is of fortunately, to the peasants, that their no avail, and from me there is nothing to want of complete success is owing to gain save bruises.

nothing but their want of a skilful Com. Seize him, I say I-What! does leader, and knowing that Goetz had your allegiance to the Emperor supply you recently been an outlaw himself, and with no courage ? Goetz. No more than the Emperor sup- abstract must always be a pleasant

not doubting that insurrection in the plies them with plaster for the wounds thing in his eyes, they determine to which their courage would earn for them.

place themselves under the guidance A Police Officer enters hastily.

of the iron-handed hero. They come Officer. The warder has just discovered upon him in great numbers, and will from the castle-tower a troop of more than

take nothing but himself for their getwo hundred horsemen hastening towards neral, or his head for their standard. the town. They have already gained the In short-between threats of immedia hill, and seem to threaten an attack. ate violence to himself and his family,

Com. Alas! alas ! what can this mean and the idea, which some of the in

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surgents are artful enough to introduce, Capt. We have been fishing in troubled and to wake the most of, that he by waters. The peasants rob each other ; we his influence might be enabled to re- may be well pardoned helping them. pres3 outrage and bloodshed on the

20 Wom. What hast thou got, Wolf ?

Wolf. A hare and a cock—there's for one side, and on the other to obtain,

's the spit-A bundle of linen--some kitchen in a quiet manner, redress of certain

ware- and a horse's bridle. What hast real grievances of which these peasants thou. Sticks? had reason to complain the die is at Sticks. An woollen jacket have I, and a last thrown, and the noble Goetz be- pair of stockings, and one boot, and a flint comes the nominal leader of this re- and tinder-box. bellion.

Mother. It is all wet as mire, and the We say the nominal leader, because clothes are bloody. I'll dry thiem-give in reality he is never their command me here !

(Trampling without. er. They are eternally jealous of him Capt. Hark !-A horse ! -Go see who -of his honour and of his pride and it is. they break forthwith the oath, which they had taken to him when he joined

Enter Goetz on horseback.

Goetz. I thank thee, God! I see firethem, against rapine and bloodshed.

they are gipsies.-My wounds bleed sore. Goetz feels, too late, that it had been ly_my foes close behind !_Great God, better for him to die at once, than to thou endest dreadfully with me! throw himself into the arms of these Capt. Is it in peace thou comest? ruffians. A violent scene of mutual Goetz. I crave help from you—My recrimination occurs - Berlichingen wounds are stiff with cold--Assist me from strikes down the most insolent of the horse ! mob leaders, and rides away from them Capt. Help him !-A gallant warrior in solus into the forest.

appearance and language. It rains and thunders at midnight

Wolf. (Aside.) 'Tis Goetz of Berlichinin the forest. He comes suddenly in

Capt. Welcome! welcome !-What we front of a gipsy hut-there is a fire

have is yours. before the hut, at which the mother

Goetz. I thank you. of the tribe and a little girl are sitting. Capt. Come to my hut. Mother. Throw some fresh straw up

(Excunt to the hut. the thatch, daughter; it rains fearfully.

SCENE-Inside of the Hut.
Enter a Gipsy-boy.
Boy. A dormouse, mother!and here, Captain, Gipsies, and Goetz.
two field mice !

Capt. Call our mother_ let her bring Mother. Skin them and roast them, and blood-wort and bandages. (Goetz unarms thou shalt have a cap of their skins.-Thou himself.) Here is my holiday-doublet. bleedst!

Goetz. God reward you ! Boy. Dormouse bit me.

(The Mother binds his wounds. Mother. Gather some thorns that the fire Capt. I rejoice from my heart you are may burn bright when thy father comes; here. he will be wet through and through. Goetz. Do you know me ?

Capt. Who does not know you, Goetz ? Other Gipsy-women enter weith children at Our lives and heart's blood are yours.

their backs. 1st Wom. Hast thou fared well ?

Enter Gipsy-man. 20 Wom. Ill enough— The whole coun. Gipsy. Horsemen come through the try is in uproar-one's life is not safe a wood-They are confederates. moment. Two villages are in a light flame. Capt. Your pursuers !--They shall not

1st Wom. So it was the fire that glared reach you Away, Schricks, call the others: in the sky-I looked at it long; for fla. we know the passes better than they--We ming meteors have become so common. shall bring them down cre they are aware

of us. The Captain of the Gipsies enters with

(Excunt Captain and Man-gipsics three of his gang.

with their guns. Capt. Heard ye the wild huntsman ? Goetz. (Alone.) O Emperor ! Emperor !

1st Wom. He passed by us but this mi. Robbers protect thy children- sharp nute.

fire of musketry is heard.)-The wild foCapt. How the hounds gave tongue ! resters! Steady and true! Wow! Wow! 2d Man. How the whips clang!

Enter Women, 3d Man. And the huntsman cheered Women. Save yourself !_ The enemy them--Hollo-ho!

have overpowered us. Mother. 'Tis the devil's chase.

Goetz. Where is my horsc?..

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