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Lieute wütleton. Thorletero

Capt. Jenkins, 81 F.

Chap. Raddish, h. p. 132 F. 12 July, 1824. - Donald, R. Afr. Col. Corps.

Paym. Coward, h. p. 2 Dr. Tarbolton, near KilLieut. Willes, 14 Dr.


30 Sept. 1824, -- Wigram, Gren. Gds.

Adj. Lt. Wall, of late 3 Vet. Bn. Jersey,
Lyttleton, 73 F.

11 Nov. 1824. Hosp. Assist. J. Thornton.

Loy, h. p. Rec. Dist.

8 Jan. - C. Pargeter.

Quart. Mas, Kingsley, 30 F,

-- Dukes, h. p. Horse Gds. 23 Feb. 1824. Deaths.

Tranter, h. p. 16 Dr. Ipswich, 24 Oct. Lieut. Gen. Jeaffreson, of late 4 Gar. Bn.

Medical Department. -- Desbrisay, late of Royal Art. Teignmouth, Devonshire,

March 23.

Dr Schetky, Dep. Inspector of Hosp. on the passMaj. Gen. T. Carey, late of 3 F. G. London,

age from Sierra Leone to Cape Coast Castle, 9 Nov. 1824.

5 Sept 1824. Col. W. Marlay, Dep. Qua. Mast. Gen. at Madras,

- Ilaigh, h. p. Physic, 16 0.

6 May 1824. Staff Surg. Bach, h. p. Wurternberg. - Lieut. Col. Warren, 47 F. East Indies.

Surg. Wynne, h. p. 57 F formerly of R. Wagg. - Wright, 90 F. Cephalonia,

19 Sep. 1824.
Edwards, h. p. 96 F.

5 Feb. Major Hart, h. p. Glengarry Fen. 30 July, 1824.

Dunn, Hereford Milit. Captain Smith, 11 Dr. Phillibeat, near Barully, Staff Ass. Sur. Dr Sibbald, Accra, Gold Coast, Bengal, 4 May, 1821.

7 Sept. - Perry, 38 F. Fort William, Bengal, 11 Apr. - Coote, Wallajahabad, Madras, 23 May.

: Remored by Sentence of a General Court - Sheelay, 89 F.

Martial, held at Gibraltar, 6th July, - Sir J. A. Giffard, Bt. h. p. 24 Dr. 28 Aug.


Bayly, do.

1824. Ensign and Adj. Coward, 94 F.
Sidaway, h. p. Wagg. Train, 11 Jan.
- Rice, h. p. 53 F.

6 June, 1823.

Discharged by Sentence of the same Court
Tatliwell, h. p. Indep.

Cooke. do.

26 Apr. 1824.

Lieut. White, 94 F.
Hall, So. Lincoln Mil.

17 Oct. Lieut. Carroll, 4 Dr. London,

Killed and Wounded in the Expedition - Howard, 13 F. killed in action with the

under the command of Brigadier GeneBurmese,

Claus, 54 F. Madras,

5 June.

ral Sir Archiball Campbell, K. C. B. - Cartwright, R. Afri. Col. Corps, Cape Lieutenant Colonel of ihe 38th RegiCoast,

29th Aug. Mackenzie, do. do.

ment, against the Dominions of the

27 May. Brown, of late Inval. Windsor, 7 Nov.

K'ing of Ari, between the 16th May and
Balley, of late V. Bn.

16th June, 1824.
Chitlie, do. do.
- Smith, h. p. Wagg. Train, Britford, near

Between the 16th and 31st May.

18 Sept.

KILLED. - Hutchison, h. p. Coldst. Gds. 21 June. Lieut. Howard, 13 F. Taggart, h. p. 60 F. drowned,

Kerr, 38 F. - Grant, l. p. 97 F.

17 Sept.

WOUNDED. - M.Tavish, h. p. 3 W. I. R. Greenock, Major Chambers, 41 F. severely, but not danger

6 July. ously. - Fraser, h. p. 8 W. I. R.

7 Feb. Lieut. Mitchell, 38 F. right leg amputated, and - M.Leod, h. p. Dunlop's Corps, Rasay, In left leg severely wounded. vernesshire,

3 Oct. 1823.

Lieut. O'Halloran, 38 F. left leg amputa- Fellows, h. p. 1 Line Germ. Leg.

16 April 1824.

Between tlie Ist and 16th June.
Biermann, h. p. Brunw. Inf.

Ens. Cuming, 46 F. Madras,

May, 1824. Lieut. Petry, 13 F. slightly.
Uniacke, R. Afr. Col. Corps.

- Grimes, 38 F. sliglitly.
Lock, h. p. 60 F. Jounah, Mominabad, East In the Reduction of the island of Cheduba, 18th

16 May, May 1824. Gaynor, h. p. 112 F.

WOUNDED. - Chisholm, h. p. R. Afr. Corps, Care Coast, Brev. Maj, Thornhill, 13 F. slightly.

1 July, 1824. Ensign Kershaw, 13 F. slightly.




6. At No. 1, Grent King's Street, Mrs Campbell, BIRTHS.

of a son, who lived only a short time.

7. At Tayfield, Mrs Berry, of a sen. June 5. At Singapore, Mrs D. Napier, of a son. - Mrs Napier. 23, Albany Street, of a son.

Oct. 21. At Logie Elphinstone, Mrs. Dalrymple 8. At 18, Ill Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Dr Horn Elphinstone, of a daughter.

Gairdner, of a son. 22. At Reveck, Strathspey, the lady of Captain -- In Princes Street, the Hon. Mrs Sinclair of James Gordon, of a son.

t'Ibster, of a son. 23. At Cutmalundie, the lady of Lieut-Colonel 9. At Yester, the Marchioness of Tweeddale of a Cunningham, of the Bombay Army, of a daugh- son. ter.

10. At Rockvale House, Mrs M'Queen of a son, - At Achagoyle House, Argyllshire, Mrs Keith who lived only a short time. Macallister, of a daughter.

11. At Jersey, the lady of Major Fyers, Royal 28. At St Andrews, the lady of Professor Aler: Engineers, of a daughter. ander, of a son.

-- At Bellevue (rescent, Mrs James Balfour, 31. At Sea Lodge, Leith, Mrs J. R. Forrest, of of a son. a son.

-- At Hallrule, Roxburghshire, the lady of Nov. 2. At Kirkmay House, the lady of Ro. William Filder, Esq. Deputy Commissary.Genebert Inglis, Esq. of Kirkmay, of a daughter.

ral, of a son. 4. In Charlotte Square, the lady of Thomas 14. At Chatham, the lady of Lieut.-Colonel Maitland, Esq. younger of Dundrennan, of a Pasley, of the Royal Engineers, of a son. daughter.

- At Woolwich, the Indy of Capt. H. W. Gor. 5. At Kelso Manse, Mrs Lundie, of a son.

don, of the Roval Artillery, of a son,

16. Mr GoHomarh, 9.2. Yelan St., of n. line Susan Ceriat, danzhter of Henry Cerjat, Eso.

17. A. Br *. Pre, Porobeibs, the lady of 13. In Gerze Sireet, Edinburzh, the Right Major Davinami, o wn.

Hon. the Earl of G ow, to Mi Julia Sinclair, - At, the lady of Robert Warden, dauzit roseR a.lfon. SpJl. Sinclair, Bart. Peq. of Parbull, of a wm.

15. At Edicburz'), John Taylor, Exg. attorney In In George Square, Mr Mitct.ell, of a in Eucliequer, to Disto hea Judith, fourth daughdanzhit.

ter of the late Litur. Coronel Lewis Hay, of the 21. At Glasgow, Mrs Thomas Hunter, Hope Rosal Engineers Street, oft wir daughters

- At Invernes, Donald Macqueen, Esq. of 21. At Tunbridze Well, the Ilon. Mrs Stewart Corty brouzl, C. płaln in the Madras Cavalry, to Markenzie of scaforth, of a won.

Marzaret, dauzliter of Jane Grant, Esq. of Bught. 23. At llibre, the Right Hon. Lady Greenock, 16. At a tot, Me Alexander Stewart, Sta. of a wn and l.cir.

ven llone, to Saralı, daugliter of Robert White. -- In Genie Ntreet, Mr Donaldson, of a son. head, Ex. M.D. Han.ilion.

21. At Weer loune, Roxburghshire, Mrs Cleg. -- At Ed... burglı, Mr George Gilmour, to Mary, horn of Wuns, of a daughter,

eldest daughter of Mr Jolin MGlashan, mercbant. 26. In Windsor Street, the lady of Capt. Deans, 17. At Stirling. tiie Rev. John Jaffray, minister Royal Navy, of a son.

of Dur bar, Isabella, second daughter of the At Little Boxkbam Rertory, Surrey, the lady late Thomas Lucas, Esq. surgeon, Stirling. of the Rev. Gerze Boilen Bolien, of a son.

19. At Dunfermline, Mr Fotheringham, - At Trinity Blouse, Mrs scot of Trinity, of a manufacturer, to Isobel Ferguson, only daughter daughter,

of Mr John Ferguson, merchant there. 27. At 32, Gayfield Square, Mrs. Chas. Tawge, 23. At Dunfermline, by the Rev. Mr Barlas, Mr of a daughter.

James Hutton, ironmonger, to Margaret, only --- Mrs llunter of Thurston, of a daughter.

daughter of Mr Robert Mrran, Pittencrieff. 23. MrJ.A. Cheyne, No.9, Castle St., of a son. -- At Musselburgh, Captain William Walker,

29. In Cnion Street, Mrs Robert Dunlop, of a 85th regiment of fout, to Catherine, eldest daughdaughter.

ter of the late G. C. Ogilvie, Esq. 30. In Bryanston Square, London, the lady of 24. At Haddington, Mr Alexander Fyfe, surLieutenant-General Sir Thomas Hislop, Bart, geon, St Patrick Square, Edinburgh, to Ann, seG.C.B. of a daughter.

cond daughter of the late Mr Andrew Matthew. - At Montpelier Park, Burrowmuirhead, the 26. Mr David Young, merchant, Leith, to wife of R. Scott, Esq. of a son.

Christiana, daughter of tie late Mr William Roy, - At Pilrig Street, Leith Walk, Mrs B. Oliver, farmer, lhthank, Fife. of a son.

-- At Edinburgh, Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas

of Greencroit, Dumfriesshire, to Jane Wilhel. MARRIAGES.

mina, second daughter of the late Erskine DouMay 12. At Agra, in Bengal, J. W. Boyd, Esq. gias, Esq. M.D. of the llon. East India Company's Medical Service, Lately. At West Grinstead Park, Sussex, Gato Miss Helen Merchande.

briel Shaw, E-q. to the llon. Frances Erskine, June 2. At Calcutta, Captain Joseph Orchard, eldest daughter of Lord Erskine. of the Ilon, Company's 1st European regiment, to -- At Berlin, the King of Prussia to the PrinMia Maria Douglas, niece of Lieut.-Col. John cess of Leignitz. She received the left hand of his Lewis Stewart,

Majesty at the altar, in place of the right, as a Oct. 2. At Niddrie Mains, Mr William Hope. mark of her inferiority in rank to his Majesty. farmer, Duddingstone, to Mary, daughter of Mir The marriage was private. She is said to be 26 Thomas Park, Bankhead.

years of age, and beautiful. Not. 1. David Smart, Esq. Inch Grundle, to Julia Richardson, eldest daughter of Wm. Rich

DEATHS. ardson, Esq. of His Majesty's Customs, Leith.

April 9. At Calcutta, Mr Hall Jop, and on the 2. At Gosford, Captain Wildman, of the 7th 27th, at same place, Mr William Sibbald Jop, Hussars, to Larly Margaret Charteris, daugliter merchant, Leitli. of the Earl of Wemyss and March.

May 20. At Assam, of the cholera morbus, - At llar shead Church, Yorkshire, Charles while in command of the troops belonging to the John Brandling, Esq. of the 10th Royal Hussars, East India Company sent to that country, Colonel to llenrietta, youngest daughter of Sir George George M.Morine. Armytage, Bart of hirklees, in the same county. - At Calcutta, James Hare, jun. son of James

- At the Engli-h Chapel, Lausanne, Switzerland, Hare, M.D. apothecary-general. Thomas Medwin, Esq. of the lare 24th Light Dra. 25 At Kandy, in Ceylon, of a fever caught on goons, to Anne llenrietta, ('ountesse de Starnford. an official tour in the Seven Korles, the Hon. Sir

- At Edinburgh, James Glen, Esq. distiller, John D'Oyly, Bart. Minn, Linlitligow, to Ann, daughter of the late June 26. At Salem, near Madras, Robert John Mr George Heriot.

Hunter, Esq. son of the late Sir John Hunter, 4. At Vienna, the Archduke Francis Charles to Consul-general in Spain ; and at the same place, the Princess Sophia of Bavaria.

on the 3d July, Mrs llunter. 5. At Lint Iluse, George Kinnear, Esq. banker July 22. At St Croix, John Gordon, Esq. of in Edinburgh, ta Euphemia, daughter of Robert Cane Valley, in the 83d year of his age. Watson, Esq. banker in Glasgow.

Sept. 1. At Kingston, Jamaica, Mr John M Feat, - At Avr, Mr Garbutt, of the Theatre Royal, son of Mr Walter M Feat, of Glasgow Edinburgh, to Martha, youngest daughter of the 2. At Andrews, Jamaica, Robert Lithan Mow. late Mr David M.Whinnie, writer, Ayr.

bray, eldest son of Mr Mowbray, W. S. 10. At Edinburgh, James Ilay, Esq. of Belton, 12. At Black River, Jamaica, Alexander Bruce, Captain in the royal navy, to Miss Stewart of Esq. of St Elizabeth's. Physgill

14. At Floreuce, Captain Donald Mackalister of - At Auchertyre, in the county of Forfar, by Loup and Torresdale. the Rev. Mr Smith, Newtyle, James Anderson, Octuber 14. At Losset, near Campbeltown, CapExq. Cupnr Grange, to Jessie, only daughter of tain Nash, R. N. William Watson, Esq. Auchtertyre.

19. At Anstruther, Mr David Rodgers, senior, II. At Setonlill, Mr Charles Crawford, East corn-factor. l'ortune, to Jane May, daughtor of the late John 20. At Kenmore, Mr Jas. Macknaughton,surgeon. Dodds, Esq.

21. Robert Pollock, Esq. of Cross-bank. -- At Edinburgh, the Rev. James Reid Brown, -- At Sainte Adresse, in Normandy, aged 70, minister of the fligh Chapel, Berwick, to Mary Robert Charles Dallas, Esq. formerly of the isMargaret, eldest daughter of Mr Burke, St Au- land of Jamaica, and author of the History of the drew's Square.

Maroon War, Percival, Aubrey, &c. 12. At the Protestant Church, at Lausanne, in 22. At the llot wells, Bristol, Sarah Gordon, Switzerland, Captain Wynne Baird, son of Ro- third daughter of the late Cornelius Durant Batbert Baird, Esq. of Newbyth, and nephew to Ge- telle, of the island of St Croix. neral Sir David Bnird, Bart. &c., to Miss Made. 23. At Kerse, Mrs Greenshields; and on the 26th, Isabella, youngest daughter of John Green. 16. At Perth, Cecilia Austin, daughter of Capshields, Esq. of Kerse.

tain Joseph Austin of Kilspindy, and relict of the 25. At Aberdeen, Francis Suther, Esq. factor late John Gloag, Esq. of Greenhill, aged 86. to the Marquis and Marchioness of Stafford, on 17. At Transy, near Dunfermline, John Wilson, the estate of Sutherland.

Esq. late provost of Dunfermline. At Ditton, near London, George Alexander - At Pathhead, Lesmahagow, after a long and Wylie, eldest son of the late Dr Wylie.

very painful illness, the Rev. Robert Andrew - At Dupplin Castle, the seat of the Earl of Wharrie, preacher, fifth son of the late Robert Kinnoul, Miss Hammond, the only child of Lieut Wharrie of Pathhead. General Sir Thomas and Lady Hammond.

- At Meadow Place, Miss IIelen Jervis Ra- John Hamilton, Esq. of Broomfield.

mage. 30. At Dublin, after a protracted illness, the 18. At Edinburgh, Hugh Fraser, Esq. younger Rev. C. R. Maturin, M. A. Curate of St Peter's. of Eskadale.

- Mrs Janet Watson, wife of John Scales, wri - In Buccleugh Street, Miss Clementina Cleg. ter, Glasgow.

horn. At Southampton, the wife of Lieutenant 19. At Edinburgh, Emily Jane, fifth daughter Henry Downes, R. N. She retired to rest in per- of General Sir John Hope. fect health. They were married only a fortnight. - At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann Christie, widow of

Nov. 1. At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Reid, third Captain James Christie, of the city guard. daughter of the late Rev. James Reid of Kinglas 20. At Edinburgh, Mrs Harriet Mitchelson, resie.

lict of Dr Daniel Rutherford, Professor of Botany - At Howburn, Miss Janet White.

in the University of Edinburgh. 2. At her house, Leith Street, Mrs Anne Donald 21. Mr John Chambers, of the White Horse Inn, son, relict of Mr Thomas Donaldson, merchant. Canongate.

- At Irvine, William Snodgrass, Esq. in his 22. At Comely Bank, Mrs Isabella Bennet, re84th year.

lict of Archibald Hope, Esq. Collector of Excise. - In the 720 year of his age, John Craig, Esq. - At Springfield, General the Hon. Jolin Leslie of Kirkton.

Cuming. - Mrs Anne Welsh, relict of Mr Alexander 23. John Erskine, Esq. late of the 94th regiment. Tweedie, late in Dreva.

25. Mr John White, journeyman compositor 4. At Dalkeith, in his 74th year, Dr Andrew with Mr Neill, Old Fishmarket Clos.--He may Graham, pliysician.

be said to have lost his life by the late fires, ha. - At Mousewald Manse, the Rev. Jacob Dick ving been in good health on Monday the 16th, and son, minister of that parish.

in consequence of his exertions during the two 6. At Dunfermline, the Rev. Dr Black, one of nights of the calamity, was seized with inflamma. the ministers of the Chalmers' Street congrega- tion of the chest. tion.

26. At No. 7, Bellevue Crescent, Edward, the - At Ecclefechan, James Miller, Esq. of Castle- infant son of James Balfour, Esq. bank.

- At Cardon, Mr Alexander Welsh. - At Dumfries, Robert Leef, merchant, Edin -- At Edinburgh, Thomas Scotland, Esq. W.S. burgh.

27. Jessi, daughter of Mr French, Lothian 7. At Stockbridge, Mr Charles Manson, late of Street, aged 17. Tobago.

28. In Nicolson Squire, Mrs Marion Brown, - At Crescent, near Dundee, Miss Brown, spouse of James Spittal, Esq. merchant, aged 52. daughter of the late Professor Brown, St Andrews - At St Andrews, the Rev. Dr John Cook, Proand sister to the Rev. Principal Brown, Aberdeen. fessor of Divinity, St Mary's College.

- At Kirkaldy, Mr Henry Oliphant, third son - At Jock's Lodge, Major Morrison, Royal of the late Henry Oliphant, Esq.

Marines. 8. At the Manise of Annan, the Rev. William 29. At Fountainbridge, near Edinburgh, Mr DaHardie Moncrieff, minister of that parish.

vid Greig, writer, Greenock. - At Castlebarns, near Edinburgh, Mr John - At Salisbury Cottage, Martha, infant daugh. Alexander, accountant.

ter of James Douglas, Esq. accountant, Commer9. At Dublin, Richard Earl of Annesley, Vis cial Bank of Scotland. count Glerawly, and Baron Castlewillan.

- At Edinburgh, Mrs Blair, relict of Hugh 10. At his seat, Dallam Tower, Westmoreland, Blair, Esq. of Dunroad, in her Soth year. Daniel Wilson, Esq. in his 78th year.

30. At Edinburgh, J. G. Schetky, Esq. aged 11. At Paisley, Mr James Orr, of the house of 85, for many years a professor of music in this William Orr and Son, manufacturers.

city, and at Cape Coast Castle, on the 5th of Sep. 13. At Hendon, Thomas Nicol, formerly lieu tember, his son, John Alexander Schethr, Fellow tenant-colonel of the 70th regiment.

of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, 14. At Dalkeith, Mr John Bruce, son of the Deputy Inspector of Hospitals, and Member of late Mr Alexander Bruce, upholsterer.

Council at Sierra Leone. 15. At Gayfield Square, Mrs Anna Foggo, wi. Lately, In Patrick county, Virginia, John dow of the Rey. James Watson, one of the ruini Camson, aged 120 years. sters of Canongate.

- At Drumlanrig toll- har, on his way from 16. At Edinburgh, the infant son of Lawrence Ayr to London, Captain kissock, R. X. aged 36. Johnston, E-9. of Sands.

He was in robust health when he commenced liis - At Killermont, Miss Laura Colquhoun, journey. youngest daughter of the late Lord Clerk Regi. ster.



We cannot permit these words to stand in this Magazine unaccompanied by some expression, however poor and inadequate, of the feelings which the event they record has excited in many hearts—and in few, most certainly, more strongly than our own.

The name of Mr WILLIAM Russell was, and had for many years been, known and honoured in the literary circles of Scotland ; but his conduct had been so modest, his modes of life so unobtrusive, that, in so far as we know, his reputation had scarcely travelled beyond his own country, when he was thus cut off in the very prime and vigour of an intellect which could not have been exerted, as he always did exert it, much longer without attracting an abundant share of notice and distinction.

As it is— If bis friends should be induced, (as we hope they may be,) to present the world with some collection of Mr Russell's Essays from the periodical works to which he had contributed, there can be no doubt that his name must assume and retain a distinguished place in the political literature of this age. The largeness and comprehension of his views, the sound, solid sense of his reasoning, the vigour of his argument, and the massive energy of his eloquence, would have rendered him a most powerful auxiliary in any cause ; and he never exerted these great talents but for the cause which was and ought to have been dear to him, as a gentleman, a patriot, and a Christian. During the tumult and agitation of the last war, he, then young and friendless, stood forth almost alone in Edinburgh---we might, perhaps, say in Scotland-as the bold and determined friend and defender of those principles which have eventually led to the salvation of this country and her constitution in church and state. He began to write, when all the political writing that anybody heard of in Scotland, was Whig—and nobody had more temptations, if anything could have tempted him, to join that active and then clever party, than he. He understood their views, he feared not their powers, and he laid the foundation of the literary opposition, wbich has since utterly ruined and annibilated the influence of those who, at that never-to-be-forgotten period, possessed the almost absolute sway of the political press of Scotland, -and who exercised that authority for purposes well worthy of the impudence wbich alone could have led to its assumption.

In his more mature years, Mr Russell continued to be one of the firmest and most effectual friends of the cause which in Scotland bad owed so much to the zeal of his youth; and among other matters, he was the author of a great many of the best serious political papers that have appeared in these pages.

In History, Politics, and Political Economy, his attainments were of the first order. He was also thoroughly skilled in the jurisprudence of his country, and being gifted with very superior powers as a speaker, must, but for fortuitous circumstances, have risen to the very head of his profession.

We have never met with a man whose character was more perfectly appreciated among all who had any access to know him. It was impossible for any body to see much of bim, without feeling that every action, and every word of his, were dictated by a heart fraught with every sentiment of honour and kindness. Nothing mean, crooked, or sinister, could endure his presence. There was a purity and dignity in his mind, that never failed to overawe and banish those whom it did not attract and win. Few men bad more personal friends than he ;-and never was any man more uniformly and deeply respected by all who were entitled to consider themselves as his associates.

This gentleman, dying in his 30th year, has left abundant proofs at least, if not any one adequate monument, of his intellectual power. Equally amiable and estimable in every relation of public and private life, he has bequeathed sorrow to all that knew him-and pride to those immediate connexions who can never cease to deplore bis loss. It will not be easy to fill up the void that has been created amongst us by the disappearance of WILLIAM RUSSELL.

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