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issue is legal and binding, and that the State is bound in good faith by special recital in the bonds to pay the same; therefore, there being no further controversy upon this subject, the State is obliged to pay bonds and interest to the extent of $175,000 yet due.

Furthermore, your committee recommends the passage of the bill authorizing the payment of $40,000 of bonds and $15,000 of interest, in special order of today, for the reason that the State is obliged to pay these bonds and interest, which are now due and for which coupons are already being presented for payment.

Your committee found a correct and very comprehensive system of accounts for all the financial transactions of the Board, and we believe the Board has complied fully with all the requirements of the various laws enacted for its government and direction.

Itemized accounts of the receipts and disbursements of the Board are found in the annual report of the Board made to the General Assembly and in the reports of the Auditor of State.

Furthermore, your committee finds that the title of the lands and property held by the State Board of Agriculture is vested in said Board, and since the same has been in part paid for out of funds belonging to the State, your committee recommends that this title be transferred from the Board, where it now exists, to the State. The State Board of Agriculture has agreed to call a meeting of said Board and quit claim the State Fair grounds, together with all buildings and appurtenances, situated in Franklin county, State of Ohio, and belonging to said Board, to the State of Ohio within ten days.

Your committee upon further investigation finds that the funds expended by the State Board of Agriculture involves three separate funds, the first under the title of Encouragement of Agriculture, the second under Nursery and Orchard Inspection, and the third the bank fund.

The system of vouchers, expense accounts and books have been gone over, as far as the time and opportunity would permit, and in each and every instance we find the method of disbursing funds to be the most accurate and business like, and the checks placed upon each and every one of the twenty employes in the use of expense money and funds otherwise used were very creditable.

We find that all moneys appropriated directly by the State were paid out by vouchers through the State Auditor, and that all moneys checked through the bank fund were none other than those essential to the business like the management of an institution of the magnitude of the State Fair.

After due deliberatii n, your committee begs to say that the entire management of the State Board of Agriculture as indicated by its system of bookkeeping and detail work in the office reflects great credit upon the secretary and upon the Board.

Respectfully submitted,

S. D. Crites,

The committee of the Senate having recommended that the title to State Fair grounds be vested in the State, and this Board having no objection to such transfer, and concurring therein, Mr. Sandles submitted the following, which was adopted :

Resolved, That the Attorney General be requested to prepare the proper deed for quit claiming the State Fair grounds to the State of Ohio, and the president and secretary are hereby authorized and directed to execute such deed.

The president announced the appointment of the following standing committees :


Jeremiah L. Carpenter, President.
Thaddeus E. Cromley,
Thomas L. Calvert.
Alfred P. Sandles.
Samuel Taylor.


Thaddeus E. Cromley, Chairman.
William Miller.
Roldon O. Hinsdale.


Charles H. Ganson, Chairman.
Edwin L. Lybarger.
Lindley P. Bailey.

Mr. Taylor moved that the work of constructing sewage and drainage on the State Fair grounds be conditioned on an appropriation being made by the State for fair ground buildings and improvements.

The motion was agreed to.

On motion of Mr. Hinsdale the dates recommended by the American Association of Fairs and Expositions for the Ohio State Fair of 1904, viz: August 29, 30, 31 and September 1, 2, were ratified.

On motion of Mr. Calvert the president and secretaries were con. stituted a committee on special attractions, with power to act.

On motion of Mr. Hinsdale five thousand dollars was agreed upon as the amount that may be devoted to State Fair advertising.

On motion of Mr. Calvert it was agreed that the issue of meal tickets during the fair be dispensed with.

Mr. Ganson moved that straw for first bedding of live stock, horses and cattle, twenty-five pounds each stall, and a proportionate amount for each sheep and swine pen be furnished by the Board, and that bedding thereafter required, be furnished by the exhibitor at his own expense. The motion was agreed to.

The revision of the premium list was referred to the secretaries and members of the Board in charge of the respective departments.

On motion the Board adjourned to meet at the call of the President.

Archer HOUSE,
Wooster, Ohio, June 16, 1904.

2 o'clock, p. m. The Board met pursuant to the call of the president with all members present except Mr. Taylor. On motion the reading of the minutes of the preceding meeting were dispensed with.

The secretary submitted a communication from Mr. Fred A. Guth, of Waverly, Ohio, relative to a piano used in the family of Governor Worthington, and suggesting the securing of the same as a historic relic.

On motion of Mr. Cromley the secretary was directed to refer the communication to Hon. E. O. Randall of the State Archäological and Historical Society.

• The secretary presented the application of John Mahoney for Chief of State Fair Police.

On motion of Mr. Calvert the appointment of judges for the several departments of the fair was referred to the members in charge with instructions to report to the secretary for record.

Mr. James Franz, of Bluffton, Ohio, made written request for a Galloway cattle class at the next fair, and similar request for Cheviot sheep was made by Mr. E. S. Foust.

It was agreed as not expedient to change the premium list or classifications for this year, and the secretary was instructed to invite the above named gentlemen and others interested in Galloway cattle and Cheviot sheep to confer with the Board when the revision of premium list is taken up for the State Fair of 1905.

On motion a recess was taken subject to the call of the president.

When the Board was reconvened the secretary reported the progress being made on the sewer construction throughout the State Fair grounds. The secretary called attention to a horse and rig that could be dispensed

with, the horse having gone lame. On motion of Mr. Hinsdale, the disposal of the horse and rig was referred to Mr. Cromley. The secretary reported the appropriation made by the General Assembly for buildings and sewers on the State Fair grounds and submitted suggestive plans for necessary buildings that should be erected and that possibly could be erected with the funds available. The secretary explained in detail the necessity for a new assembly hall, and submitted plans with an estimate of its cost.

Mr. Lybarger moved that the secretary be authorized and instructed to contract with the lowest and best bidder, for the remodeling of the east main building, so as to provide an assembly hall, as per the plans presented. The motion was agreed to.

In preparing plans for a power hall and poultry building, many suggestions were considered, whereupon Mr. Sandles moved that the plans as submitted be approved and when fully perfected in detail, that the secretary be instructed to invite proposals for their construction, and report the same to the Board at a future meeting. The motion prevailed.

In perfecting the plans for a poultry building, the question of open or closed structure was, on motion of Mr. Miller, referred to the secretary and member in charge of the poultry department.

On motion the secretary was instructed to notify parties or firms having private machine buildings on the fair grounds, to remove the same on or before November ist, next.

On motion the Board adjourned to meet at the call of the president. · Agreeable to instructions, the following named judges for the State Fair of 1904 were reported by the members in charge:

Mr. Lybarger for the Sheep Department

Coarse Wools, Mr. Chafee, Brecksville, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Fine Wools, Oliver Watkins, Maynard, Belmont County, Ohio. Mr. Taylor for Womans' Department

China Painting, Joseph Bearman, Columbus, Ohio.

Art Needle Work, Miss Berdina Ohmer, Dayton, Ohio. Mr. Sandles for Swine Department

0. P. Walcott, Conover, Ohio.

W. H. Eversole, Columbus Grove, Ohio.

S. G. Case, Shreve, Ohio.
F. J. Marshall, Middletown, Ohio.

M. M. Barger, Mt. Gilead, Ohio.
Mr. Bailey for Cattle Department-

J. L. Henderson, Washington, Pa.
C. L. Gerlaugh, Osborn, Ohio.

L. P. Sisson, Newark, Ohio.
Mr. Miller for Fruit and Farm Products-
Farm Products, Prof. C. G. Wiliams, Wooster, Ohio.

F. W. Liles, Collins, Ohio.

M. M. Meisse, Lancaster, Ohio.
Fruit, G. E. Rowe, Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Plants and Flowers, H. W. Rhymers, Elmore, Ohio.
Dairy Products, Prof. John Michels, Agricultural College, Mich.


COLUMBUS, August 27, 1904,

10:30 o'clock a. m. The Board convened and was called to order by Vice-president Wm. Miller. President Carpenter and Mr. Cromley were absent. The minutes of the two previous meetings were read and approved.

The secretary reported that the resolutions adopted at the meeting of March 9, requesting the Attorney-General to prepare a quit claim deed of fair grounds to the State, had been presented to that officer, but he had failed to act, giving as a reason that it was not necessary and that the State Board of Agriculture had no authority of law for making such a deed.

The committee to whom was referred the Lawrence County Agricultural Society matter, having made report at the March meeting, was, on motion of Mr. Sandles, discharged.

The secretary reported the sewer system as ordered constructed by the Board to be complete, except some few small branches and the connecting up of the outside closets. The completion of the association hall in east central building was also reported.

Plans were submitted for a machinery and poultry building when the secretary suggested that it might be advisable, in inviting bids for construction, to include an additional machinery building to be let at the Board's option.

Mr. Taylor moved that the secretary be directed to invite proposals for the construction of two machinery buildings and one poultry building, according to plans presented, with the condition that the Board may accept proposals for such of the buildings it may desire to erect, and the right to reject any or all bids. The motion was agreed to. .

The committee appointed some time ago to locate and construct cisterns on the fair grounds, being unable to report, Mr. Ganson moved that the committee be continued and the motion was agreed to.

Mr. Lybarger reported that certain exhibitors of Rambouillet sheep had requested the privilege of selecting a judge for that particular type. The matter was referred to the member in charge of the sheep department.

Mr. Sandles moved that the issuing of rebate tickets be discontinued and that in each department the member in charge be authorized to add to account of judges, amount of admissions paid by them, except that in the speed department the member in charge be further authorized to issue orders on the treasurer for return of gate admissions that may be paid by horsemen.

On motion the Board adjourned to meet at the call of the president.

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