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yarns, etc.


Copper alloys, oxide sulphate. Cabbage.

Corn. Calcium acetate.

Corn meal. Calcium nitrate.

Cotton, raw. Camel hair.

Cotton seed, oil, cake, and meal. Camphor.

Cotton thread. Camphoric acid.

Cotton waste. Carbol, crude and pure.

Creosote and cresol. Carriages.

Diamonds, polished, unless accompanied Cassava fiour.

by certificate showing they were polished Cast-iron waste.

in the Netherlands, C65178. Cattle.

Diaspirine. Cattle feed (except beets and turnips for). Dixtrine. Cereals.

Dyes, coal-tar and other coal-tar products Cheese.

for the manufacture of same. Chemicals:

Electric pocket lamps, accessories, and raw Acetone.

material for manufacture of same. Aether.

Ether. Alcohol.

Etheral oils (some exceptions). Ammonium carbonate.

Explosives, liquid. Antimonium regulus.

Fats (melted and unmelted, animal, Antimony, regulus of.

compounds thereof, and compounds Calcium acetate.

thereof with vegetable fats). Calcium nitrate.

Fecula and products. Chili saltpeter.

Fertilizers, nitrogenous. Chloride of lime.

Fish oil, hardened. Dicarbonate of soda.

Flannel, and underwear from same. Explosives, liquid.

Flax and refuse of. Glycerin.

Flax waste serviceable for manufacture of Iodic acid. Iodine and iodine preparations and Flour. compositions.

Fodder. Lactic acid.

Food products (those made from barley, Lime, nitrogen.

buckwheat, maize, oats, rye, spelt, and Natrum.

wheat, except beer, biscuits, bread, cake Nitrate of sodium.

(all kinds), corn oil, gin, macaroni-malt Nitric acid.

wine, powder, pudding, wafers, yeast). Potash,

Fowl, live and dead. Soda.

French beans. Soda bicarbonate.

Fruits, siliculose, Sodium nitrate.

Fuel, liquid, patent. Sulphuric acid.

Furs. Chili saltpeter.

Glucose or grape sugar. Chicory, including roots.

Glycerin. Chloride of lime.

Gold, coin and specie. Cloth, military, and articles made from Grain. same.

Grain waste and sweepings. Clothing (men's waistcoats, or woolen Grease.

undervests, woolen drawers, woolen Grits. socks, woolen gloves).

Groats, shredded grain. Coal (pit coal, except the necessary quan- Groundnut cake and meal. tities for bunkers).

Coal-tar dyes and other coal-tar products Gypsum or plaster.

used in the manufacture of coal-tar dyes. Hams, fresh or smoked. Cocoa and cocoa beans.

Hay. Cod-liver oil.

Hides (except furs). Coffee.

Horses, including colts and geldings. Coffee substitute.

Hospital supplies. Coins, foreign, ol gold and silver (travelers Hydrochloric acid.

may carry not over 200 kroonen). Hydrosulphate of ammonia. Coke.


Iron of every description.

! Optical and medical instruments of every Iron profiles.

description. Jute, raw, manufactured, and sacks.

Palm kernels. Kerosene and crude oils used for motors. Patent fuel. Lactic acid.

! Peanuts. Lactophenine.

Lamps, electric pocket, accessories and Peppermint oil.

raw materials for manufacture of same. Petrol. Lead, sugar of.

Petroleum and residues. Lead and lead alloys.

Phosphates, crude. Leather (except belts and belting).

Pigs. Leguminous plants, fruits of.

Pigs feet and heads, pickled. Lime, nitrogen.

Plated metal plates and rolls (except zinc Linen thread.

plate). Linseed.

Pocket lamps, electric, accessories and raw Liquid explosives.

material for manufacture of same. Live stock.

Pork products. Lubricants.

Potash (caustic and carbonate of lye, potasLupine seed.

sium salts). Machine oil and grease.

Potatoes. Magnesia.

Potato flour. Magnesium oxide.

Potato sago. Magnesium salts.

Potato starch. Meats, fresh.

Powder. Meats contained in tins.

| Profiles, iron. Medical and optical instruments of every Provisions containing meat in tins. description.

Pulp. Medicaments and wound-dressing mate- Pyrites. rial.

Rags (except cotton). Medicinals (all articles for

dressing Rape seed (cake and meal). wounds, except theobromide, diureti. Regulus of antimony. num, sulphate of quinine, quinine salts Rennet preparations. and the combinations of quinine-alka- | Rice. loids, the bark of quinine and the prod- Rice flour. ucts made of the bark of quinine, cocaine, Ricinus oil. and cubeb).

Rosin. Mercury and mercurial salts.

Rubber waste. Mine supports.

Rye (also rye flour). Mohair.

Sacks, empty. Molasses.

Salicylic duiretine and other derivatives of Motorcycles and accessories.

salicyl and aniline used in practice of Mutton.

medicine. Naphtha.

Salipyrine. Naphthaline.

Salt. Natrum.

Saltpeter. Needles for knitting machines.

Salversan. Neosalversan.

Sauerkraut, Nickel, raw and manufactured.

Sausages. Nitrate of sodium.

Scythes. Nitric acid.

Seeds (grass, clover, hemp, lupine). Nitrogenous lime.

| Sheep, live. Novashirine.

Sheep fleece. Oats.

Sheet metal (including decorated sheet Oil.

metal, parts of sheet-metal plates, sheet Cotton seed, etheral, fish.

metal under elaboration, and completed Oil, peppermint.

sheet metal packing receptacles).
Oil seed (all seeds for extracting oil, Shellac.
except canary seed, caraway seed, mus- Shellac, crude.
tard seed, and poppy seed).

Siliculose fruits.
Oils, lubricating.
Opium and its derivatives.

| Soap, soft, yellow or green.


| Sirup.


Usta or magnesium oxide. Sodium nitrate.

Vaseline. Soporifics like adaline, veronal and trional. Vegetables in brine (except pearl onions, Soya beans.

cucumbers, cauliflower sprouts). Spades.

Vehicles, horse. Spelt.

Veronal. Spelter or zinc.

Vetches. Starch.

Vitriol. Steel wire and objects made thereof.

Waistcoats. Steel for tool construction.

Walnut trees and walnut wood. Stomachs of calves.

Water pipes of lead. Straw.

Water pipes of tin. Sugar.

Weapons of every description except for Sugar of lead.

hunting. Sugar beets and pulp.

Wearing apparel, worn (except baggage). Sulphuric acid.

Wheat. Superphosphates.

Wire, objects made of. Surgical instruments and of glass and Wire, steel, and objects made thereof. porcelain and articles

Wood, walnut, and walnut trees. Tapica and like products.

Wool, artificial, raw, washed, and refuse. Tanning materials and tanning extract. Woolen blankets. Tartaric acid.

Woolen drawers. Tea.

Woolen gloves. Thread, mixed, of jute, cotton, linen, wool. Woolen, half woolen, underwear, and Thread, cotton hemp.

clothing. Threads, linen.

Woolen refuse. Threads, woolen.

Woolen socks. Thymol.

Woolen undervests. Timber for mines.

Worsted goods. Tinplate and objects made thereof.

Worsted waistcoats, drawers, socks, gloves Tires.

for men. Tires (rubber for and on bicycles).

Yarns and goods wholly or partially made Tobacco (except from Netherlands and thereof adaptable for military purposes.

colonies; may not be exported to bellig- Zinc or spelter.? erent countries).

Zinc, raw and manufactured, except when Tolvol.

zinc is not principal ingredient in manuTrional and like soporifics.

factured articles. 1 Turpentine and substitutes.


Asbestos, crude (except that obtained in Aluminium, unelaborated (except that Norway and accompanied by a certificate

produced in Norwegian works and ac- of origin).

companied by a certificate of origin). Asbestos, articles of (even mixed with Aluminium refuse.

other materials or combined therewith). Aluminium salts.

Ashes, seaweed. Aluminium worked up into plates, strips, Aspen timber.

tubes, bars, rings, and wire, together | Automobiles. with castings.

Automobile tires. Ammunition.

Balata, crude and partially worked up. Anilin. (See Coal-tar dyes.)

Barbed fence wire (barb wire). Antimony, unelaborated or crude.

Batteries, dry, for incandescent electric Antimony, refuse.

lights. Antimony, sulfides.

Benzol. (See Coal-tar dyes.) Antimony, oxides.

Bone dust, sulphatic, and other bone dust. Antimony, alloys.

Bone tallow fat, from ruminants (except Apatite and other crude phosphates.

neat’s-foot oils of Norwegian origin). Apparatus and instruments for medical, Bottles, empty. surgical, veterinary, and dental

and Brass. (See Copper.) for the care of the sick in general. Camphor, purified.


1 Zinc plate not embargoed.

Caoutchouc, gum elasticum (in a raw state | Electromagnetic igniters for motors, unatand in semizlaborated articles).

tachea. Carbon tips for searcalights and arc lights. Electrical machinery of every kind (except Caseine.

that manufactured in Norway and acCattle, live.

companied by a certificate of origin). Ceresine.

Fence wire, barbed. Charcoal.

Fish guano. Cheese.

Flaxseed. Chick-peas.

Foodstuffs (except fish goods, condensed Chloride of potassium and other potassium milk, butter, berries, game, poultry, salts.

eggs, coffee, and spices. Excepted from Coal.

the embargo is also that which is needed Coal tar.

for the use of a ship on an impending Coal-tar dyes and organic intermediate voyage).

products for the production of coal-tar Glycerine, raw, refined, or purified. dyes, such as anilin, naphthol, naphthyl- Goats, live. amin, naphthylaminsulfo acids, banzol, Gold, elaborated and unelaborated, coined crosole, and cresole preparations, includ- and uncoined. (Gold worked up into

ing creolin and lysol, salicylic acid, etc. ornaments or useful articles may neverCoke.

theless be exported.) Copper, unelaborated (except that pro-Graphite, unelaborated or crude (except

duced in Norwegian works accompanied that obtained in Norway and accompaby a certificate of origin).

nied by certificate of origin). Alloys of copper with base metals, unelab- Graphite for use in moldings and castings, orated.

including crucibles. Refuse of copper and cupriferous alloys Guano, fish. (brass, etc.).

Guano, whale. Copper and alloys thereof with base metals, Gum elasticum. (See Caoutchouc.) worked into articles:

Gutta-percha, crude and partially elaboPlates and strips.

rated. Bars.

Hemp, crude, workea. Rolled wire.

Herring meal. (See Raw materials.) Drawn wire.

Hides and skins, together with products Cup-shaped utensils for cartridge man- thereof. ufacture.

Hogs, live. Bolts, nails, spikes, and tubes.

Horses, live. Moldings.

Horseshoes. Wire, twisted into ropes or cables, un

lodin. insulated; provided with a covering Jute, raw, and products and refuse there. with or without reinforcement;

from. wound with insulating material of Jute linen'ganny. (The embargo does not

include jute linen (gunny) which is used Castings.

for packing or which otherwise enters as Copper sulphate.

an insignificant component part of an Cotton, crude.

article.) Cotton articles, knitted.

Kelp. Cotton goods, woven, except curtains. Lard oil. Cotton thread.

Lead. Cotton underwear, knitted.

Linseed. Cotton wadding.

Linseed oil. Cotton waste.

Liver meal. (See Raw materials.) Cotton yarn.

Lubricants, wholly or partially produced Cotton wool.

from solid or liquid mineral oils. Creolin. (See Coal tar dyes.)

Lysol. (See Coal-tar dyes.) Cresole. (See Coal-tar dyes.)

Machinery suited for preparation of ammuCresole preparations. (See Coal-tar dyes.) nition. Cycle tires.

Machinery, electrical. (See Electrical maDental material, apparatus, instruments. chinery.) Dry elements for electric pocket lamps. Medical material, apparatus, and instruDynamite caps.


any kind.

Medicines of all kinds, including raw iodin | Oleomargarine and raw products for man

and iodin. (The embargo includes all ufacture thereof. the substances mentioned in Lists A and Ozocerite. B of the royal mandate of August 29, 1908, Paraffin wax. relating to the trade in poisons and drugs, Peat. and also the following substances men- Phosphates, crude tioned in List C: Absolute alcohol, citric Potash. acid and its salts, tartaric acid and its Raw iodin. salts, collodium, chemically pure hydro- Raw materials. (Herring meal, whalechloric acid, chemically pure sulfuric meat meal, and liver meal come among acid, milk sugar, formaldehyde solution others under the embargo, but not whale and other formaldehyde preparations, guano and fish guano.) Peruvian balsam, wool grease (all kinds), Raw phosphates. (See Apatite.) vaseline, and vaseline oil.)

Reindeers, live.

Mineral oils.

Resin containing glue.
Molybdenum, unelaborated or crude.

Resin oil.

Resinous oils. Molybdenite (except that obtained in Nor

Rubber refuse. way and accompanied by a certificate of origin).

Sacks, empty. Motors of over 15 horsepower which are

Salicylic acid. (See Coal-tar dyes.) constructed for a greater revolutionary Salted and other bone dust. speed than 600 revolutions per minute

Scheelite (except that obtained in Norway and which at the same time have a

and accompanied by a certificate of ori. weight of under 25 kilograms per horse


Seaweed ashes.
Motor boats in which motors are installed. Sheep, live.
Motorcycles and parts thereof.

Neat's-foot oil.

Skins. (See Hides.) Naphthol. (See Coal-tar dyes.)

Skis. Naphthylamin.

Silver, elaborated and

unelaborated, Naphthylaminsulfo acids.

coined and uncoined. (Silver worked Nickel, unelaborated (except that pro

up into ornaments or useful articles may duced in Norwegian works and accom

nevertheless be exported.) panied by a certificate of origin).

Stearin. (Except Norwegian.) Nickel ore.

Stannic chloride. Nickel sulphate.

Superphosphate. Oils, mineral.

Sulphur and flours of sulphur. Oils, vegetable fatty, as follows:

Sulphate of nickel. Castor.

Suphite. Cocoa (nut).

Surgical materials. Corn.

Swine, live. Cotton (seed).

Tanning substances. Hempseed.

Tar, coal. Lard.

Tar, oil. Linseed.

Tin, crude. Lubricants (all except oils from fish Tin in rolls, bars, plates, and raspings. and sea animals).

Tin ore. Maize.

Tinplate, decorated. Mineral.

Tinplate, worked into articles. Olive.

Tinplate packing. Palm.

Tinplate sheets and parts thereof. Palm kernel.

Tires for automobiles and cycles. Peanut.

“Thomas” phosphate. Petroleum grease (?).

Tungsten, unelaborated or crude. Rapeseed.

Turpentine oil. (Except that produced in Resin oil.

Norwegian works and accompanied by Sesame.

a certificate of origin.) Soya.

Vanadin, unelaborated or crude. Turpentine (except of Norwegian ori- Vegetable oils. (See oils.) gin).

Veterinary material, apparatus, and instruWood-tar oil.


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