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Weapons and parts thereof.

Zinc, worked, unworked, and waste Whale guano.

cuttings. Whale-meat meal. (See Raw materials.)

Exceptions from export embargocs. Wolframite. (Except that obtained in

Norway and accompanied by certificate That which is needed for the use of a ship of origin.)

in impending voyage shall be exWood for heating purposes.

cepted from the embargoes. Wood tar oil. Wooland woolen goods, including all kinds

of wool refuse, both in a ground and unground state.

Transitory provisions. As regards the transit carriage of goods whose exportation is forbidden, the department of agriculture, in accordance with paragraph 5 of the law of August 18, 1914, has ordered for the time being that goods from abroad which come to Norway and are consigned to a foreign market shall be permitted to be sent on without a special permit. On the contrary, foreign goods consigned to a Norvegian market can not (be exported without permission from the department of agriculture foreign office), even if they are intended to be sent on. (Foreign Office, May 1, 1915.)

PORTUGAL. Accessories for motor vehicles. 1 2

Ferronickel.3 Alcohol, not including spiritous drinks.3 Ferrotungsten.3 Alum.13

Ferrovanadium.3 Aluminum.1 3

Fleece wool, washed or waste.3 Aluminum.

Foodstuffs (except fresh, dried, or preAntimony.13

served fruits sardines, wines, with the Automobile accessories and tires.

exceptions of the provisions of decrees Bauxite. 13

Nos. 1374 of March 2 and 1459 of March 30, Brass, articles of, semi or totally manu- and 1496 of April 12 last).2 factured.3

Fuel. Cakes and oleaginous foodstuffs.3

Hides, green,

or dry, weighing less than 25 Carbons for electric light.3

kilos. 1 3 Cattle.2

Hides, tanned.3 Cereals.2 4

Jute, either crude or worked.1 3 Chromium.3

Manganese.3 Codfish.2 4

Margarine oils and fats suitable for its Combustibles.2

manufacture (except linseed oil and oil of Copper, articles of, semi or totally manu- oleaginous seeds).3 factured.3

Medicinal products.2 4 Ferrochromium.3

Molybdenum.3 Ferromanganese.3

Motor vehicles, accessories for 2 5 Ferromolybdenum.3

· Nickel.13 1 Includes semimanufactured or manufactured merchandise in which the product predominates, including, with regard to metals, their respective alloys.

2 Transit and transshipments forbidden when goods arrive in Continental Portugal or the adjacent islands described in manifests and bills of lading as shipped to order, or without an express declaration on said documents and at port of shipment as to the name of the consignee and the place or port of destination.

These conditions do not apply to transactions made under contracts already signed, but the existence of these contracts must be proven, within 15 days from the publication of this decree, before the commission of subsistences and the goods must be exported within one month from the authorization given by the minister of finance on the report of the above-mentioned commission.

3 Reexportation forbidden, with conditions given in note 2.
4 Reexportation forbidden.
5 Exportation and reexportation.

Oil, lubricating.

Sugar.3 +
Oils and lubricating substances (including Tanned hides or skins.

mineral oils, resinous substances, animal | Tanning materials.!
oils commonly used for lubrication and Tin (exportation, reexportation and trans-
its mixtures, excepting oils and fats from shipment).3
fish and whale.1

Tin, objects of 1 Oleaginous foodstuffs.1

Tires, pneumatic outer covers and inner Paraffin,1

tubes and other accessories for motor Pneumatic tires, outer covers and inper vehicles.2 3

tubes and other accessories for motor Tungsten (wolfram).1 vehicles.23

Vanadium.5 Rice.3 4

Vegetables.3 4 Skins, green or dry, weighing less than 25 Wool, unmanufactured, washed, raw, or kilos.1

waste. Skins, tanned.1


Animals for transportation purposes.
Farm products for animals.
Firearms (except sporting goods).
Gold (coin and in all forms).
Grain (consumed by herbiferous animals).
Handles for shovels and axes, wooden.
Hides, raw or tanned.
Munitions for cannon, guns, rifles, re-

volvers, etc., shells for cartridges, ex-
plosives, wicks.

Petroleum, residues.
Shot and lead to be melted, but not the

lead articles, as pipes for water and others.
Skins, raw or dressed.
Smokeless powder, as well as black powder.
Sulphuric acid.
Swords, sabers, bayonets (except those

used in fencing).
Telegraph and telephone apparatus.
Wireless telegraph apparatus.
Wooden handles for shovels and axes,
Woolens of every description.


Almonds (except edible).

Beef, preserved. Alumina, alloys of, anhydrous or hydrated. Brass, articles wholly or partially manuAlumina, sulfate of.

factured of. Aluminium,

Buffalo skins and manufactures thereof Aluminum, manufactures of.

(also reexportation). Antimony.

Cattle. Bauxite.

Chick-peas.5 Beans, white and colored.

Chromium. 1 Reexportation forbidden, with conditions given in note 3. 2 Exportation and reexportation.

3 Transit and transshipments forbidden when goods arrive in Continental Portugal or the adjacent islands described in manifests and bills of lading as shipped to order, or without an express declaration on said documents and at port of shipment as to the name of the consignee and the place or port of destination.

These conditions do not apply to transactions made under contracts already signed, but the existence of these contracts must be proven, within 15 days from the publication of this decree, before the commission of subsistences and the goods must be exported within one month from the authorization given by the minister of finance on the report of the above-mentioned commission.

4 Reexportation forbidden.

5 Royal order of Apr. 10, 1915, permits export of chick-peas up to 10,000 long tons, when embargo again becomes e lective.

Coal, mineral.

Oils of whale, seal, and cod-liver; palm oils Cocoa.

and fats, mineral and vegetable (exceptCopper, artieles wholly or partially manu- ing linseed oil, olein, and olive oils). factured of.

Palm oil. Copper, sulfate of.

Paraffin wax. Corn.

Potash. Cotton, raw.

Potatoes (excepting spring and early). Eggs.

Rice. Fats and oils. mineral and vegetable (ex- Rubber and compounds, wholly or par

cepting linseed oil, olein, and olive oil). tially manufactured. Ferrochromium.

Seeds, flax and other oleaginous, including Ferromanganese.

coconut. Ferromolybdenum.

Sulphur. Ferronickel.

Tin. Ferrotungsten.

Tin, sheet. Ferrovanadium.

Tow and linen yarns. Flour of wheat.

Wax, paraffin. Fowls, living or dead.

Wheat. Hides, untanned.

Zinc in blocks. Jute, raw and manufactured (except bags, The Spanish export tax of 10 per cent sandals, and waste).

declared in 1913 is maintained and the Leather, domestic, rough or untanned (re- shipment abroad of the following articles exportation also forbidden).

will be taxed per 100 kilograms (220.4 Lentils.

pounds), as below: Lubricants and margarine, raw materials Bacon. for the preparations of.

Ham and salt pork. Manganese, metal.

Potatoes, spring or early. Margarine and raw materials for the prep- Rye. aration of.

Skins, buffalo, and manufactures thereof. Meat extract.

Wool: Meat, fresh.

Raw. (Embargo remains effective unMetalvanadium.

til end of May, 1915.) Molybdenum.

Combed, washed, or carded yarn. Money, gold and silver.

(Embargo remains effective until Nickel.

June 15, 1915.) Nitrate of sodium.

Australian. (Reexportation prohibNuts (except edible).


All articles, exportation of which is prohibited, can not be reexported abroad in transit or by transshipment having once arrived at a Spanish port with bill of lading on which destination is given as Spain or when specific destination is lacking. To this end, embargoed articles accompanied by documents to order or without place of destination abroad and also those accompanied by simple bill of lading to Beard will be considered as intended for Spain and not reexportable.


Acids (see also Chemicals, etc.):

| Alcohol made from potatoes (Fr. 183C and Acetylic salicylic (Fr. 1258).

184D). Acetylsalicyl.

Ammunition wagons.

(See War mateBromic acid salts.

rial.) Carbolic (1176).

Aniline. (See Oils.)
Citric and wine vinegar (1140).
Oleine and other oil acids not specially


Colts under 1 year. mentioned. Salicylic (Fr. 1141).

Salicylic acid salts.

Sulphuric and sulphuric acid anhydrid. Stallions; other horses.
Tannic (Fr. 1243).

Armor. (See War material.)

Arms and ammunition (see also War mate | Chemicals, etc.-Continued. rial and explosives):

Balsam, Peruvian and mastic; also Firearms, including revolvers and pis- styrax, raw or purified (1178).

tols; machine guns without carri- Bismuth (Fr. 953).
ages; also completed parts of such Bismuth, combinations of.
firearms, revolvers and pistols, ma- Bougier.
chine guns, other kinds (on the other Bromic acid salts (Fr. 1259).
hand, not hunting guns, air and Bromide of ammonia (Fr. 1145).
spring guns).

Bromide of hydrogen. Florets, sabers, swords, bayonets, cut- Bromide of potassium (Fr. 1145). lasses, and similar weapons (with or

Bromide of sodium (Fr. 1145). without sheaths); also parts thereof, Bromide, organic combinations of (Fr. gilded, silver-plated, nickeled, or 1258 and 1259). etched: other kinds.

Bromide salts that can not be referred Lead bullets and shot. (See Lead un- to par. 1145 and bromic acid salts (Fr. der metals, etc.)

1259). Artificial indigo (1194B).

Bromine (Fr. 1145). Automobiles and accessories. (See Vehi. Bromural and preparations thereof. cles.)

Caffein. Bags of sack cloth, evidently used.

Caffeine and salts and preparations Bags of sack cloth, not evidently used other thereof. than so-called drop bags.

Calcium chloride (potassa and chloric Balata. (See Rubber.)

acid) (1147A). Bark:

Calcium perchloride (Fr. 1159). White wood.

Camphor, puried (Fr. 1216). China.

Caustic potassa (potassium hydrate) Not specially mentioned for tan

(Fr. 1143). ning.

Chloral hydrate. Bone dust.

Chloral potassium (1145D). Buljong cubes, so-called.

Chloric ethyl and chloric methyl. Cables, electrical. (See Wire.)

Chlorine and chloride of lime. Calves' stomachs (Fr. 73B).

Chloroform. Cannon. (See War material.)

Cocainechloride. Carriages. (See Vehicles and War mate- Cocain chloride. rial.)

Coco leaves. Cartridge cases. (See War materials.)

Colchicine. Cartridges. (See Arms and ammunition Colophony; ordinary turpentine rosin. and war material.)

Creosote and metacreosote (1176). Catecu. (See Tanning materials.)

Cresol and metacresol. Catgut (Fr. 1325).

Cresol soap, solution of (lysol) (1125). Cattle. (See Animals.)

Diaethymalonyl' art amid and its salt. Cattle hair.

Diethylamine carbamine (veronal) and Chemicals, drugs, medicinal and pharma

its salts. ceutical preparations (see also, Surgical Digitalin. supplies):

Digitalis, leaves of, and preparations Agar-agar (Fr. 1250).

thereof, such as digitalin and digiAloe.

toxin. Alyssum.

Digitalis leaves and senna leaves. Aminoform.

Digitoxin. Ammonia, bromide of (Fr. 1145).

Duboisine and its salts and combinaAmmonia, iodine of (Fr. 1145).

tions thereof. Andrenalin and salts and preparations Epinephrine and salts and preparathereof.

tions thereof. Antifebrile.

Epirenine and salts and preparations Antifebrin.

thereof. Antipyretics (Pyrazolonum fenyldi. Eucaine. metylicum).

Formalin in solid form (paraformaldeAreca and its salts.

hyde) (1184). Arecoline and its salts.

Formin. Atropamine and its salts.

Gelatine for bacteriological purposes Atropine and its salts.


Chemicals, etc.-Continued.

Gutta-percha plasters, quicksilver and

quicksilver carbolic.
Hexamethylene (urotropine, formin,

aminoform) and its salts.
Hycosin. (See Scopolamine.)
Hydrastic root.
Hydrogen, bromide of.
Hydrogen, iodine of.
Iodine (Fr. 1145).
lodine of ammonia (Fr. 1145).
lodine of hydrogen.
Iodine, organic combinations of.
Iodine of potassium (Fr. 1145).
Iodine salts which can not be referred

to par. 1145.
lodine of sodium (Fr. 1145).
Ipecacuanha root, rhizoma veratr

(prust root, white), and senega root.
Litmus (Fr. 1206).
Lozenges of sublimate.
Lysol (solution of cresol soap) (1125).
Magnesite (Fr. 3H).
Magnesite, bricks of (650C).
Manganate of pottassium (kaliumper-

Mastic and Peruvian balsam; also sty-

rax or purified (1178).
Mastic preparations (Fr. 1117, 1119).
Metacreosote and creosote (1176).
Morphine and other products of opium,

such as codein, etc., and physostig

Neosalvarsan and salvarsan.
Opium (Fr. 1324).
Opium, products of, such as

phine, codein, etc.
Opium, tincture of, and other prepa-

rations of opium for medical pur

poses. Paraformaldehyde. Paraformaldehyde (formalin in solid

form) (1184). Paranephrine and salts and prepara

tions thereof (Fr. 1258).
Peptones for bacteriological purposes

(Fr. 147).
Peroxide (1169).
Peroxide of hydrogen.
Peruvian balsam and mastic; also

styrax, raw or purified (1178).
Peruvian bark.
“Peter's Basin," so called (Fr. 698).
Phosphates, raw, other kinds (4E).
Phosphate, Thomas, and unground

so-called Thomas slag (1227F).

Chemicals, etc.-Continued.

Potassie saltpeter (calcium nitrate)

Potassium, bromide of (Fr. 1145).
Potassium, iodine of (Fr. 1145).
Potassium, manganate of (kaliumper-

Pyramidon (pyrazolonum and di-

Quicksilver and quicksilver carbolic.
Quicksilver salts.
Quicksilver and quicksilver salts;

preparations thereof for medical
purposes, for example, quicksilver
plasters and quicksilver carbolic

gutta-percha plasters.
Quinine and its salts.
Quinine, quinine salts, and prepara-

tions of quinine.
Raw phosphates, other kinds (4E).
Rhizoma veratri (white).
Rhubarb, root of, medicinal, and

preparations thereof.
Root of rhubarb, medicinal, and

preparations thereof.
Sagrada bark and preparation thereof.
Salipyrine (pyrazolonum pheyldi-

metylicum salicylicum).
Salicyl acidic salt and vismut salts.
Salt, common (chlorid of sodium).
Salt, rock, in pieces or ground.
Salt, saline (so-called dairy).
Salt, sea.
Salt, table.
Saltpeter, Chilian (sodium nitrate)

and Norwegian (potassium nitrate). Salts, bromide of potassium. (See

also Salts.)
Salvarsan and neosalvarsan.
Santonine and preparations thereof.
Scopolamine (hycosin) and its salts.
Semen colchici and preparations

Senna leaves.
Senna pods (folliculi sennæ).
Serum and vaccine.
Sodium, bromide of (Fr. 1145).
Sodium, iodine of (Fr. 1145).
Strassfurter potassic salts, not specially

mentioned, also refined (1227 B-E). Styrax, raw or purified, mastic and

Peruvian balsam (1178).
Sublimate, lozenges of.
Sublimate pastiles.
Sulphite spirit.
Superphosphate (1229).


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